Something Broken, Something New

Since boyf and I didn’t really have plans this weekend to do anything, today we slept in and took it easy. We did head out to run some errands this afternoon. I an happy to announce that boyf is now a bike owner!! Woohoo! We live right next to so many amazing bike trails and I have a bike, but let’s be honest, its no fun going alone! So he got a great deal from Performance Bikes in Philadelphia. They are having some amazing Labor Day sales if you are in the market for a bike. Pictures to come later of boyf and his new purchase!

He got the 2009 Fuji Newest 3.0 Road Bike. Ow Ow!

While we were shopping we had a minor tragedy. I killed my camera.

It was in my purse with along with everything else in my life, and my water bottle, which was also in my purse must have come open, because as we were looking at bikes, I felt water dripping down my leg. I looked in my bag, and my camera, wallet, The Time Traveler’s Wife and everything else in my bag was sitting in a few inches of water!

RIP Canon Powershot.

itsbritneybitch 308

I threw everything down in the store and started dumping out the water, freaking out about my camera. It was literally leaking water. NOT GOOD. I let it dry out in the car for a little bit and then we took it to Best Buy. Luckily I got a warranty there at the store, but the crappy part is they have to send it away for 2-3 weeks. MAN DOWN! I do have a back up point and shoot, but its on its last legs. And I also have my nice SLR camera, but its not like I can take that with me EVERYWHERE. I miss my Canon, I hope they fix it ASAP!

itsbritneybitch 326 itsbritneybitch 327

After boyf made his bike purchase, and I cried about my camera, we decided we were hungry and hit up Famous Dave’s BBQ. They had $2.00 Pabst Blue Ribbons (that’s classy), so I decided to drown my sorrows at lunch. Day drinking makes everything somewhat better.

photo photo 2

Here I am crying about my dead camera.

photo 3

And this is when I turned to the PBR’s for comfort.

photo 4

The waiter brought over some home made chips for us to test out all the different sauces. They had 5 to try and they were all mighty tasty. My favorite was the Georgia Mustard and Sweet and Zesty. Boyf liked Rich and Sassy best! YUM!

photo 2Famous Dave’s has some amazing lunch specials. I got the pulled BBQ chicken sandwich with some corn. It was REALLY good. It totally hit the spot after my emotional trauma. Nothing like comfort food during a camera tragedy!

photo   photo 4

Thanks to boyf for taking the lunch pictures today with his iphone!

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  • Reply Sarah w September 5, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    You should look at my blog. On memorial day my camera got DUNKED in a cup of BEER.

    It still works! Thanks to some quick action on the part of my more sober friends. They took the camera from me. Turned it off, pulled the battery out. Drained what they could and immediately stuck the camera in a ziplock of RICE. We let it dry for 4 days. Still works!!!!

  • Reply Anne September 5, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    Aww so sorry about the camera. May it R.I.P, and I hope the new one comes really soon!

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