Pregnant with Baby BOY #3!

Hello Hello!

I’m back from Iceland. We had the most amazing time and I have so much to share from our trip, but I think the most important piece of news would have to be THIS:

Oh Boy!

Baby BOY #3 is coming our way this April and we couldn’t be more excited!

I’ve been dying to share the exciting news, but after our {missed} miscarriage in July, we wanted to wait until we were more comfortable with everything this time around.

And it was sort of a moment for me yesterday after I shared the news on my personal FB page and on Instagram because after pushing ‘Publish’ I soon realized that yesterday was National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

We are so lucky and beyond blessed we were able to get pregnant again so quickly after our loss this summer and after it took about a year of trying for babe #3 – I don’t take this pregnancy or any pregnancy lightly, especially after being a member of the miscarriage club.

And because it happened back to back from the D&C – it’s even more crazy to say that I’ve been pregnant for the past 6 months, but only have 3 months of this baby belly to show for it. My body {and hormones} are slightly all over the place, but I 100% do not mind this belly popping out so early this time around.

We had a doctors appointment on Monday and an ultrasound as well and everything is looking really good, they actually moved my due date up a week! Since all our tests came back and we got to see the little guy being so active on the big screen, we decided to tell the boys the good news.

Once they knew, we were fully aware the whole world would know, so we went with it.

At the ultrasound appointment, the technician was so sweet. She put little “Hi Brooks” and “Hi Graham” notes on the photos for the boys and hooked them up with Big Brother stickers. We took a video of our telling the boys the news and it was so special, I know we will cherish it {and laugh!} forever.

Highlights of telling the boys include:

  • “Mama, how you did that?” – Graham
  • “I’m going to teach him how to play video games every day” – Brooks
  • “Jackson, you’re going to be a big brother again” – Brooks
  • “Are you tricking us? There’s literally a baby in there??” – Graham
  • “Does it come out of your mouth?” – Brooks
  • “Does the doctor pull the baby out with a claw?” – Graham
  • “I can’t wait to babysit!” – Graham

It was very sweet and while it’s only been a day of the boys knowing, they are taking any chance they get to rub my belly and say hi to their new little sibling in the making. I can’t wait to meet this new little boy in April!

Stay tuned for more on all our travels and fun in Iceland along with my thoughts on pregnancy after miscarriage and an update on how the first trimester was for me! And as always, if you have any questions for me – please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks so much for following along and for all the sweet messages from our announcement. It all means so much to me and I can’t wait to take you along on this journey with #3!

Travel Adventures: Off to Iceland!

Today is the day!

Charles and I are soon to be heading out of the country – to Iceland! It’s a birthday trip of sorts – to celebrate mine that was in June and his that’s at the end of October. It’s been a rough summer so this is something I’ve really been looking forward to – I can’t wait!

We initially started planning this trip thinking we would be going to Spain or Italy – but I started doing a little research on Iceland and after talking with friends and family that had been and LOVED IT. I am pumped for the focus of the trip to be more on adventure + the outdoors – not to mention the travel time to Iceland is WAY less than other European options, which also makes me happy.

Travel Bag / Iceland Guide Book / Wool Hat / Sunglasses

Our itinerary over the next week is slightly planned, but also wide open for all the exploring. We are renting a car and going to enjoy Iceland at our own pace, stopping and going as we please.

We are going to be spending a few days in Reykjavík followed by a few days in Vik and then another day out in the Þingvallavatn area. I’m so excited to bust out my hiking boots and see this incredible “moon planet” as my SIL lovingly calls Iceland.

I’ve gotten a TON of recommendations and research about everything from these books in the photos below and this incredible podcast – All Things Iceland – which goes along with the blog, From Foreign to Familiar.

Also, being able to pack my solo carry-on has been a real treat.


Wool Hat / Iceland Guide Book / Dubarry Boots {similar}

It’s been a slight challenge with my other packing though, since we plan on being out and about everyday – and the word on the street is that the weather in Iceland can vary from hour to hour, so we are preparing to brace all the elements. And that means lots of variety incase we inevitably get rained on, not to mention its going to be on the colder side of things in Iceland, much more Fall than this ‘Fall’ season so far in Philly.

