New Favorite Everyday Kicks – The Earth Flow Sneaker Review

Ladies, Gents + little dogs of the blog ->

I’d like you to meet my new favorite sneakers.

Earth Flow Sneaker / Jeans {my FAVORITE – on sale!} / Backpack

I’ve talked about it on the ‘gram A TON, but I’ve got to spread the love on the blog too. I’m currently transitioning my wardrobe to a bit of a ‘capsule’ – focusing on blacks, whites, grey and a few simple neutrals.

After my #konmari Tidying Up experience, I’m finding life is so much simpler with less choices, especially in the #momuniform department.

Let’s say, I’m leaning more and more towards {my two messy boys have a thing or two to do with that!} I cleaned out my closet and I have been able to see what I really wear, what I reach for everyday, what I love and a few things I’m missing in my wardrobe.

One of those missing pieces would be black sneakers!

Sure, I’ve got black shoes I use at the gym, but they aren’t great for everyday – and I wanted to elevate my black shoe game a bit – which the Earth Flow Sneaker totally does!

These also come in a taupe and a grey {which I am still lusting after!} but I needed the black, so I got the black!

And I’m so glad I did!

These are so perfect for any busy mama on the go for so many reasons – they are a slip on style with elastic laces {WIN!} a removable insole with arch support {SUPER comfortable!} and they are ergonomic too!

If you are looking for something you can easily throw on and look cute – these are it! Plus I love the brown leather detail on the front and heel of the shoe, totally steps up the chicness of these kicks!

I can’t continue this post with also gushing about these incredible HIGH WAISTED denim – I have these in distressed and non-distressed in blue denim as well. They are so comfortable and easy to wear. Love them – they are on sale – defiantly grab a pair or two!

Also, backpacks are TOTALLY having a moment right now. I love a black one that I can throw on and wear whenever/wherever. This one is amazing, doubles as a gym bag + computer bag for me and I am obsessed with the rose gold detail.

On backorder, but totally worth the wait! And I’ve found with this company, they usually ship out earlier than predicted – WIN!

I also want to take a moment to highlight Earth Shoes and their focus on sustainability –

Did you know that for EVERY online order of shoes sold, they plant a tree?!

How amazing is that?

I’ve worked with Earth shoes a few times over the years and always have had an amazing experience – love their shoes and LOVE their mission!

Thanks to my friends at EARTH for my new shoes, you’ll be seeing me wearing them all.the.time!

Now I’d love to hear from you – what is your favorite pair of Earth Shoes you are loving right now?! Check them out here – – and let me know what you think!

How To / DIY FLISAT IKEA {Doll} House with Painted Peg People

The boys and I have been working on a little project at home that I’m so excited to finally share with you!

Brooks used some money he got for his Birthday and requested a trip to IKEA! I was more than on board for this little excursion. I think he really just wanted to go for a visit to Småland and get a $1 ice cream cone {because those two things really make for a great day in and of themselves!}

So we made the trek there and both boys enjoyed their time in the play area while I took a lap around the store solo- basically the best day ever. After our ice cream treat, we took a visit to the Kids Section – which is always so much fun and full of great ideas.

Brooks stumbled upon the FLISAT doll house and said – “Mom, can we build this together?”

Oh, sweet boy – you BET we can!

He decided he wanted to get it with some of his birthday money and I was more than happy to oblige. We spent the rest of the afternoon planning out what colors we would paint it and what the different rooms would be. It was instantly fun for all of us! Brooks wanted to make rooms for his different robots to live in and he decided he wanted to “paint the house blue, like Sonic” with a gray roof “because gray is mommy’s favorite color”


So that’s how our color palate on the house came to be. We ended up on a lighter blue because we were able to use paint we already had in the house – the Gray is Silver Screen by Valspar – which is the colors of the boys room in our house and the Blue is a greenish/blue – Homestead Green by Benjamin Moore – which is the color of our basement. I love that whenever we move, we can now take these colors of our first home as a family with us!

Ok, but let’s get back to the actual building of the house. I have to say, it wasn’t easy.

In true IKEA form – the directions were lacking. And for it only having 8 or so pieces, it – in theory – should have been easy. Not the case. But there were some helpful directions on YouTube that I was able to follow and eventually the boys and I got it together.

We figured out our plan with the paint and we were ready to go!

