The Dog Days of Summer

Jackson has had a busy birthday, filled with play dates and presents and lots of treats! We woke up this morning and went outside and Jackson had a little puppy play date with Moby.

NYC Half 123

Can you tell where one black puppy ends and the other begins? NYC Half 124

I love how in this picture, you can see Moby trying to lick Jackson. I am pretty sure they were BIRTHDAY KISSES! Yay!

NYC Half 125

After puppy play time, it was time to open the presents. This one came all the way from Jacksons grandparents (my mom and dad) in VA! Jackson was super pumped to get mail!

NYC Half 126NYC Half 127

How cute is all this? Obviously, Jackson went straight for the treat!

NYC Half 128

He got a birthday boy squeaky toy and a red dog cookie

NYC Half 129 NYC Half 130

And how ADORABLE is this shirt?

“It’s my party and I’ll BARK if I want to”

NYC Half 131 NYC Half 132

Check out the label, “Haute Diggity Dog”

NYC Half 138

I showered Jackson with all sorts of treats and chew toys. I bought them all in a snazzy NYC puppy store.

NYC Half 134

Jackson went right to work chewing on his new treats. Check out the card from grandma and grandpa. Every year they send him a card with the age he is. I am positive the cards are for humans. Makes me laugh!

NYC Half 133

Jackson checking out the cupcake. It looked yummy to me!

NYC Half 135

Chowing down on another treat

NYC Half 136

I even bought Jackson a special birthday meal. He usually eats dry dog food, but on special occasions and holidays he gets wet food, and he LOVES it. I got him Chunky Chicken Dinner from Trader Joes. He went crazy for it!

NYC Half 137

Jackson is now 21 (in dog years) so boyf and I thought it was only right for Jackson to have a beer! Cheers to 21 (doggie) years!

NYC Half 141 NYC Half 142

Not really. No beer for my puppy! We only got a picture of him NEXT to a beer. That counts right? I am sure his little tummy was already too full from all his other fabulous treats anyways!

NYC Half 139

I also wanted to answer a reader question about Jackson. He is a bischon frise / shih tzu mix. His mom was all white, and his dad was all black which equals my grey little ball of fur!

Off to snuggle with the birthday boy!

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  • Reply lesley August 18, 2009 at 10:12 am

    Awww … I love puppy play time : )

  • Reply Mica August 18, 2009 at 11:52 am

    Aw, it looks like Jackson had a great birthday, even without beer.

  • Reply Dori August 18, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    Jackson is too cute with the beer! I want to give him a smush!

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