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A Look Inside the Water Works at the Hershey Lodge + The Boardwalk at Hersheypark Lazy River and Wave Pool Fun with Kids

Our End of Summer Extravaganza:

Day 1 at Dutch Wonderland

Day 2 at the Turkey Hill Experience 

Day 3 at Sesame Place

And the finale before going back to school – two days in Hershey, PA!

It’s funny, the day after school ended for the summer we picked up and spent the day at Hersheypark and two days before going back to school we said goodbye to summer with a BANG at Hershey.

What can I say, we love it there! And SO Much has changed with the boys over the summer – they’ve grown up so much, have gotten so big and both are now SWIMMERS so I thought that deserved an extra special treat before starting school.

They deserve it.

Most days!

This time, we stayed at the Hershey Lodge, because I wanted to have a day to spend at the Water Works! It’s an indoor water park that’s part of your stay at the lodge. It has a zero gravity entry, two Twizzler Twist racing slides, Reese’s Water Walk, and various spray + slide fun for smaller kiddos! We love it there because you can spend HOURS in the pool – it’s a great way to start or end your stay in Hershey, PA and because it’s indoor, its open all year long! Win!

Since the boys now both swim it’s a no brainer to take them to the Lodge so they can swim and play with each visit. Such a great perk to an overnight stay!

Here’s my latest video I put together with a look inside the Water Works at the Hershey Lodge along with our fun at The Boardwalk at Hersheypark, specifically the Lazy River {Intercoastal Waterway} and Wave Pool {The Shore} – these were two things we had never done at Hersheypark before, so I wanted to share with you what it’s like for two kids – aged 4.5 and almost 3!

Check it out here and let me know what you think:

Spoiler Alert: They had a blast.

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And if you want to get all caught up on our Hershey adventures, here are a few posts you can check out:

Video: Our Stay at The Hotel Hershey / Christmas at Hershey / Hersheypark in the Dark / 30+ Rides {in ONE DAY} at Hersheypark / Springtime in Hersheypark

Fun Fact: The Water Works has a great Cocoa Cabana which has great sips and eats for everyone to enjoy while the kids play!

Be sure to check out the video to see Graham’s latest trick { a back flip – ha!} along with a close call of him jumping off the side of the pool backwards. It hurts me to watch it, every time I cringe!

And for fun, here are some more snaps of our two days at Hersheypark. Because we were staying at the Lodge, we were able to get into Hersheypark 5 hours before it closed the night before {FOR FREE!} Anyone can do it when you stay at a Hersheypark resort! More on that in this post!

Can’t wait for our next visit to the Sweetest Place on Earth!

When is your favorite time to visit Hershey?

Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer?!

More than Just Summer Fun – Our Favorite Rides & Shows at Sesame Place, Langhorne, PA – With Two Kids 4 and Under

End of Summer Extravaganza:

Day 1 at Dutch Wonderland

Day 2 at the Turkey Hill Experience 

outfit details:  overalls {on sale!} / swimsuit / hair twist / sunglasses / sandals

Day 3 of our End of Summer Extravaganza included a stop at Sesame Place!

It’s sort of part of our an end of summer tradition, this is the third year in a row that we’ve gone at the end of August, because it’s a great time to go! Some schools are already back in session, which makes it less crowded, but it’s also a great time to know a season pass holder – because they can get $10 guest passes, which is what we did! Tickets to Sesame Place are usually $65+ {woah!} so $30 for all 3 of us for a day of fun – I’m in!

Flash back to THIS POST for Brooks’ first visit as a toddler!

// On Oscar’s Rotten Rusty Rockets

Ok, first up – our favorite rides!

Every single ride at Sesame Place is for kids. Which is great because there is so much the littles can all enjoy.

The only bummer {for me} was that I had to go on all of them with the kids. Bouncy and spinner rides aren’t my favorites and at other theme parks the boys can easily and happily ride them together or solo. I wasn’t a fan of having to go on so many myself – but obviously I’ll do it for the kids!

Another bummer was since I was there with two kids by myself, MOST of the rides were for 2 passengers, so I would have to ride it once with one kid, while the other kid waited with the ride operator and then swap. So an added bonus was that I got to ride the ride I didn’t want to ride twice.



