Spicy Black Bean Soup

I am still rocking out my Only The Essentials Challenge. It has officially been 20 days without grocery shopping! Other than picking up a few things to make my candy coated chocolate covered pretzels, (which I don’t count since I made the pretzels for others and gave them away) Fiancé and I have been eating strictly from our pantry and freezer! I am quite impressed with our abilities not to starve!

I’ve still got loads of good stuff in my kitchen to eat! Other than the fact that we recently ran out of milk, OJ and butter – I still plan on trying to see if we can get to January without a grocery trip!

I am also lucky because I do get lots of samples sent my way to review, so that also helps with not having to shop. I was recently sent a few samples of soup from Pacific Foods. Soup couldn’t have come at a better time because I love a nice hot bowl on a cold winter day!

pics 125 

I had the Spicy Black Bean soup tonight for a south of the border meal. This soup is gluten free, low fat and vegan. It combines black beans, onions and red and green bell peppers for a nice little soup with a kick! It also has a healthy dose of fiber.

pics 126

I added some corn from the can to give the soup a little something extra. I also enjoyed this soup with some Miguel’s Vegetable Seed dippers because honestly, when I think Mexican food I think tortilla chips, don’t you?    pics 128

I came home tonight from work and headed straight for the recliner. I am not feeling so fabulous and just want to sit back, post on the blog, read a few other blogs and watch a movie. I just need to relax tonight. My throat is hurting and I am feeling sickly. I need to rest up for the fun few days ahead!

  pics 082 pics 083

Hopefully my feeling bad is nothing some relaxing on the couch (with my snuggie on) and watching a movie won’t fix! Fiancé and I got The Pianist ‘>The Pianist on Netflix today. We are watching it now, its a very powerful movie about a young musician who is faced with World War II.

Ever seen this movie? Are you a Netflix or Blockbuster lover?

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  • Reply Genesis December 29, 2009 at 12:35 am

    im sure you guys will make it to Jan without going to the store. it's only a couple of days away!

    we used to be Blockbuster people but it was seriously draining our accounts and we now live on the other side of town so it's a hassle to rent…so we are NETFLIX people. plus we can stream from either the Playstation or Xbox, straight off the internet. I love that feature!

  • Reply amanda December 29, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    yummmm! black bean soup. however, gluten free, vegan and low fat seems like it isn't all that much fun-haha. but chips always help!

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