Tonight, Mich and I were on a mission to find the newly release Britney: For The Record. We each have been counting down the days for this to come out. We LOVE Brit Brit (just in case you didn’t already know). We even planned a sleepover evening/event of fablousness specifically for the DVD release.

Sadly, we couldn’t find the stupid DVD.

We went to Target and Barnes & Noble and neither places had it. Stupid stores. We weren’t about to drive all over the world for it, hopefully I will be able to find it later this week. UGH! So annoying. Luckily, today was also the release of Rascal Flatts latest CD, Unstoppable, which we were able to pick up. Can’t wait to jam out to that baby on my way up to Philly this weekend. Good tunes = an awesome ride.

When we got back to Mich’s place, we had some brews, Newton’s Folly Ciders. It was really good. I love sweet things, and cider is a sweet beer. I can only have about 2 before they become too sweet for me, and when I have to switch to regular beer. Please embrace the pics:

We ordered Mediterranean take-out. We shared Jalapeno Poppers:

I got a Vegetarian Pita with Falafel. It was a little soggy when I got it, which made me sad. It was good other than that. I had about half and will save the rest for tomorrow:

Also, I would like to give a Gold Star to Mich. She made this all by herself, BIG KID! Such a good idea. Way to use your creative juices! It matches her room perfectly, and is obviously featuring one of our favorite colors of all time: PINK!

Ok, so then….we made CAKE. I think I may have a problem. Confetti vanilla cake with chocolate icing, and NERDS on top. I have to give Mich all the credit for that one. I have never had it before, was a little nervous, but it was really good. They give the cake a little crunch!

Decorating the cake with a secret message:

My piece which I ate in 10 seconds FLAT! It may just be a new high score!

Great times with a great friend. And as Mich said on the Rascal CD she burned for me:
“Our Love and Friendship is Unstoppable!!”

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