Brooks’ Pick: Blast Off {picture below}

Graham’s Pick: Captain Cookie’s High C’s Adventure {photo above}

Mama’s Pick: Watching any ride from the side! Ha!

Another fun thing worth mentioning is the Monster + Mini Monster Club House – this is a large play area where the kids can run, climb and explore, which the boys LOVED chasing each other in.

Along with the Snuffy’s Slides, which is a kids-only {mom win!} double slide in Elmo’s World!

// on Captain Cookie’s High C’s Adventure

But compared to other theme parks for kids, there aren’t as many rides at Sesame Place – it’s more of a waterpark, with LOTS of water fun and great shows!

We always take breaks throughout the day to see all the fun shows, which is a great way to get out of heat. Let’s Play Together and Elmo the Musical are always amazing to see.

Pro Tip: For Elmo the Musical, make sure you get in line EARLY or you will miss it for sure, it’s always packed!

Our FAVORITE show – definitely a Can’t Miss if you are visiting Sesame Place is the Neighborhood Street Party Parade.

Pro Tip: Bring a towel to save your spot and get there an hour early to make sure you get a good spot! 

We brought towels to save our spot, grabbed ice cream as a little treat and got great seats for watching the parade, which is totally worth it because it gets CROWDED!

The parade itself is super fun and interactive. All the characters come out to sit and dance, it’s a good time and worth it to see for sure. And the boys LOVED being in the front so they could really see everything easily.

Pro Tip: Extra Large lollipop will keep little babes waiting patiently for the parade to start

Site Note: Not sure he deserved it. BUT he did share it with me, so thats a win.

After the parade we made our way over to some of the water park fun. There are a few great splash pads for kids of all ages, which my boys really loved.

There’s also a wave pool {kid sized}, lazy river and a bunch of water slides for the kids to enjoy! Sesame Place has great things for kids all year long, but let’s be real – it’s all about the H20!

On the day we visited there were a bunch of food trucks on property, I got this awesome brisket sandwich, which was such a win because the park food is…park food. This sandwich was delicious and it’s great they invite local trucks to come by!

We had an AMAZING day at Sesame Place! The boys loved it and it was a great way to spend one of the last days before the end of summer and back to school!

Maybe we will be back for one of their seasonal Halloween or Christmas events – Have you been?

Currently Loving: Jumpsuits, Headphones, Baby Yoga and More!

It’s been a bit of an adjustment for me getting back into the swing of a school schedule again. I’ve enjoyed being carefree all summer long, being able to come and go with the boys as I please. Now we’ve got school 3 days a week, soccer practice and swim – our weeks are jam packed.

I’ve still got lots to share with you on our end of summer extravaganza {check out day 1 and day 2} and I have a recap for Graham’s birthday but for now I wanted to pop on and share a few things I am seriously LOVING at the moment.

First up, this jumpsuit. You need it because it’s amazing.

I’m SUPER into jumpsuits at the moment because they are so comfortable to wear. I love this one because of the higher top, it’s easy to chase around after kids and nothing is falling out {IF you know what I’m saying} Good coverage. The ruffles along the middle are also super flattering, because they give a little movement to the jumpsuit.

Also pockets, because pockets.

And this print. It’s perfection. And fantastic for any season.

I can’t wait to pair it with a cozy sweater {this one, in pink!} add some booties and it will be perfect for the fall and winter! I highly recommend!

Another favorite of the moment are these amazing new HEARA headphones, from my friends at Azio. These beauties are hi-res certified audio and studio-grade sound reproduction, which mean they sound AMAZING but I love the fact that they come in a retro style complete with aluminum copper chambers and cords. Great for working out and maintaining style.

I haven’t stopped using them since they were sent to me, I love them so much and they are so comfortable to wear.

It’s not to early to start thinking about holiday gift ideas – these would be amazing for anyone on your list!

Also currently loving: Baby Yoga

Graham does it at his school and he clearly has a love for it too – he busts out in his tree pose randomly when we are out and about and I can’t get enough!

Another current LOVE – These slip on sneakers are SUPER CUTE and they are even more on sale than they were for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  Four leather color options, but I’M LOVING this smoke for Fall!
Shop them here and let me know if you grab yourself a pair!

