The ‘Cats Had A Good Run

On Saturday for the game, boyf and I went to Mackey’s Pub in DC for the Villanova game. The Villanova Alumni Association had a game watch there. It was actually really cool, we met up with a bunch of people we knew from school, and all the Villanova fans got to watch the game together and drink!

Another plus was that they had all sorts of swag for us on the tables. Flyers with the Villanova fight song, pens, markers, stickers, magnets for your cars, bumper stickers and TEMPORARY TATTOS! Woohoo!

blog 162

I may have gotten a little crazy with the tat’s, but I am pretty sure I rocked them on my ripped biceps from the Shred! Grrrr!

blog 172 

Even though we lost, we had a great season. It was awesome to get to the Final Four. We will get ‘em next year!

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