My Kitchen Organizing Haul – Everything I Purchased + Sharing Kitchen Organization Tips from Intentional Order

So yesterday it was so fun to share our Kitchen Organization Transformation – if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do so and let me know what you think! It was a pretty big deal for me to share, but it was so much fun to do and see the change.

Not to mention it’s been so much more functional and enjoyable to live in!

Today I’m back to share with you some what I purchased to elevate the organization process in our kitchen space along with some of my favorite Kitchen Organization Tips from Abigail of Intentional Order.

So after our initial organizing session, Abigail gave me a few suggestions and ideas as to how to organize the kitchen better with a few key products. She did this after we went through everything and put everything back in its space so we could see where we could improve different areas! I hit up The Container Store – because they are having a great Kitchen & Pantry 25% off Sale right now – along with a few other items on Amazon {FTW!}

I’ve linked the majority of what I got for you on Amazon – because Amazon does a great job of giving you a variety of options, which I thought would be helpful since everyone has different spaces + different needs. You can find the items at both The Container Store and online at Amazon – and with different prices – my go-to line for everything so far has been the InterDesign – Linus! But definitely price compare to see what makes the most sense when you shop!

Here’s my Haul:

// 2 Tier Cabinet Organizer / White Storage Bins / 3 Tier Mesh Cabinet + Spice Organizer / InterDesign Drawer Organizer Starter Kit / Bamboo Drawer Dividers / Oxo Good Grips / Plastic Drawer Dividers / Desk Drawer Organizer / Cracker Jars

I think the most amount of questions I got from everyone was how to store spices! I had so much trouble with that before too – especially with these cabinets!

These 3 Tier Mesh Spice Organizers have been amazing! And they make such a HUGE difference! I can see everything I have in my pantry area – they make everything look so much more neat and pretty. There are a few different kinds but I didn’t want to invest into anything too pricey because we hope to have a brand new kitchen soon – but so these were perfect and I know I could find a use for them in any home!

Next up – one of my FAVORITE items purchased – I don’t know how I’ve lived so long and didn’t even know these were a thing – Bamboo Drawer Organizers! They look like they have always been in the drawer and they immediately make everything more organized and function in the drawer. I’m obsessed.

Onto our media drawer! In the crazy process of going through everything, I didn’t manage to get many photos of the drawers before – let me paint a picture for you – it consisted of about 25 different USB, Apple + GoPro charging cords and ports.

It was a MESS.

I picked up a Desk Drawer Organizer, only kept a few cords that we needed regularly and took everything else away. And wouldn’t you know it that this left me a little space for myself – which is where I’m going to be putting my mail, keys, sunglasses – just a little drop space for me to close. Wins all around.

In the Pantry it wasn’t so bad but it was defiantly lacking organization. I grouped everything together and used these White Bins which helped with the small and large items.

I also created a grab + go snack area for the kids to help themselves to certain things. These Cracker Jars have been great, I want to get a few more!

Another drawer view with the InterDesign Linus container + a look at the plastic drawer dividers. These aren’t nearly as impressive as the bamboo, but they do the job for a drawer you don’t open as much!

Another change I added to the mix is I moved all our bread storage on this wall shelf into the basket below. It holds break and muffins great, and I can see how much we have left when it’s getting low. Looks much nicer than having out on the counter as well!

And finally, thanks for sticking with me though another long post! But I can’t sign off just yet! I wanted to share with you a recap along with some tips on what Abigail of Intentional Order says to focus on in terms of Organizing your Kitchen:

1. Empty The Cabinets: Take everything out of each cabinet and drawer!

2. Purge: Get rid of the things that are broken, missing parts, duplicates, or that you don’t use anymore.

This made parting with things so much easier for me – if it’s broken, damaged or a multiple – out it goes!

3. Sort: Group items into categories. Baking, cooking, holiday/seasonal, entertaining, everyday dishes, etc.

4. Organize: Once you have the cabinets cleared out and everything sorted, you can now map out where to store everything. Try to keep the items in the space closest to where you use them. Cooking items near the stove. Glassware near the dishwasher or refrigerator. Coffee mugs near the coffee maker. 

5. Contain & Label: This might be the most important step! After working hard purging and sorting, some product will go a long way to ensure things are kept in place and organized. And label everything! 

