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Mermaids + Sharks at Adventure Aquarium, NJ : VIDEO

I am having so much fun making videos these days! It makes the times with the kids more real and the moments are easily savored – a gift we can look back on for years to come! If you haven’t yet – be sure to check out my YouTube channel {and subscribe!} I have lots of plans to make more videos ASAP!

This week we took a special trip to Adventure Aquarium across the river in New Jersey to check out the Mermaids. We are members at Adventure Aquarium – check out our favorite Philadelphia Memberships here. The boys and I got to see the mermaids last year, but they were so much younger, it was nice to go back this year and see them again. There are 12 different mermaids that take turns swimming in the aquarium, and they changed the set up to view them, since last year it caused so much havoc with long, crazy lines. This year, they are in a separate spot, which made them super easy to get to and find. We went on a Wednesday morning, first thing – and there weren’t many people – I imagine the weekends to be backed, since they are only here Sunday – Sunday this week. They limit the time you get to spend with the mermaids, to keep the line moving, which is good. My boys were a little unsure of the whole thing, so they stayed back, but the kids who went to the front of the glass wall were able to interact with the mermaid in the water. They were cool to see, and for us it was nice to not have to wait at all. There were also mermaid + pirate themed crafts and stations for the kids too, which was cool too.

The boys favorite is always the Shark Tunnel, and this visit was Graham’s first time across the Shark Bridge, which was cool that I got to record that happening! The Adventure Aquarium is a really cool spot and we are so lucky to live so close to it!

Check out my latest video of our time there this week, with the sharks and the mermaids! Let me know what you think!

Currently Loving: Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia at Target

If you are a Target loving, HGTV watching, Fixer Upper fangirl, Magnolia Farms obsessed – you will likely know that Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia launched at Target this week.
This is not in any way a sponsored post – I am a huge fan of the show, the story and Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal.
Love her.
So today I had the chance to scoot on over to my local Target {without kids – #momwin } to check out the new collection and I am obsessed. Everything is seasonal and gorgeous and so well done. I am totally inspired by the collection and want one of everything for my home. I’m loving the green, gold and plaid – not to mention the touch of country with a modern twist.
After seeing it all in person today, I thought it would be fun to put together a list to share with you some of my favorite pieces. Check them out and let me know what you think!


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven 

I’d love to know what you think of the Hearth & Home collection! What are you loving?!


Dogs Are More: On Having a Family Dog.

This post was sponsored by Milk-Bone® as part of a Two-Post Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Part One. 

In part one of this blog series, I shared how the blog got its name, so be sure to check that one out if you missed it!

Today is all about how much I love raising my boys with my little dog too. I grew up with a dog – Biscuit. He was our family dog that my brother and I convinced my parents to get when we were kids. I got to name him and he was with us for 17 trips around the sun.

I knew how much fun and how amazing it was to grow up with a dog in the house. Looking back now, it was a great responsibility for my brother and I – we were older than my boys are now, but having a pet to look after, feed, walk and care for is a great thing for any kid. And the bond you get is priceless.

Having my boys grown up with Jackson is so special for me to watch each and every day. As they have gotten older, they are so much more into playing with Jackson, taking care of him, helping hold his leash when we go for walks and making sure he has fresh food and water.

It’s actually pretty helpful to have two extra sets of eyes keeping tabs on little Jackson!

Brooks and Graham love to cuddle with Jackson, hang out with him on the couch and veg out watching movies together. And Jackson enjoys the extra food nibbles the boys always sneak him too. They all have a special bond and while Jackson has always been a chill dog, he’s extra cool, calm and collected in his senior years – meaning more time for toddler cuddles, which everyone enjoys.

Jackson is MORE. He’s my third child, a part of our family and my little dog too.  He definitely is responsible for bringing more love into all our hearts. I was excited to celebrate and team up with Milk-Bone®  + their Gifmaker to create a customized gif that shows the world how Jackson is more. I had so much fun using the Milk-Bone® Gifmaker – it was a great way to connect everyone with Jackson and give a little look at how active and FREE he really is! Here’s a little screenshot of the Gif I created – you can see the whole mini video if you check out this tweet!

Now its your turn to share – How is your dog more?!



Friday Favorites: Currently Loving

Happy Friday! Today I thought it would be fun to bring back my Friday Favorites! So many amazing companies and products out there and I’m lucky to be able to work with them. It’s a busy time of year for shopping and all the gift-giving so I thought some of these products and pieces would be fun to share!

First up, my new Aid Through Trade roll-on bracelets. I am OBSESSED. These are fair trade pieces, handmade by artisan women in Nepal. The bracelets are made out of glass beads and there are so many gorgeous color combinations to choose from – I was delighted when they sent me this Gatsby Glitz stack that is just my style – I’ve been wearing it non stop. I am going to be doing a giveaway with Aid Through Trade soon, so stay tuned. But if you see something pretty from them you like now, use code LITTLEDOG20 for 20% off!

Next up – another Fair Trade product, which I love! Kahiniwalla:  meaning a purveyor of stories, a storyteller, a traveling story teller; a business which distributes Fair Trade product in North America which both are handmade and have a story. These two pieces are contemporary hand made products which are part of the Pebble brand – the best in hand manufactured soft toys from community businesses in Bangladesh. Each piece plays a part in helping women out of poverty and putting smiles on faces worldwide! These are the blue plane + dog boy rattles, which are super sweet and beautifully made. There are so many gorgeous characters to choose from – if you need a baby gift, this is IT!

