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Our Visit to The Turkey Hill Experience + Lancaster Brewing Company

So the end of summer + back to school turnover, it’s taken me about a week to get back into the swing of Fall Life + Back to School with two preschoolers. BUT I am still very committed to sharing with you the rest of our End of Summer Extravaganza fun. Before school started for both my boys, we had a fun + crazy week together.

First we hit up Dutch Wonderland for Day 1 {which was a blast as always} and for Day 2 we did something new for all of us – the Turkey Hill Experience.

This is something my mom had been talking about ALL.SUMMER.LONG. {She REALLY likes her ice cream!} But she also had a friend do it with her granddaughter and they had a blast – plus, like my mom the boys are ice cream lovers too, so its sort of a no brainer.

The Turkey Hill Experience features interactive exhibits where you get to learn about dairy culture, the story of Turkey Hill Dairy, and how the company’s ice cream and iced tea flavors are selected and created. You can see what it’s like to be a Turkey Hill Dairy ice cream maker for a day, including the opportunity to create your own virtual ice cream flavor. In addition, you can sit in our vintage milk truck, milk our mechanical cows, star in your very own Turkey Hill commercial, and enjoy plenty of free samples of iced tea and ice cream!

That’s right – UNLIMITED iced tea and ice cream samples the entire time you are there.

The kids wanted to live here for ever.


There are also a few fun play areas for the littles – like a ball bit and slides – which were perfect for them to get the wiggles out after a long drive from Philadelphia to Lancaster.

Here were the Flavors of the Day when we were there:

Brooks’ Favorite: Dutch Chocolate

Graham’s Favorite: Fruit Rainbow

Mama’s Favorite: Chocolate Marshmallow + Black Raspberry

As you can guess, we spent the majority of our time enjoying endless samples of ice cream.

If you are visiting with older kiddos, I’d definably suggest checking out the Turkey Hill Taste Lab, which is where you get to go into a classroom setting and actually create your own ice cream flavor, complete with toppings and everything.

It sounded super cool and I’d love to go back to do it, just didn’t work out timing wise with us and the boys.

I’m constantly hearing about fun things to do in Lancaster, PA so if you are planning a visit there, be sure to stop by the Turkey Hill Experience and get your ice cream fill! Send me a message if you have any specific questions about the experience and our time there!

After ice cream for the kiddos, it was time for lunch and a beer for this mama at Lancaster Brewing Company! I’ve been to this location before and the husband and I are fans of their beers, so I thought it would be fun to stop by and pick up a few to take home – and it was lunchtime so it all worked out perfectly!

My sampler included:

Hop Hog IPA, Strawberry Wheat, Double Chocolate Milk Stout, Lancaster Lager, Gold Star Pilsner

The Hop Hog IPA and Double Chocolate Stouts are FANTASTIC!

But let’s be honest, after a few hours in the car and at an ice cream place with the kids, anything would taste fantastic I’m sure!

It was the perfect place to stop and have a bite to eat {and a beer} before heading home. It’s spacious with tons of great food options and the brewery is located below the restaurant, so the boys had a grand old time watching the magic happen underneath them.

If you are visiting Lancaster, PA be sure to add Lancaster Brewing Company to your list too! It’s a great place to stop in a perfect point in the town! We had an absolute blast and I can’t wait to go back to Lancaster again soon for a longer visit!

Have you been to Lancaster, PA?

What’s your favorite thing to do/see there?! Please share!

What to Wear to A Wedding at a Camp – Camp Dark Waters – Medford, NJ

This weekend Charles and I enjoyed 24 hours without the kiddos while we enjoyed a family wedding in New Jersey. This wasn’t just any wedding – it was a wedding at a Camp!

Camp Dark Waters to be exact!

I had never been to a wedding at a camp before, so this was uncharted territory for me! This is a legit summer camp for kids that is fully functioning and looked like it was super fun! I went to a few different overnight camps when I was a kid and had the absolute BEST few weeks of summer each year! I feel like I don’t hear of as many kids going to camp these days, but maybe its just because my kids aren’t that age yet!

