Dr. Ipod?!

So with the new commute into DC, I have been taking the metro downtown most days, twice a day. I am not sure if its just the change in my schedul, getting used to something different, or what, but I had been getting the worst headaches/nausea. And I believed the cause to be the metro. Motion sickeness? Maybe. All I know is I would start off the day feeling bad, and end it feeling worse. I picked up aromatherapy sticks, which were peppermint scented and supposed to help with headaches and nothing. Advil, nothing. Thinking of putting on my ipod headphones with the rest of the robots that go to and from the metro, oblivious to the world, kinda annoyed me, and didn’t seem like it would do anything to help. Thinking about it kinda made my headaches worse. But one day, sick from sitting the wrong way, but next to 50 other people in a metro car and unable to move, I popped in the headphones, turned on a little Taylor Swift, and prayed the throbbing would end.

And it did.

I am not sure if it was the distraction from the music, or what, but the headache decreased, and eventually was gone. Now aside from my ipod having music, photos, mail, games, internet and other things on it, it also cures my headaches. As if I needed another excuse to validate my reason for purchasing it. But I got one! So, its a happy ending for me and my ipod. Yay for technology & my doctor.

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