Libre Tea

ATTENTION ALL TEA LOVERS: Amazing Product Alert!

Libre Tea. Have you heard of it? This thing is AWESOME! It is a tea glass, specifically designed for loose leaf tea on-the-go! This is the box it comes in, and the tea glass itself. Jackson is doing his usual security dog thang! 

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This is the top of the Libre tea glass. I love the pretty design. Open the top and you can put the tea in there,  or you can drop it into the glass itself. Since the strainer is in the middle between where the water is, and where you drink out of it, there are two options as to how you use it. I chose to keep the tea strained, so I didn’t have to clean it out of the cup later. The tea I used is Teavana Sweet Fruit Garden. Its real good. Its made of sour cherries, apples, candied papaya, raspberries, grapes, rosehips and hibiscus. You could actually just eat this tea mixture in oatmeal or even raw since its just dried fruit!  So good. I HIGHLY recommend this! It makes a mean iced tea!

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So I put hot water in the Libre Tea glass, with the tea secured in the top of the lid. You turn the glass upside down for the desired amount of steep time, and just sit back and watch the magic happen.

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OoOoOo AhHhHhHh! It gets darker by the minute. Embrace the steepy goodness of the tea! Seriously, how cool is this??

mas pics 758mas pics 757 

It turned out pretty good, except when I took the lid off, it kind of dripped all down the side. I guess next time I should have let it settle right side up a bit for the liquid to fully drain from the tea.

mas pics 761mas pics 759

Here is what the tea bits look like in the strainer, and after I take the strainer off. Pretty nifty contraption, eh?

mas pics 763mas pics 760 

I added some stevia to my tea. I love this stuff. It has totally changed my world in terms of sweeteners.

mas pics 762 

Ready to drink! I really love my new Libre tea glass.  I love that I can just put any loose leaf tea in there and am able to drink my tea anywhere- no muss, no fuss! Its awesome to be able to just add hot water, and be able to take the tea with you anywhere! Seriously, this is a fantastic purchase!

mas pics 764 mas pics 765

Check out the benefits and history of loose leaf tea here.   Also, below is a video of the Libre Tea Cup Demonstration I found on youtube. It shows you the two different ways to use the tea glass.

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  • Reply Anne June 2, 2009 at 1:37 am

    That looks great! I've never seen it before. I like that it makes it easy to drink loose leaf tea. Thanks for the review 🙂

  • Reply Gen June 2, 2009 at 4:56 am

    that is pretty interesting. I swear you get the coolest stuff ever!

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