I had serious memories of waking up to cool, crisp air from sleeping in a camp bunk – such a throwback!

When we found out the wedding was going to be at a campsite, my first thought was – “Well that’s different!” and my immediate second thought was, “What do I wear to THAT?”

Luckily I had all summer to figure that out, so when I randomly came across this crop top + high waisted pant set, I immediately fell in love and knew it was the perfect thing to wear! It comes in a few other colors + prints but I am in LOVE with this black + floral print. It’s neutral, but interesting and it was so much fun to wear to the wedding.

Not to mention that it was the perfect temperature – 70* – with some rain here and there, but it was still delightful. I brought a rose colored cozy sweater for the evening as it cooled down a bit and it was perfect.

While I would have LOVED to wear heels with this outfit, I found out ahead of time that the wedding and reception were going to be on grass, and there was LOTS of rain in the forecast, so I wore an old pair of gladiator sandals {similar – on sale!} that I didn’t care if they got ruined and they worked out great. Plus even though at the end of the night they were sandy and wet, the next day they were still perfect! Win!

I also wore these turquoise drop earrings for a little color pop and they were a great little touch of green, which I loved.

Speaking of green, this was SUCH a beautiful spot to get married. Again, at first I was skeptical, but the day ended up being so beautiful with perfect weather and the backdrop for every one of the bride + grooms wedding photos are going to be so lush and amazing.

See what I mean?

Congrats to the newlyweds on a perfect wedding day and a fantastic wedding location!

I’d love to know if you’ve ever been to a wedding on a campsite? If not, what’s the coolest spot you’ve ever been to a wedding at?! Please share!

And for a little fun, here are a few more snaps of the camp grounds:

End of Summer Extravaganza Part 1 – SUPER Kid-Friendly in Lancaster, PA – Our Favorite Rides + Shows at Dutch Wonderland

Last week I set off on a mission to end summer with a serious BLAST. I wanted to have a little extra fun with the boys before sending them back to school and starting up our fall routines.

Our first stop: Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA

Dutch Wonderland is about 1.5 hours out of Philadelphia. It’s a SUPER kid-friendly amusement park – it has over 35 rides {most of which are geared towards young children}, a water play area and lots of live entertainment. This is our 3rd year coming to Dutch Wonderland, Brooks was 2.5, 3.5 and now 4.5 when we have visited and it’s been amazing each and every time.

Here’s a look back at our previous visits, check out how much the boys have grown:

A Day at Dutch Wonderland / Dutch Winter Wonderland {VIDEO!}

And even though it’s September and Fall is around the corner, even though its 90* here in Philly today, for anyone who wants to visit Dutch Wonderland this year it’s open EVERY WEEKEND now through the end of 2018!

As a little treat, be sure to use code: summerblog18 for discounted tickets and tell them Leslie from And Her Little Dog Too sent ya!

Ok, now today I wanted to round up some of our favorite rides + attractions that we hit up each and every visit and a few first time experiences for myself and the boys!

For reference, Brooks is 4.5 years old and Graham is about to turn 3 – both are PERFECT ages for Dutch Wonderland, but younger and older are amazing as well, they’ve been loving coming here for years – there is truly something for everyone.

First up – MOM’S PICK! I love all the amazing rides for kids + families at Dutch Wonderland – but to me the thing that makes this amusement park seriously STAND OUT among all the others is the High Dive Show.

The staff + divers do an INSANE job at each show – there are two different shows: A Dragon’s Tale and Adventures of the Frog Prince. We always see BOTH shows at every visit because they are so good. The boys are always captivated and I love watching it too. Diving from that height is impressive!

Check out this video I posted to see one of the dives in slow-motion action!

There’s nothing like it!

Brooks’ Pick: Merlin’s Mayhem! His favorite ride was one that was new to him, to me and to the park this year! It’s a legit roller coaster and I’m still so impressed my 4.5 year old 1) wanted to ride it and 2) LOVED IT! We rode it twice!

Check out this post and SWIPE to see a {shaky} video of us riding it! It’s super fun and DEFINITELY something an older child would really love!