  • Bins: Whatever is small and loose, designate a bin for it. In the pantry, have different bins for each category of food: snacks, grains, breads, sweets, dinner items, etc. You can use any type of bin to contain your stuff, but clear is great to be able to see what is in them at a glance.  –
  • Lazy Susans: Great for pantries, those tricky corner cabinets or the higher cabinets above the stove. They work well to hold oils, vinegars, & spices. 
  • Drawer Dividers: This is a must have for every drawer! Use to divide up all your cooking utensils and other essentials. Dividers can also help you turn that junk drawer into something you actually like! 
  • Vertical Storage: So much vertical space is wasted in a lot of cabinets, but you have options. A shelf riser works well in the pantry for can goods. Rack dividers can be used to store your baking sheets and pans vertically.
  • Under-shelf baskets can help you store more in the cabinets. 

If you have ever searched for organization products for the kitchen, you know that there is a product for everything out there!

Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to buy everything at once. Start with the basics and slowly branch out!

If you are in the Philadelphia area – be sure to check out Abigail of Intentional Order! Her website has lots of great information on what she does, packages & pricing and more!

And she’s doing a great Spring Cleaning Special right now too – 1 hour FREE with a single session + 2 Hours FREE with a package!

Thanks so much for following along on my organizing journey! It’s been amazing to do and so much fun to share! If you have any questions, please let me know – and if you’ve got your eye on doing some organizing in your home, let me know what you’ve got planed and how it goes, so I can cheer you along in your process!

Complete Kitchen Re-Organization – Sharing the Before & Afters of our Cabinets + Drawers with Intentional Order – a Professional Organizer serving Philadelphia, PA and Beyond

Buckle Up Folks, this is a looong one!

I am so excited to share this post with you today because it has been such an amazing transformation to my kitchen and really life in general. I consider myself a pretty organized personal – definitely always had room for improvement, but organized.

I love to plan. I love the plan ahead my weeks, my days, I love to cross things off a list. I like to feel like I’ve got things in order.

And from my experience working with Intentional Order, I was able to really see how the appearance of being organized doesn’t mean anything when you aren’t actually organized.


So with kids and life and everything, over the 5 years we’ve been in this home I’ve found that I am so SUPER guilty of throwing things in cabinets and drawers – and if the door closes to it, walking away. If it was up and out of slight – out of mind worked for me.

But that doesn’t cut it anymore.

Everything sort of all started to fall into place when Abigail of Intentional Order contacted me. She recently started an organizing business in Philadelphia and offered to come to my house and do some work with me! Since we are in the process of getting our home ready to list – I have been working on decluttering/packing up and minimizing bit by bit for a few months now.

But professional organizing help?!

Sign me up!

Now I just needed to decide what space we should focus on. We did a walkthrough of my home and I have been working on the closets and bathrooms myself for a while now, cleaning out and paring down – but there’s always room for improvement. I also considered the basement, because I know I could store things better down there. But ultimately we decided to do the kitchen – it’s the heart of the home, will be looked at closely when we list it to sell – and ultimately I was hoping that once we really started here, the organizing bug would explode into all the other smaller areas of the house!

Spoiler Alert: It totally has!

I’m equal parts embarrassed and proud to share this transformation with you. The mess and disorganization was a product of not moving in properly and setting myself up for success 5 years ago with organization from the start. It’s also due to way too much stuff {most of which I never use} and a ‘small-ish’ city living kitchen. I won’t put too much blame on the last part, but I will just say it to make myself feel better. Ha.

But either way, it’s been a great change, I’m loving living like this + can’t wait to share – So let’s get to into it!

First – we took everything out of every shelf, drawer and cabinet. It all came out. Sort of like Marie Kondo style, you have to go through every single thing and make sure you want to keep it and find a place for it.

Finding a place for it and making sure that makes sense is key.

Then we cleaned everything out. A simple and obvious thing to do, but wiping down every little space made starting from scratch so much nicer and everything was immediately fresh.

Because we are in the process of moving I think the whole experience of doing this was a little easier for me because I was way more likely to be cut throat about things. We set up a bunch of boxes for donation and then I set up a few boxes for things that I knew I could get away with not using for the next few months and would put into storage.

I will note here that I was VERY discipled about putting things in storage. I asked myself over and over again if I could go a few months without these things, if I really needed them in our new kitchen whenever + wherever we move. So those boxes I tried to keep as small and intentional as possible – and you can bet when I go to unpack them in our next space, I’ll ask myself the same questions again to check and make sure they deserve space in my kitchen.

