Flat on the Floor

Jackson and I made it to Virginia safe and sound this morning!

It feels amazing to be home for a few days!


But as soon as I unpacked and took Jackson out for a little walk my mom and I were all business! We are in the wedding planning zone – whenever I call home now my mom or dad answer the phone “Wedding Planning Central!” – which I think is hilarious!

Anywho, my mom and I headed out for lunch and to set up shop at our neighborhood Whole Foods.


I got a glorious salad which rocked my world.


And my mom and I split a cupcake.


Because going over wedding check-lists is way more fun with a side of chocolate cupcake with pink icing and white chocolate shavings, wouldn’t you agree?


And then after my belly was full it was time to get down to business! My mom has piles and piles of paperwork from all our vendors regarding details and the planning of the wedding day.


We had loads of stuff to go over from the caterer, videographer, photographer, band and church – this is where all the planning really happens! We literally map out everything we want to do on May 21st and all our vendors make sure everything goes according to plan!

My mom and I made great progress today after 4 hours going over everything at Whole Foods! It’s always exciting to cross a few things off the list!


After a little Kombucha break it was time to go home and get ready to meet up with the Michel(l)e’s! (Two of my best friends are Michele and Michelle, both spelled differently – I love hanging out with them and calling them the Michel(l)e’s! )


I met the girls at Coastal Flats for some good food and some even better company! Coastal Flats is always a favorite place to eat at when I come home.

Operation Hot Bride was in full effect so I said NO to the bread basket!


And I said yes to the goat cheese and spices pecan salad. I get this bad boy EVERY TIME I eat here. I heart it.

DSC_2736 DSC_2737

With a side of the corn and crab soup.

DSC_2739 DSC_2741

I love these girls!


Off to enjoy the evening with my mom!

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