3 WEEKS BABY! 3 WEEKS! I am so PUMPED for Britney’s Circus tour. She will be in DC March 24 and you can bet your little booty I will be there shaking my tailfeather to my girl Brit. I love her. Today so much was released about the tour. The set list (YAY!) and a tour trailer. It looks so great! So excited. I will be dedicating my time en route to Atlantis as well as my beach time memorizing her songs even more than I already know them. I pretty much want her to be able to pull me up on stage for a duet. I just need to be ready for that possibility. And I will be because now I know all the songs on the tour! WOOP WOOP!

The Official set list for Britney’s Circus Tour:


Perez/Parade Intro
Circus (Funky Remix)
Piece of Me
Thunderstorm Segue

HOUSE OF FUN (Anything Goes)

Martial Arts Segue

Ooh Ooh Baby/Hot as Ice
If U Seek Amy
Me Against the Music (Bollywood)


Everybody’s Looking for Something Segue
Get Naked
Britney’s Hotline
Breathe on Me/Touch of My Hand


Break the Ice Segue
Do Something
Dancer Solo Segue/Heartbeat Segue
Baby One More Time (Remix)


Womanizer (Extended Remix)
Circus Reprise: The Bow

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