Exploring the City

Greetings! Today Kate Monster and I took on NYC! We walked all over the place – shopping, eating, sightseeing! It was a busy day. We started off exploring Grand Central. I had never been in it before, it was pretty cool. NYC Half 060

Do you see the discolored brick in this picture? That is what the ceiling looked like before 1990 when Grand Central underwent through that whole renovation. It would still look like that now if they never redid it. Crazy, right?

NYC Half 062 

It’s all so beautiful! Just think of all the fabulous movies that have been filmed here.

 NYC Half 061NYC Half 064 

I snacked on a Balance Bar while we walked around.

NYC Half 059 

At Grand Central we had some fun at the Whispering Wall.

NYC Half 067

You whisper secrets in the wall from one side, and on the other side, you can hear it from the other side of the room. Pretty cool, right?

NYC Half 069NYC Half 068 

Next up on the agenda was lunch! We hit up Republic for lunch. I love their slogan – Think Noodles!  It is a swanky noodle bar by Grand Central. KM and I started off with some yummy drinks. She got the ginger green tea and I got the watermelon juice. It was so good. I can’t wait to juice watermelon at home!

NYC Half 072 


NYC Half 075

I got the vegetable pad Thai. It was so yummy.

NYC Half 074 

We then had to walk off lunch a little bit so we headed down the street to the farmer’s market. It was so sunny and beautiful out (aside from the scorching heat!) Check out these beautiful flowers. I wanted to buy them all!

NYC Half 076

There was a whole section of fresh teas and spices. I haven’t seen anything like that before at a farmer’s market!

NYC Half 081

There was also some great herbs I wanted to get, if I didn’t have to haul it back to Philly with me tomorrow. Check out what I found: Wheatgrass and Chocolate Mint!

NYC Half 079 NYC Half 080

It was such a busy day. We walked around all day, and headed back to rest up for the big race tomorrow! I promptly made an Amazing Grass Amazing Chocolate Infused Meal when I walked in the door. I needed some vitamins and nutrients hardcore! It it defiantly something you have to get used to the taste of, but I liked it.

NYC Half 086 NYC Half 087

It was yummy. I needed that hit of chocolate!

NYC Half 088 NYC Half 089 

For dinner I made a fabulous vegetable wrap. It was JUST what I needed. It was a spinach wrap with more spinach, carrots, yellow pepper, avocado, cucumbers and some cheese

NYC Half 091

It was so good!

NYC Half 092

KM are currently watching Bride Wars and then we are going to hit the hay! I am super tired and want to be all rested up and ready for the big race tomorrow!

NYC Half 093

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  • Reply Kate August 16, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    Love Noodles!

  • Reply amanda August 16, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    oh how i heart new york!

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