Since we are in the process of getting our home freshened up to be listed – I have a newfound love for spackling – so I spackled up some of the nail holes before we got started. We taped off the areas where we wanted to separate the paint colors – and because it would be easier for the boys, incase it got messy.

Time to paint!

We painted the roof first and then worked our way down.

The first coat was a little light so we let it dry and then did a second coat all around.

The house ended up sitting a few days between paint layers because the boys were enjoying playing with it.

Since he made the connection between the paint in their room and basement being the same as the house he was making, he requested the floor match our living room – so then it was time to stain the wood.

We did a few layers of this to try to darken it up, but the IKEA wood didn’t really hold up to the stain since we didn’t sand it before. So eventually we ended up getting a separate brown acrylic paint, which did stick!

Then as a little bonus surprise for the kiddos, I decided to make them some Peg People, to go along with their new wooden house. This was surprisingly fun + satisfying for me! I ordered this variety pack of Peg People, 40% right now, great deal! They are well made and lovely.

I liked the variety of the shapes and sizes. I taped off the top of the wooden figures, so to have a straight line from where the paint would stop. I’ve seen tons of beautiful Peg People on IG so I had some great inspiration.

There are lots of things you can use the Peg People for – Numbers, Letters, Months, Days of the Week, Holidays, Seasons – I’ve seen a little of everything. I just went with a colorful rainbow this time, but I can see myself adding to our collection in the future!

So easy, quick and fun to make – and {I think} they turned out beautiful!

I gave each little person two coats of acrylic paint and then covered them in Mod Podge to seal the color – they have a perfect glossy finish, and I know this sealant will keep them looking fresh and new.

Brooks had requested when the house was finished it have a “Open for Business” sign with it. So obviously I had to make that happen. I surprised them with it all set up on the kitchen table and ready to go one morning.

They were surprised, instantly loved it and went right into PLAY!

It turned out perfectly and the boys love playing with the house and the new Peg People every day. It’s a beautiful toy that I don’t mind having out and about – the calming colors were a great choice.

Brooks + Graham loving putting the “families” together by color and by sizes. It’s really sweet to see how they play with it. As a #boymom I’m proud to say that doll houses aren’t just for girls, and I am even more excited to say that something like this easily calms them down and brings them into a more relaxed playtime, which I very much enjoy!

For around $40 this was something so special that the boys and I were able to create together. It took days of painting and prepping and was a great little project during these cold winter months. Its fun to watch them play with it with other toys as well – and we are talking about adding a thing or two along the way, possibly another floor – ha!

I’d love to know if you’ve made or plan to make anything like this with your kiddos? Anything fun in the works?! Please share!

And thanks for following along our little DIY house project! I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as we did making it!

Friday Favorite: New Booties Obsession – Arcopedico Shoe Style Review

In honor of bringing back Friday Favorites, I’m excited about sharing with. you a new favorite of mine. Today is all about Booties! Seriously, can you ever own enough?

I certainly can’t – And I’ve got a closet to prove it.

Speaking of full closets…With a move to the Pennsylvania ‘burbs *fingers crossed* on the horizon, I’ve been spending every spare moment going through everything in our home. Closets, basements, toy bins. Everything. And when I think I’ve finished, I just prepare myself to start again.

I’ve been really enjoying the KonMari method I shared with you a few posts back. It has changed my mindset on what to keep and what to donate or consign, which has been super helpful. It’s also helped me really see what I have too much of along with any ‘gaps’ in my wardrobe. I’m focusing on more minimalism in my closet and I’ve recently been really loving black – something I’ve never been a fan of before – and something that until recently was really lacking in my wardrobe.

Which brings me full circle to today’s Friday Favorite – Black Boots.

It took a while to get there, but we got there, thanks for hanging with me!

Top / Jeggings / Booties / Head Wrap

So yes, I don’t know where it’s been all my life – I’ve been all about the colors and patterns and trends up until now. But I’m currently loving everything black and I want my entire wardrobe to reflect that.

Dark, right? Ha.

And with paring down my wardrobe, anything I bring into my closet, I want to be quality – something that will last, be comfortable and keep me feeling good. So it was perfect timing when I realized the “black booties” hole in my closet – because right then I got an email from my new friends at Arcopedico with a chance to try out their new line!

I love it when karma works like that!

