Not Good!

So I got back to work today with a little surprise on the table across from me….apparently the rumors are true. It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time! I am pretty weak when it comes to these glorious little bites of heaven. My personal favorites, all featured below, in no particular order, are: Samoas, Tagalongs & of course the classic Thin Mints. I have no will-power against these cookies, and can not be held accountable for how many I eat. I ate 6 cookies today, 2 of each favs, in under 5 minutes. This is NOT GOOD for my vacation to Atlantis which is coming up in t-minus 2 weeks! Hello?! Body needs to be bikini ready! All the hard work I have put in detoxing and such the past month and a half could be ruined because of these two girl scout cookie boxes which stare at me during the day. I hope people steal the boxes in the night and they aren’t there when I come back tomorrow morning! Pray for me!

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  • Reply misstiffie February 18, 2009 at 12:37 am

    hehehe girl scout cookie time is like doomsday for me, but such a nice way to go lolol… i managed to avoid buying cookies from my coworkers’ kids this year since it’s been SOoOoOoooo busy but now that i see them i’m craving thin mints!!! those three are my fav toooooo!!! yum yum yum

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