Britney Spears in Philly Part 3

Are you sick of me posting all about the Britney concert yet? I am almost done, so bear with me. itsbritneybitch 078

I LOVE Britney’s pink boa! It was rocking!

    itsbritneybitch 083itsbritneybitch 086

I also really loved the Bollywood part of the show! Great costumes!

itsbritneybitch 096 itsbritneybitch 097 itsbritneybitch 091 itsbritneybitch 092

Lots of beers were drank during the concert too!

itsbritneybitch 113 itsbritneybitch 115   itsbritneybitch 120

Lots of singing and dancing was going on!

itsbritneybitch 121itsbritneybitch 122 itsbritneybitch 123  itsbritneybitch 099   One more recap of pictures coming your way, and then stay tuned for another fabulous giveaway!!

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