Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?

Today was a busy day! I thought it was Thursday for the majority of the day, so that was a harsh wake up call when reality set in and I realized it was only Wednesday.  I had lab in the morning and then went to work for a bit. Then I took Jackson for a nice long walk and he had a little puppy play date action with Ruby. You must respect the puppy love.

When I got home today I was dreading going for a run. I just wanted to lay on the couch and be a lazy blob. I wasn’t feeling it at all! After a quick little pep talk to myself I got back on the saddle, embraced my return to running and hit up the treadmill. Luckily, “Say Yes To The Dress” was on TV so that made my running a bit more bearable. I pounded out a quick 5K and felt lots better after the fact. Check out my time here.  I always feel better AFTER the fact, don’t you? I need to get my running butt in gear for the Disney Princess Half marathon followed by the NYC Half marathon! Both are right around the corner! Eeek! I’ve got lots of running to do between now and then.

After my orange breakfast this morning I felt like keeping things on a roll for dinner this evening.  I was on an orange kick today!

wicked 155

I decided to slice up my sweet potato fries a little differently that I usually do tonight.  The circle slices made them more chip-like.

wicked 156

In the oven getting all crispy for me.

 wicked 158

I enjoyed my crunchy sweet potato crisps with a hugh jass salad (Kath makes me laugh with that one EVERYTIME!)

I enjoyed my eats with a side of Jackson.

wicked 159

I ate alone tonight because fiancé had to work late. Boo.

No future hubs eats to worry about = me eating a massive salad!

wicked 160

Crispy and delicious sweet potato perfection!

wicked 161

My massive spinach salad was filled with lots of goodies from my grocery trip – peppers, cucumber, onions, carrots &  lots ‘o spinach!

wicked 162

My salad was topped with my favorite salad dressing – Brianna’s Champagne Caper Vinaigrette. Yum!

wicked 163

What’s your favorite salad dressing? 

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  • Reply Olivia January 28, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    Planned on sweet potato fries tonight, but will make these crisps instead! My favorite dressing is just a basic olive oil & balsamic/lemon juice/white wine vinegar combo (one or all of them!) Sometimes I'll add in some dijon mustard or honey.

    Oh and the other day I actually used about a tablespoon of hummus and thinned it out with vinegar and lemon juice for a dressing. SO good and all the seasoning was done for me!

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