So naturally I brought my entire LL Bean wardrobe with me.

A girls gotta have options.

Juniper Down Jacket / Pink Quilted Pullover / Mustard Fleece Zip Up / Black + Purple Sweater Pullover / Grey Bean Vest / Cream Pile Fleece Vest

So that’s about the size of it! The bags are packed and I set the kiddos up as best I could for a week away and we are ready to go! I’ll be Instagramming, GoProing and taking a million pictures and videos to share with you – while we are there and I’m sure when we get back.

If you have any Iceland tips, tricks or favorite places to go/see/do/eat – PLEASE let me know! Send me a IG or FB message for sure, as I’d love to hear about it!

So for now – go͝odˈbī – and I’ll see you on the flip side!

Candytopia in Philadelphia – A Visit with Kids & All the Sweet Fun There Is!

If you haven’t already heard…Candytopia opened this past weekend in Philadelphia. I wanted to pop on today to share with you my candy-covered experience there. Graham and I were invited to preview the event the day before it opened, which was really cool to be a part of – Brooks was invited as well, but sadly he has school every day now – he was so bummed he missed it, but don’t worry, I brought him home a special treat.

What is Candytopia?

Candytopia is an outrageously interactive candy wonderland that transports guests to an imaginative confectionary world with one-of-a-kind full sensory experiences—you can expect larger-than-life installations inspired by pure, sugary bliss throughout Candytopia’s dozen unique rooms, along with candy samples and lots of fun surprises.

Something all your senses will enjoy, especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth {like me!}

Each room – there are 14+ rooms – has a different theme or experience that is candy based. There are TONS of photo ops and interactive ways to enjoy the show and inside each room there is a different treat.

There was SO MUCH for the kids to enjoy – but I have to admit, I think Graham was sort of overwhelmed by it all {also possibly on a sugar high} and we zipped through a lot of the rooms really quick. We also went at a time when – since it was pre-show opening – we had the place to ourselves – so he could run around and enjoy everything quickly, but then wanted to move on to the next candy coated room experience.

I was LIVING for all the fun photo ops.

Seriously, this was so much better having the place to ourselves for pictures alone! So yes, I’d highly recommend checking out a non-busy time to visit for fun pics.

Aside from all the fun exhibits for the kids – a play house, slides, bubbles, jungle gym {inside a jungle} and so much more – there was lots for the adults to appreciate and enjoy as well.

Art installations everywhere – and all COMPLETELY made out of candy. I didn’t take as many pictures of this sort of stuff as I would have liked {I blame chasing around Graham and his sugar high} but it was very impressive.

And there were so many Philadelphia specific art projects – Fresh Prince, the LOVE statue, Rocky and more. I assume with each location {also in Houston and Phoenix and NYC} the project is catered a bit to the locale, which we totally love here in Philly.

Back to – Treasure trunks of candy around every corner – and we found them all.

And a not so little see saw that even the mamas can enjoy ! Sugar highs all around.

My favorite part of it all?!

Hands down the marshmallow pit. It’s filled with 300,000 mallows!

Yes, its totally for kids, but adults can 100% appreciate its awesomeness as well. I posted a slow-mo video on the ‘gram – because a slow motion marshmallow pit experience is the only kind to have.

I was living my best life.

I’d love to know your thoughts on Candytopia – Is it something you would be into? Something your kiddos would enjoy?!

Let me know what you think – it’s in town now through January 5th – so if you make your way down to this sweet part of town, I’d love to hear about your sweet adventure!

Best of Sarasota, Florida With Kids – Favorite Playground, Best Breweries, Adventure Course, A Day at Sarasota Yacht Club, Big Cat Habitat, Mini Donuts, Siesta Key and More!

After sharing our favorites of our recent visit to Disney Springs and all about our day at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure I have to go back to the beginning of our trip. Before all our fun in the Orlando/Disney area, we spent a week in Sarasota with a good friend and her kiddo.

We’ve come to Sarasota together a few times over the years for little getaways here and there. It’s always such a treat and such a great place to go. Since it’s always so fast paced and so much is going on with the kids, I feel like I’ve never really been able to blog about our favorite places to go while we are there, and it’s such a great place to be with kids! So here is my round up from our latest trip of the best places we got to go!