So after we did an initial run of what would stay and what would go, Abigail helped me group things together that made sense together – like keeping all the coffee + tea things together, baking stuff, measuring things, etc. – seems simple enough but it definitely wasn’t something I was doing before and after having lived with this change for a while now, I can say – it makes a big difference – plus it made me very easily see what I had multiples of, which helped with the purging of any excess.

Like seriously, how many pots and pans does one family need?!

Answer: Not this many!

So I’m going to walk through some of the spaces we focused on with before and afters so its easy to see the changes we made and the clutter we went through.

I can’t say enough how amazing this space now feels – I can BREATHE here and it feels so amazing, light, airy and fresh. It’s like a completely new room with so much cleared out and gone. Taking the time, making the effort and forcing yourself to slim down on items you aren’t using, don’t love and are taking up space – it’s made a huge difference in how I use and enjoy my kitchen.

Check it out:

First up – is the glass cabinet in the kitchen. This is the one where I feel gives an actual window into the organization of the kitchen and speaks to the rest of the space. As you can see, it was a mess and I wasn’t using 95% of these things. Now it’s so much more balanced and beautiful. I’ve always loved these white bowls and Tiffany Martini glasses {all wedding gifts!} and now you can actually see and enjoy them.

Next to that is the coffee and tea section. Again it was a mess – here is where I would take anything that was ever on the counter and just throw it up there to hide it. Clearly that isn’t gong to work long term.

A hack here is the white basket in the After Side – here I have anything ‘medical’ related – vitamins, bandaids, sunscreen – things that were in the kitchen before but didn’t have a home. Now it’s easy to grab and I know where it all is!

Another main thing Abigail and I did was to get rid of excess packaging and make it more minimal and visual. Like coffee! I used Mason Jars that I had in the kitchen, emptied out ugly bags, sealed it up tight and cut out a piece of the bag so I know what is what on the top of the lid. I also did this with brown + white sugar, flour and anything I could! I love this look and want to buy 1,00000 more mason jars!

On the other side of the main see through cabinet area is where I think we made the best transformation in terms of functionality. Before the spices and cooking/baking things were all over the place. Now everything can be seen, has a home and has room to breathe.

This after makes me SO HAPPY.

Literally everyone that has come in my house since we did this, I’ve taken them into the kitchen and shown them this cabinet. Ha!

We have a galley kitchen in the city, so opposite the trio of cabinets I’ve just showed you is more cabinets! Let’s start out with checking out the new ‘kids area’ – Before it was all a jumbled mess – and now I’ve cleared out the excess plates, cups and bowls that weren’t the set we used the most and that I really loved.

It’s so much easier to navigate with less stuff – and I enjoy looking at it and using these pieces so much more.

Next to that is the main area where we have cups and glasses – this was packed WAY too much before. And of course we used the same ones over and over. So it was easy to slim this one down.

I would have packed away more for storage, since we obviously {or not so obviously!} don’t use that many wine glasses a week, but I didn’t have proper packing materials to keep them safe until we have a new home for them, so we are just keeping them there for now. But we did clear out the top shelf and minimized the bottom two. We also put them in better order for usage – grouping similar sizes together – which has been great and easier to put away after the dishwasher runs!

On the other side of that is our plates and bowls section – this was also a mess. We have a set from our wedding that we loved, but it was just covered up by others – so I got rid of everything but our favorite set and it’s so much easier to navigate and we love it.

The top two shelves held to-go cups, mugs and the like. I was easily able to trim that down and make SPACE.

Seriously, I’m obsessed with the Afters.

Above the microwave is a nice little storage area, but I wasn’t using it efficiently {like the rest of the kitchen before} Not a massive difference in what’s in there, but way more functional – and pretty!

One big thing to highlight in this space – if we weren’t moving, I would have the Dutch Oven casseroles out – would make the space way prettier! But I want to keep the boxes and keep them safe until our move! Then I will store them out of the box. But on that same note, I did take the food processor out of the box – its way easier for me to see it and I will use it way more like this. Love.

And now we have the last cabinet and the tiniest cabinet. Before it was just a catch all for random stuff for the kids and outdoor things, since we have a back patio off the kitchen. The paint the kids use a lot, so I wanted to have access to it, but it’s much cleaner this way.

