Facing the Dreadmill

I have been having issues working out in this weather. I know I recently shared some of my favorite at home winter workout tips, but this girl needs to RUN!

For me it’s so hard to get motivated when its so cold outside! I haven’t ran outside in a loooooong time!  I am not going to risk slipping on the ice and twisting an ankle, but I do miss pounding that pavement on Kelly Drive.

I wanted to share with you what I do on the treadmill when I REALLY don’t feel like working out at all but need to get my sweat on. Sometimes I have to bribe myself with watching reality television to get to the gym and on the treadmill. I start out slow and ease myself into the workout.


I always do a little warm-up with the elevation up to the max. At this point I keep the speed around the 3.5 mark and really get my heart rate up.


Then when I get bored of walking, I pick up the pace and take the elevation back down and do some speed intervals. Sometimes I like to really sprint just to see the mile markers tick on by on the screen.


It all depends on my mood, sometimes I really dread the treadmill but if a Teen Mom 2 or America’s Next Top Model marathon is on TV then I am good to go for a while! Yesterday I may have watched High School Musical 2 for an hour while walking/running – Don’t judge! At least I was running!


I really enjoy mixing up the walking/running and increasing the elevation on the treadmill whenever possible. Switching things up every so often keeps me on my toes and the different speeds/incline works out my body and gets my heart beating in different ways, which I enjoy.


What is your favorite way to motivate yourself on the dreadmill? Do you have a favorite show you watch or do you listen to a favorite playlist?

As much as I enjoy my reality TV time on the treadmill  I hope the snow melts soon!  I have to get my booty outside running again soon because I have the Cherry Blossom 10 miler quickly approaching!

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