Graham’s Pick: Pipeline Plunge! Graham would literally ride ANYTHING if he was tall enough. He’s my more adventurous child for sure! So he LOVED that he was able to go on this big water slide with me! It’s really fun!

These two water slides are part of Duke’s Lagoon, which is an awesome splash pad area with more small slides and tons of water fun. It’s in a closed in area with tons of seating around it so parents can sit for a minute and watch their kids run around enjoying the water!

Some NEW Favorites that Brooks was big enough to go on this time included: The Flying Trapeze, which legit takes you high in the sky! It was super fun for me too, my favorite ride of the day! You can’t tell in this picture, but it takes you up there – really fun!

Brooks also had his first Bumper Cars experience this year – he was finally big enough to go on them here {he’s still to short to ride them at Hersheypark! Ha!} and he LOVED them! I had to drive but he had a blast.

Graham had a hard time watching us on this and not being able to ride himself.

Another new + family favorite: Joust Family Coaster! Not sure how we’ve missed riding this in the past, but it’s a cute little coaster that everyone really enjoys. But it is a bit bumpy for the adults – ha!

This visit the boys were really into spending some additional time on the Prehistoric Path – which is a walking trail that takes you up close and personal with 20 lifelike dinosaurs as you walk along. The dinosaurs move and make noises which the boys really enjoyed, pretty cool to see for sure!

It’s in the back of the park so if you visit and have a dinosaur lover on your hand, be sure to make your way there!

*Check out that baby t-rex hatching below!

And a few of our favorite go-to rides we go on during each visit: Sunoco Turnpike – the boys love driving these classic cars.

Brooks LOVED the VR Voyager, which he rode solo for the first time this summer. It’s sort of like an old school Star Tours at Disney, he still talks about it to this day!

We all love the Double Splash Flume – and luckily I’m happy to report, you don’t get wet on this one!

And finally The Whip.

The kids love it and I love watching them ride it. Check out this video to see it in action with both boys in it last year!

Oh Dutch Wonderland, you’ve got a special place in my heart. My kids love you, you are always a ton of fun and I love seeing them learn and grow here each and every year!

I know that we will be back again soon – I’ve got your Happy Hauntings and Winder Wonderland on my radar!

And If you haven’t taken your family to Dutch Wonderland yet, be sure to add it to your Fall Fun list! You will be so glad you did!

Thanks so much to my friends at Dutch Wonderland for the tickets. 

All opinions, as always, are my own!

Endless Summer, Back to School Thoughts + a Vintage Print Dress {on sale!}

It’s been an amazing summer.

So much beach time. So many pool days. Countless adventures.

I still have so much to catch you up on, we’ve been busy!

Part of me believes that summer isn’t over until its too cold to go to the beach {or the pool!} BUT that doesn’t really matter because they are closing all the pools {how rude!} and school starts tomorrow so our carefree days of picking up and heading out are over.

For a few days each week at least.

// Vintage Print Dress {on super sale!} / sandals {40% off} / sunglasses

Brooks has only been in school the past 2 years, this will be his third year in pre-K before Kindergarten next year {ahhh!} and I always find it so hard to get back into the routine after such a whirlwind of a summer. BUT since Graham is starting preschool this year too, it’s going to be a whole new ballgame!

I’m not sure if its a second child thing or what, but I’m so excited for my boys to be in school together. They are in different classes, but I think it’s going to be the beginning of something super special for the two of them.

I also think I’m so okay with it because we had a little preview of the boys going back to school together at summer camp and they both did fantastic. They are excited and ready to start back up again with all their friends!

And I’m excited to have a few hours to myself each week while they are in school to get back into MY routine! Summer is always a time when I take time off and step back a bit to be with my kids, but I’m pumped and ready to get back into doing and sharing what I love.

It’s part of what makes Fall a special new start each year.

That and the fact that I can’t wait to pair boots, sweaters and denim jackets with this adorable dress! It was so fun to wear in the summer but it’s going to be even more perfect to style in the Fall!

Not to mention it’s on super sale!

Now it’s your turn – Are you sad to see summer go or are you super pumped about all things fall?!

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