I also compiled all the “chip clips” we had all over the place into this mason jar on the bottom right. It’s been great to grab and go to get those whenever I need one.

The cabinets in the bottom of the kitchen were a mess before – it was annoying to every get anything out because they would all get stuck. Now they open and close like a dream.

Under the kitchen sink was a disaster area – but it’s way easier to see everything and be able to easily grab what I need.

Here’s another look at the counter areas before – I am loving the more minimal + clean look now and don’t think I can ever go back.

So there you have it – I feel like I’ve bared my kitchen soul but I am so proud of the progress we made and the changes.

Fun Fact: We did 90% of this organizing in 3 hours while the boys were at school! We were on a MISSION and it was amazing to have a solid deadline in our work!

So if you are thinking about doing something like this in your home, just know it doesn’t have to take long and you don’t have to do it all in one day. Do one cabinet, drawer or shelf at a time! You will be glad you did!

I know this one was a long post, so if you stuck around this whole time – I heart you! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the few pieces I used to help with the elevation of the space, I’ll be answering the questions everyone sent in about the process as well as sharing some tips from Abigail of Intentional Order!

Be sure to let me know what you think of our kitchen transformation and if you have any questions about anything, let me know and I’ll be sure to answer them in tomorrows post!

Thanks so much for following along and a HUGE Thank You to Abigail! If you are in the Philadelphia or surrounding areas and looking for some organizing help, check her out and let her know Leslie of And Her Little Dog Too sent you!

And Her Little Stitch Fix Too – Requesting Closet Staples in Neutral Colors

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a Fix, but I am so excited to share with you my latest one today! As I’ve been sharing for the past few months, I’ve really been slimming down my closet contents. I’m working on living with less and making my way towards a more minimalist wardrobe.

After Tidying Up – it was so much easier for me to see what I reach for to wear all the time, and what I don’t. So after clearing out what doesn’t bring me joy, I found I had some more room in my closet for some wardrobe staples.

So I decided to give Stitch Fix a call!

I requested classic silhouettes in neutral colors – black, white and grey. I’m trying to fill my closet up with more quality pieces that can be versatile, in those colors.

Because you can never go wrong with black, white or grey – amiright?

Here’s what I got, check it out and let me know what you think!


41 Hawthorn Morgan Essential Boyfriend Cardigan – $58

I love this boyfriend cardigan. It is a thinner knit but feels like a dream. The button and pocket detail are really beautiful and it’s sort of the perfect layering piece as the seasons change.

// Riad Necklace / Wedges / Jeans / Leather Clutch


Brina & Em Lemmy V-Neck Top – $38

Next up is this v-neck top. It’s hard to see in the photograph, but its a subtle black and white stripe pattern. This is a dressier fabric because it’s a nicer fabric. It’s a classic silhouette that could be dressed up or down for really any occasion. And because of the color, it’s an easy piece to accessorize any way you want!

// Wedges / Jeans / Leather Clutch


Nine Britton Billie Tie Front Brushed Knit Top – $40

I pulled this top out of the box and immediately thought “Oh this is me” and it clearly is. I love a good brushed grey color and the side tie detail is so cute. I’m normally not a fan of a crew neck, but this one seems a bit bigger than the average crew, which I appreciate. It’s the perfect weight for the changing season as well!


Pixley Carlin French Terry Hood Denim Jacket – $78

This was a fun piece to receive in my Fix because I have been on the hunt for a denim jacket in black, forever. I did however just pick up this one, which I think I prefer. But if you are looking for a casual black denim jacket with a grey hood, this is a great option! What do you think of the hood – like it or leave it?


Emory Park Dulce 3/4 Sleeve Cross Front Knit Top – $38

And finally this little number. You can’t go wrong with classic black and I love the cross front detail. My favorite part of this top is the longer length and how its nice and how it has a nice flow, without being too much. I REALLY love this easy look all put together.


Ok that’s it! Now I need your help! I’m going to have a hard time deciding that to keep from this Fix! As always, I love your thoughts and opinions – would love to know your favorite piece {or two} from this Fix!

Take the poll and let me know:

What Should I Keep? free polls

And don’t forget to use this link to have your fee waived and try out Stitch Fix {it’s awesome} with no risk! If you liked some of the pieces in this fix – you can totally request them!

Thanks so much for following along – I can’t wait to hear what you think!


