Philadelphia Bike Race Sunday

I had to come back right after the Marathon Relay on Saturday because bright and early on Sunday morning was the Pro Cycling Tour in Philadelphia! Parts of the tour take place right outside my window so I had to get into my apartment complex before they shut the roads down!  Also I totally wanted to be there for this fun day!

I went to the Manayunk Bike Race in 2008, which is the same Cycling Tour, I just watched the race from the Manayunk area, and I had a blast! It’s so much fun to watch the racers fly by! It’s also fun to check out my old post from the event. I was a much different blogger back then, and I had no idea how to center pictures! Ha!

Anyway, Meredith and her hubby decided to host a Bike Race Party this morning! I walked into her apartment and was greeted with a MYO Mimosa/Bloody Mary bar!

I enjoyed a lovely mimosa, it was the perfect Sunday morning treat!

va 150

There were lots of other goodies set up to enjoy. I had part of a bagel and a nice helping of fruit salad.

va 151

There was also donut holes and coffee cake

va 149

And some of my mom’s cupcakes also made an appearance at the party! She made them for me for my birthday next week, but I had to share them with my friends at the party!

My mom’s cupcakes were pretty famous this weekend! I think everyone really liked them!

va 148 

Mere and Ruby (and Kev!) were great hosts!

   va 152

After some great eats and drinks we headed down to watch the bikers fly by us on Kelly Drive.

va 165

We got there just in time! They were whizzzzzing by us!

va 166

I cheered them on as they past by! I know how much a fabulous cheering section can really pump up your mentality in a race!

va 168

So I cheered my little heart out! It was fun to be so close to the action

va 167

While we waited for the bikers to pass by again, the party continued.  There were so many people out in East Falls for the festivities, there was even a beer garden right behind us selling drinks and blaring tunes! It made the day even more fun.

va 172

Then the bikers came by again! We were in such a great spot, we got to see them come and go past us almost 10 times!

va 153   va 156 

It was cool to see up close and personal the inner workings of a major bike race. We saw a few bikes get changed and gear being handed out of team cars driving by.

We even saw a racer on a bike holding onto it’s team car driving by! That has to be cheating, right??

va 158

I very much enjoyed my morning/afternoon of sitting in the grass, enjoying the sunshine and hanging out with friends.

va 160 va 162

It was very laid back and relaxing.

va 163

This guy was working on the bridge right above us, he was jamming out to the tunes in the beer garden. He was dancing the day away while working! It was fun to watch too.

va 164    

We got to see this guy with a commanding lead for most of the race, but during the last leg I believe a few racers caught up to him. He dominated 95% of the race!

va 169

It was so fun to watch the packs of bikers flying by!

 va 170 va 171  

Another fun day at the races! It’s fun to be a spectator at big races like this. I love watching amazing athletes in their zones!

Off to start another week! Next weekend should be another great weekend because it’s my BIRTHDAY on Saturday! Woohoo!

I have lots of fun planned and another great giveaway for this week so stay tuned!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun??

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  • Reply onelittletrigirl June 7, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    I was there too!! I spent the day at the FUGI tent with some of my teammates. It really was a great day! I love finding bloggers who do the same things, in the same places, as I do! Fun!

  • Reply ladypurpl June 7, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Looks like a fun-filled day with your friends! Loved to see Ruby and Jackson – what a pair… Glad your birthday cupcakes were a hit!

  • Reply miSchelle June 8, 2010 at 1:20 am

    okay…i must have missed you because i was sitting right there in the grass at the beer garden too! it was so much fun! i ran into other Dobson-ers there too…hmm. 🙂 take care!

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