Swine Flu, The Metro and a Little Bit of Human Courtesy

I ride the metro everyday. Twice a day in fact. Most of the time it isn’t the most enjoyable experience, but deal with it. I do not want to deal with it during this time of epidemic, pandemic flu nonsense. I have a real problem with people who are just rude and inconsiderate about the whole situation. When the woman sitting next to me, pulls out a box of tissues, starts sneezing and coughing and blowing her nose and even pulls out a nose spray, I have issues with this. If you are sick. Stay home. If you are sick during this epidemic/pandemic nonsense. Really stay home. DO NOT GET ON PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Seriously, how hard is it? People are coughing and carrying on, CLEARLY sick, and everyone else gives them dirty looks, but they don’t mind. It is rude, and I can’t believe something hasn’t been said to people about traveling on public transportation. I understand people have to get places and have things to do, but its just gross and again, inconsiderate.
I also don’t get the whole hand washing thing. I mean, I GET IT, but at the same time I don’t. If you cover your mouth when you cough, congratulations, gold star! But if you don’t wash your hands IMMEDIATELY after coughing/spreading germs on your hands, whats the point?! If you cough on your hand and then touch your keyboard, or coat, or handle on the metro, you are spreading germs to all those things, end of story. Am I right? And then, in turn, everyone else who touches those things spreads more germs. Unless you are disenfecting CONSTANTLY. I know this is the way of the world, and some germs are good, and blah blah, I just get frustrated when people are gross on the metro.
Another prime example: Two guys were screaming at each other on the metro yesterday because of this flu business. One guy was coughing and NOT covering his mouth. The other guy yelled at him, telling him to stop coughing all over everyone. Coughing guy says “Screw you” and it went downhill from there. People are on edge about all this, and its upsetting. I know the situation with the Swine Flu isn’t so bad yet, but it does seem to be getting worse everyday. This isn’t just about the outbreak, its about people being decent to other people. Sorry for the early morning rant, I just got all worked up about all this, and I feel better for writing it down. Thanks for reading. Happy posts to come later!

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  • Reply Gen April 30, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    I take public transportation too, and I cant stand sick people on the bus. When someone coughs and they’re sitting next to me I seriously get up and move away from them. My actions may be rude but i am not in the mood to get sick.
    You should start wearing those masks when you go on the metro.

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