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Cruising is an amazing way to spend a vacation. I love the idea of going to sleep in one location and waking up in a different place or even a different country! It is an amazing way to travel.

I like having my meals prepared for me, pretty much eating like a queen for the entire time I am on the boat and enjoying all the entertainment and fun that the ship has to offer! It’s a great way to relax.

Now, since this cruise was only 5 days, it was a little different from the last state room that I stayed in with my family when I cruised the Panama Canal for 2 weeks last January.

When I first walked into our room, I was pleasantly surprised that Fiancé had surprised me with an upgrade to a room with a view! I was so excited!

  cruiseplus 332

It was lovely to be able to peek out our window and see the waves rolling on by. It was also nice to watch us come and go in the ports.

cruiseplus 331cruiseplus 873

To the right of the bed is a little desk area. I kind of set up shop in this area.

 cruiseplus 872

When you first walk in the room, you come through this pretty blue door and come down a little mini hallway.

cruiseplus 886cruiseplus 876

To the right is the bathroom, which was bigger than most cruise bathrooms I have seen before. Shower on the left and bathroom on the right.

cruiseplus 877cruiseplus 879

In actuality it was a bit bigger than these pictures make it out to be.

cruiseplus 880cruiseplus 881

Across from the bathroom was our closet.

  cruiseplus 885cruiseplus 884

We hung up most of our clothes and put everything else on the shelves.

cruiseplus 883 

Next to the closet was a mini fridge.

cruiseplus 887cruiseplus 888

Obviously it held only the essentials.

cruiseplus 889

Under it was a mini bar area. Along with the surprise of a room with a view, Fiancé also surprised me with a bottle of wine and chocolate covered strawberries for our arrival!

Seriously, how sweet is that?

 cruiseplus 890

Next to the bar was our sad excuse for a television and table area.

 cruiseplus 891

Above the bed was a separate bed that came out of the wall, which is pretty cool. These are in all the rooms and can allow a room to go from sleeping one – two people to four people.

I know this from experience. My family has all stayed in a room this size before. It wasn’t  pretty, but it can be done!

 cruiseplus 901

The bed comes right out of the wall!

cruiseplus 900 

Every night our room steward made little animals out of towels which was fun. I enjoyed this little elephant.

cruiseplus 333 cruiseplus 334

And if you were wondering what I was reading while on the cruise, here is what kept me entertained – the new Runner’s World, Philadelphia Wedding and Into Thin Air. All awesome reads!

 cruiseplus 903

We enjoyed our little stateroom. It was the perfect size for us for 5 days.

cruiseplus 905 

And of course when we wanted to get out of our room, we were just a few steps away from some amazing views.

cruiseplus 908cruiseplus 909

 cruiseplus 910 cruiseplus 911

cruiseplus 923

You got to love that Caribbean sunset.

   cruiseplus 915  cruiseplus 918 

cruiseplus 920cruiseplus 921

 cruiseplus 924

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  • Reply runningwithsass.com December 20, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Love the pics! I love seeing other ppl's vacation pics. The room looks cozy…but you have got to try a disney cruise. The rooms are huge and awesome!

  • Reply Lawgirl December 20, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    Absolutely beautiful! I've never been on a cruise before but hopefully someone will surprise me with one for law school graduation!

  • Reply amanda December 20, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    what fabulous pictures! seriouslyyyy. the bathroom is so teeny tiny-makes me giggle. however, the room itself is much bigger than i would have imagined on a cruise. so that's a plus.

    is that your purse on the desk? if so, i LOVE it. the size is fantastic!!

    also, you look stunning, girl!

  • Reply patty O December 27, 2010 at 12:20 am

    I've seen that stateroom before! How sweet of fiance to upgrade your picture window and have wine and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for you, He must love you bunches! You better be good to him! I only get chocolate covered strawberries on Valentines' Day! BOO HOO!

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