Jackson in a Box (Again!)

This time last year I was just moving back up to Philadelphia from Virginia. Now fiancé and I are moving to another apartment together. Lots of moving going on! Time sure has flown by this past year, I can’t believe how far we have come.

I am so excited for this weekend when we officially move in to our new place. Right now we have half of our stuff in our new place and half of our stuff in our old place. It’s a little confusing!

Today, Jackson and Kate helped me move and organize a bunch of stuff in preparation for this weekend. They were very helpful and it was fun to have company.

Remember the last time Jackson was in a box? That was a whole year ago! He is still such a little boy!

Here he is today in all his glory –

bike 112

Is it safe to say that moving is a serious form of cardio, especially in this heat we have been suffering from in Philadelphia? I have been slacking a bit this week on my running because of the 100 + degree weather and the fact that I had 4 days to pack up our apartment. I have done a few little gym trips and am still planning on getting in my long run somehow, but it’s been very difficult this week.

I have been sweating my butt off packing and unpacking and moving everything up and down the stairs! My arms are sore and I have definitely been getting some sort of a workout!

Moving totally counts as cardio, right??

To keep my strength up while hauling 50 pound boxes up a few flights of stairs, I have been chugging my new favorite creation.

bike 107

I have been mixing Amazing Grass Berry Superfruit with freshly juiced apple juice (compliments of my incredible juicer!) I love the green powder, just looking at it makes me feel healthier!

bike 108

After mixing the powder and the apple juice the concoction looks a little bit intimidating

bike 109

But then after a few quick stirs of a spoon and everything is right with the world (and your drink!) and it looks just like another fabulous juicer creation!

bike 110

One scoop of Amazing Grass (Berry flavor!) + Apple Juice = a really tasty (and healthy!) treat!

bike 111 

I am off to do some more organizing, snuggle with Jackson and then off to bed! I have another very busy day planned tomorrow!

Jackson says goodnight!

bike 113

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  • Reply busyrunningmama July 9, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    Moving is totally cardio!!!
    Have a great weekend and enjoy the new apartment!!

  • Reply ladypurpl July 12, 2010 at 12:29 am

    A true cardio workout, especially in this heat! That little boy looks so adorable, I want to jump right into that box of his and give his a big KISS! Take it easy!

  • Reply amanda July 12, 2010 at 3:19 am

    ah, moving is awful! especially in this terrible heat. good luck with it all!

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