So I love learning about new brands + companies, which is why I wanted to share these with you today – because I had never heard of them before and I am so glad I did because, let me tell you – they are AMAZING!

Arcopedico has been around for over 50 YEARS! So you know they aren’t messing around. The shoes have been HANDMADE in Portugal since 1966!

The Arcopedico website is full of ton of amazing options for all seasons, but I went with L8: The L8 is a comfortable and versatile bootie that will transition seamlessly between seasons. The outsole has a built-in arch support for all day comfort.

Let me tell you – these are Extremely comfortable, these booties are made to be worn for hours on end (which makes them perfect for travel or those who are on their feet all day). They also provide excellent support and have side zippers for ease of taking the shoes on and off.

Even better?

They weigh less than a pound, the majority of which are vegan, washable and crushable.

Yes, you read that right – Vegan, Washable AND Crushable.

They are so soft and lightweight. They make me feel like I am walking on a cloud and I LOVE the side zip – so easy to put on and take off.

I went with the black/dark grey color – they have a bit of a pattern on them you can see when they are close up and it’s so pretty. I’ve been wearing them nonstop – with no end in sight!

I hope you enjoyed my little review – I love reading other blogs and hearing from influencers of new brands and companies they are working with – and Arcopedico is definitely one you should check out!

Now I’d love to hear from you – have you heard of this brand before?? And if not, tell me your favorite booties you are currently loving!!! Please share!

A huge Thanks to Arcopedico  for my new shoes. All opinions are my own.

Sharing our Homemade + Store Bought Valentine’s Along with Our Valentine’s Day Basket Tradition

Hello + Happy Love Day!

Today I wanted to share a look inside our Valentine’s Day – what the boys made for their friends at school, grandparents, me {see below – swoon!} and a look at their Valentine’s Baskets I put together for them. I shared them last night on Insta Stories and I had such a nice response, I wanted to put them up on the blog for anyone to check out, whenever!

But first, the Valentine love for mama. Sweet homemade cards my boys made at school are the best. These were totally fridge-worthy!

The made some homemade gifts for the grandparents, more on that a few photos down – but I wanted to share what they picked out for their school valentines.

How sweet are these little sets?! I got them in the Target Dollar Spot – each was $3 – so $6 total for both, which I thought was a great deal. Graham picked out the finger skateboards and Brooks wanted to give out the bouncy balls!

We organized them together and each of them picked out who in their class would get what color.

I thought they were super fun and totally different. The only downside was that the packing for the actual cards was so small, there wasn’t much room for the boys to write their friends names, so I helped with that.

But other than that I really liked them, and think the other kids did too! If you see these at Target next year, make sure to scoop them up early!

Next up – the gifts for the grandparents. For this the boys put together one of their valentines arts + crafts and Brooks wrote out a card they both decorated. Easy peasy.

But my favorite part that I wanted to share was the XOXO picture.

Seriously, how cute is this frame?

Under $4 and really perfect for any occasion from the kiddos! The boys painted it and then we put in a photo of each of them and I think it turned out really nice. I sort of wish I got one for myself!

Next up, Valentine’s Day Baskets!

Do you do gifts or treats or something else for Valentine’s Day with the kiddos? I got all sorts of responses from everyone on my Insta Stories! There’s so many ways to make Valentine’s Day special for the kids. My mom always put together something like this for my brother and I when we were little, so its important for me to continue the tradition.

Basically everything is from the Target Dollar Spot {which is apparently where I live} I spent under $20 for each of the boys and the basket turned out really nice – the basket itself is also from the Dollar Spot and I plan to use it to store towels in the bathroom afterwards! Ha!

A few of their favorite treats and then all of these items are fun little activities they can do anytime. We are still in the TV/Screen Time Detox – and all of these are great things to do and play with for my boys!

I also had to get a few books for them, Brooks loves to read and I love that he loves to do so – got to keep encouraging that! Here’s what we got:

Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed / Even More Parts / Get the Giggles

So that’s how we celebrated our Valentine’s Day! Oh, and I snuck away during preschool hours for a fun + festive little brunch with a friend. Mimosas + Huevos Rancheros. Basically winning at Valentine’s Day!

Off to enjoy the rest of the evening with the family + my Valentine of 14 years! I hope you had a great day and I’d love to know how you celebrated and made it a special day! Please share!!

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