If you want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, please use my referral link to sign up!

Don’t forget to catch up on my past Fixes by checking out my Stitch Fix page, which I just updated in reverse order so you can easily find the more current Fixes!

And just incase you aren’t Stitch Fix obsessed {like I am, duh!} – here’s some information on how you can try Stitch Fix out for yourself – Feel free to let you know if you have any questions!

Stitch Fix Details:

  • Get hand selected pieces fit for your style, shape, and budget straight from a professionally trained stylist along with expert advice on how to wear the pieces in your day-to-day.
  • Add notes for your stylist about the details and life events that matter to you so that she can get to know and better serve you over time.
  • Add a request in your note and share your Pinterest board of your favorite looks so that your stylist can find you exactly what you’re looking for.
  • When checking out of every Fix, leave detailed feedback on each item helps so that your stylist can choose even better pieces for your next Fix.
  • Once you receive your Fix, you have three days to try on your pieces – keep only what you love, send back the rest in the prepaid shipping bag. You’ll only be charged for the items you keep & love once you checkout from your Fix.
  • Stitch Fix knows that fit matters so they work with brands to ensure each piece has exceptional fit, construction, and fabrics across every category from blouses to dresses, denim to outerwear, shoes, handbags, accessories, and more.
  • No matter your style, size or budget, because Stitch Fix has 1000+ brands, including the ones you know and love, new emerging brands and their own exclusive labels, they’ll meet all of your needs.




Five Friday Favorites: Rompers, Wedges, the Gorgeous Spring Weather and More!

It’s Friday and it’s been a crazy week! The highlight for sure was having my new friend Abigail from Intentional Order come over and help me COMPLETELY re-work my kitchen. I wanted to minimize it a ton, to make it more useable and since we are hoping to move soon, I wanted to sort through a bunch I could pack away now and also donate. It has been a whirlwind, but we made so much progress – working on the before and afters to share with you next week, stay tuned!

Because of that the blog took a bit of a backseat this week – but we are still here and chugging along and I wanted to celebrate it being Friday by sharing FIVE of my favorite things this week. Here’s what I’m loving right now…

// Romper / Shoes / Necklace {on sale!} / Earrings / Jacket

#1 – I am SERIOUSLY into rompers at the moment. I’m eyeing up any and everything that’s black and a one piece. They all look so cute and comfortable and easy to wear – especially during this transitional season.

I am really loving this one because of the fun criss cross on the back and the amazing price. The one is long in the torso, so a longer shirt underneath is what I would suggest. But it has pockets and its light and so cute with the bottom hems cuffed up! I can’t wait to wear it with sneakers, sandals, wedges, and maybe over a swimsuit too! What do you think?

And as a little treat, be sure to use the code: Q1andherlittledogtoo15 – for 15% off any order!

#2- Next up, my new favorite Earth Yarrow Espadrille Wedges. I am trying to add more black to my wardrobe, since I’m finding it a color I am reaching for more and more and I knew these would be a great addition to my Spring {and Summer AND Fall} looks! I love the closed toe and the scalloped detail. The ankle strap is velcro so its so easy to get on and off. It comes in a beautiful light tan as well, I’m contemplating getting them in another color because they are so comfortable and easy to wear!

Cute with the romper above and cuffed denim below! Wins all around!

#3 – Speaking of warmer weather, its been AMAZING the last few days to get out and really enjoy the sunshine in Philadelphia. We have been doing a tour of all the playgrounds and parks and it feels incredible to be outside.

The boys are loving every minute of it and can’t get enough. We’ve already spent about 3 hours outside today and are planning to go back for more!

#4 – I picked up this piece of wood at a Flea Market in the city years ago. It originally came with glass votives for candles, but a few had been broken over time. I loved the piece so much but I didn’t know what to do with it, so it sat in the basement for a long time. Last week I came across these succulents and thought they might work – and they fit PERFECTLY. I love this piece even now more than I did with the candles – and it looks so great going into the spring season.

#5 – A little random, but I am loving this little Blu Notebook I’ve been using lately. It is the first sketchbook made from pages with the unique look and feel of blueprint paper – something that has been really fun to get creative with. I’ve been using it for lists, sketching and fun line & graphing activities for the boys.

Now I’d love to hear something you are loving this week! And any fun plans you’ve got for the weekend – we are doing some House Hunting and plan to see WonderPark!

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