First up – a little tip for the airplane ride, especially if you’ve got kids. Book the direct flight #becausekids – and Second of all, since we were going away for almost 2 weeks, I had the boys be in charge of packing their backpacks full of their entertainment while we were away. These rolling backpacks {similar} are so great for travel to give the kiddos some independence of their stuff. Highly recommend.

Now back to Sarasota!

Favorite Playground: Payne Park

So Sarasota is apparently the birthplace of the circus – because the Ringling Brothers had their headquarters here back in the day. So there are tons of circus themed places around the city. This park is one of them – but its massive, seriously huge, contained {#momwin} and a great spot for the kids to play. We’ve come here every visit – its fabulous.

Best Pub with Waterside Dining: Woody’s River Roo

We sort of stumbled upon this place by accident on our way from the airport to Sarasota, but it was a great place to stop for lunch with fun views and live music depending on when you visit.

Favorite Brewery: Calusa Brewing

We were able to hit up a bunch of different breweries during our time in Sarasota. I love trying local brews and they ALWAYS have different fun spot for the kids to enjoy while parents relax. Calusa brewing was my favorite spot + vibe.

Honorable Mention Breweries: Big Top Brewing + JDUBS

Both of these places had AMAZING outdoor kid fun for the littles. Brooks actually requested to go back to JDUBS a few times on the trip because he loved the outdoor spot. Good beer here too for sure!

Best Outdoor Activity: Tree Umph! Adventure Course

Brooks is becoming quite a little ropes course lover, so I try to find new ones whenever we travel. I love encouraging him to push himself, try new things and {literally} go out on a limb. It always impresses me how quickly and easily he takes to this, so I want to continue it when I can.

This course was BEAUTIFUL. A perfect spot in the forest, very natural and challenging. Brooks had a fabulous time. I can’t wait until Graham is tall enough to join him on these adventures!

Best Getaway: Sarasota Yacht Club

I’m not sure how much I need to explain about this. Pretty sure the picture is worth a million words of relaxing, unwinding, vacation vibes. We were lucky enough to be able to spend some time here and had the entire pool to ourselves, which was incredible.

Seriously, this day was BEYOND.

If you can get yourself here, GET YOURSELF HERE.

And get the fish tacos, they were insane.

Best SPLASH: Sarasota RV Resort

One day we are at a Yacht club, the next we are at a RV park – it’s all about balance people! There was a local even that invited us to check out the RV Resort and we had been driving by the pool all week – looked awesome and they boys were pumped to check it out. Great water slides, great splash pad, food and drinks for kids and adults – basically an incredible place to spend a day!

Best {Mini} Donuts: Meaney’s Mini Donuts

Donuts on a stick, with rainbow sprinkles?!

I’m in.

Best Animal Encounter: Big Cat Habitat

I could do an entire blog post on this place, it was SO GOOD. They rescue and rehabilitate exotic animals in need of a home. They work to educate the public about animal care and conservation – and they do a fantastic job. I was blown away by everything here and really suggest anyone in the area to go.

We saw lions, tiger, bears and LIGERS {oh my} – Graham touched an alligator {NOPE, not me}, we pet baby goats {and they literally ate my shorts} – saw a reptile show & wild animal encounter and had a ton of fun. It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Best Food Truck: Mobstah Lobstah

I had the crab cake sliders and the tater tots  w/ chipotle chili aioli and OMGGGGG. It was incredible.

Best Day Trip: Siesta Key

It’s got a reputation as one of America’s Best Beaches and it’s not lying! This place is BEAUTIFUL – and not far from Sarasota. It was so easy to drive over here to spend a day at the beach. I mean this sugar-fine, quartz-white sand and beyond gorgeous water is insane. I want to come back here and spend a week!

So that is a quick round up of some of the fun we had while in Sarasota. There is so much to do and it really is a great area to come and vacation with kids. We had another incredible visit and hope we can come back again one day soon!

Now I’d love to know – Have you been to Sarasota? I’d love to hear your favorite places to go! Please share!

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