And if you are a Nordy lover, be sure to check out their site – SO MANY items that were part of the Anniversary Sale that are back in stock and marked down even more. Totally worth a look if you are in the market to update your Fall wardrobe!

Prosecco Break, because #cheers

And now it’s time for a little #proudmom moment because I am seriously loving the fact that over the summer BOTH my boys have completely learned to swim. It’s insane. Graham just turned 3 and Brooks is 4.5 and I am so proud and overjoyed that I have two swimmers in the house.

For more about our Learning to Swim process, check out this post!

Graham recently moved up to Brooks’ level 2 weeks ago and Brooks moved up AGAIN yesterday another level. They love the water and swimming and it’s such a fun activity we are totally continuing with – I want to see how far they will take their lessons! I love my little fish!

Thanks for following along and for all your support! If you have any topic requests for upcoming posts or any questions for me at all, feel free to shoot me a message on any of my social channels or an email! I love hearing from you!

Our Visit to The Turkey Hill Experience + Lancaster Brewing Company

So the end of summer + back to school turnover, it’s taken me about a week to get back into the swing of Fall Life + Back to School with two preschoolers. BUT I am still very committed to sharing with you the rest of our End of Summer Extravaganza fun. Before school started for both my boys, we had a fun + crazy week together.

First we hit up Dutch Wonderland for Day 1 {which was a blast as always} and for Day 2 we did something new for all of us – the Turkey Hill Experience.

This is something my mom had been talking about ALL.SUMMER.LONG. {She REALLY likes her ice cream!} But she also had a friend do it with her granddaughter and they had a blast – plus, like my mom the boys are ice cream lovers too, so its sort of a no brainer.

The Turkey Hill Experience features interactive exhibits where you get to learn about dairy culture, the story of Turkey Hill Dairy, and how the company’s ice cream and iced tea flavors are selected and created. You can see what it’s like to be a Turkey Hill Dairy ice cream maker for a day, including the opportunity to create your own virtual ice cream flavor. In addition, you can sit in our vintage milk truck, milk our mechanical cows, star in your very own Turkey Hill commercial, and enjoy plenty of free samples of iced tea and ice cream!

That’s right – UNLIMITED iced tea and ice cream samples the entire time you are there.

The kids wanted to live here for ever.


There are also a few fun play areas for the littles – like a ball bit and slides – which were perfect for them to get the wiggles out after a long drive from Philadelphia to Lancaster.

Here were the Flavors of the Day when we were there:

Brooks’ Favorite: Dutch Chocolate

Graham’s Favorite: Fruit Rainbow

Mama’s Favorite: Chocolate Marshmallow + Black Raspberry

As you can guess, we spent the majority of our time enjoying endless samples of ice cream.

If you are visiting with older kiddos, I’d definably suggest checking out the Turkey Hill Taste Lab, which is where you get to go into a classroom setting and actually create your own ice cream flavor, complete with toppings and everything.

It sounded super cool and I’d love to go back to do it, just didn’t work out timing wise with us and the boys.

I’m constantly hearing about fun things to do in Lancaster, PA so if you are planning a visit there, be sure to stop by the Turkey Hill Experience and get your ice cream fill! Send me a message if you have any specific questions about the experience and our time there!

After ice cream for the kiddos, it was time for lunch and a beer for this mama at Lancaster Brewing Company! I’ve been to this location before and the husband and I are fans of their beers, so I thought it would be fun to stop by and pick up a few to take home – and it was lunchtime so it all worked out perfectly!

My sampler included:

Hop Hog IPA, Strawberry Wheat, Double Chocolate Milk Stout, Lancaster Lager, Gold Star Pilsner

The Hop Hog IPA and Double Chocolate Stouts are FANTASTIC!

But let’s be honest, after a few hours in the car and at an ice cream place with the kids, anything would taste fantastic I’m sure!

It was the perfect place to stop and have a bite to eat {and a beer} before heading home. It’s spacious with tons of great food options and the brewery is located below the restaurant, so the boys had a grand old time watching the magic happen underneath them.

If you are visiting Lancaster, PA be sure to add Lancaster Brewing Company to your list too! It’s a great place to stop in a perfect point in the town! We had an absolute blast and I can’t wait to go back to Lancaster again soon for a longer visit!

Have you been to Lancaster, PA?

What’s your favorite thing to do/see there?! Please share!

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