All Pebble products are made by Hathay Bunano. Hathay Bunano, meaning hand made or hand knitted in Bangla, is a non-profit fair trade organisation in Bangladesh. It’s mission is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women who are poor and often disadvantaged. Hathay Bunano aims to provide employment which fits in with the rhythm of rural life and to prevent economic migration to the cities. It aims to keep families together and in particular to keep mummies with their babies and children by providing employment in a village setting close to their homes. It aims to address all the reasons why a woman might not be able to work and to support her so that she can work and can earn money to support her family.

How sweet are these books?! Counting Things and Opposite Things  arrived last my doorstep this week and they are really beautiful books that both my boys {ages 2 and almost 4} really enjoy. They are life the flap books which my boys LOVE playing along with, and they are both at the age now where they no longer rip that flap off, which is awesome. Graham is really into numbers at this point and Brooks is learning opposites so it’s perfect timing. If you are looking for a few beautiful books to add to your gift giving this season, check these out – two thumbs up from me!!

Next up – something sweet! I am currently in LOVE with these yummy + organic dried fruit from Stoneridge Orchards. I have been able to try their all natural cherries + blueberries AND their cherries + blueberries dipped in chocolate as well. It’s been an awesome go-to snack for me when I am craving something sweet and NOT grabbing the leftover halloween candy.

What’s your favorite healthy snack you grab when you are craving something sweet?

Now its time for something savory – The Gluten Free Power Breakfast. I am really loving these protein-packed oatmeal breakfast bowls which are filled with hemp, flax, fruit and more. They are little envelopes that pop open into bowls are come in some great flavor creations. Super yummy and amazing for breakfast on the go.

Also, now that the weather is cooler, oatmeal is my favorite in the morning! Coconut Cashew, Maple Raisin + Apple Cinnamon – all delicious! If you spot these at your local Target or Amazon – stock up!

And now, a little something fun. Brooks thinks his new pencil case for school is the funnies thing that there ever was! This ZIPIT is a playful and fun little monster character. You zip up the zipper and the gold grillz are hidden – its cool because this thing is one long zipper! Definitely a little something fun to add to a holiday gift bag for sure!

Just a few of my Friday Favorites at the moment – what are you currently loving?

Please share!

Fall Style: Ripped Mesh Leggings {under $7}

I am LOVING this Fall weather we are having in Philadelphia. Definitely easing into Fall and not just jumping into Winter {I hate it when that happens} I love being able to wear cozy fall pieces, without having to commit to that extra jacket layer!

Don’t you agree?

outfit details :  black ripped mesh leggings {under $7} /  pink dip hem sweater  {under $11} /

 gold booties {on sale 50% off!} / 4 in 1 Logan Layering necklace  / Dark Pink LipSense 

In this gorgeous wearing I am currently loving these black ripped mesh leggings this season. They are under $7 and unlike anything I have in my closet. The leggings are cozy, comfortable and perfect to pair with a longer sweater {to cover the bum} but I think these are so fun and funky – perfect for a day of chasing the boys all around the city.

With or without the leggings I am also digging this  pink dip hem sweater which is awesome over leggings or skinny jeans. the high-lo sweater over a longer tank underneath is cool for a layered look, with additional coverage in the back – which I enjoy with tight pants.

And you know I have to add some fun jewels to the mix – especially when there is no print and {to me} neutral colors involved. The Logan Layering necklace is a go-to favorite because of the mixed metals and ability to wear it 4+ different ways.

What’s your favorite fall style piece to wear on repeat? 

Mine might be these new leggings!

DIY Nintendo Controllers + Mario & Luigi – Halloween 2017

Power Up!

Happy Halloween from me + my Nintendo crew.

This year I wanted to have the boys be something cute and matching but then I also wanted to find a fun way for Charles and I to get into the fun as well. My crafty friend + neighbor Kelly whipped up these NES remote controllers for us after I told her the idea – a little cardboard and some construction paper. Easy!

The boys are fans of Mario and Luigi so it was easy to get them on board with the idea.

And I was all sorts of excited because it gave me the excuse to buy these overalls I had been eying up!

Everyone wins!

Our neighbors had also planned on doing a Mario theme, so it worked out that Yoshi, Princess Peach and another Mario joined in on the fun.

Here’s a group shot from our street in Philadelphia all dressed up! The Nintendo crew + Peppa Pig squad!

Everyone had an absolute blast!

Oh and for Brooks’ school party – I was Ariel! Got to love these mermaid leggings under $10! 

I hope your halloween was all sorts of awesome!

Can’t wait for next year!

Happy Halloween – a look back at costumes over the years

Happy Halloween! Today I thought it would be fun to do a quick little look back at some halloween outfits I’ve shared over the years! I’ll be sharing our officially Halloween costumes this year this evening on Instagram before we head out to Trick of Treat. I tried to go way back to see costumes pre kids, back when Jackson was the halloween star of the show, but didn’t have enough time to do that much research, but I’m sure you can find them if you search good and hard!

Side Note: two of my favorites over the years have been Dorothy {Wizard of Oz – duh} and Rainbow Brite – buried deep in the blog! Ha!

For now its all about how we’ve celebrated costumes with our kids! Here’s a little recap of the past 4 years! Stay tuned for our 2017 reveal soon!

// maternity shirt + blog post

and my favorite Babywearing Halloween ideas!

Brooks’ First Halloween

// baby shark costume

// pumpkins 

Mother of Dragons – Halloween 2016

// mother of dragons shirt + dragons costume


What’s your favorite costume you’ve ever dresses up as {or dressed your kids up as?!}

Please share!

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