Got Green?

I make green monsters look good! 🙂


This morning I started off my day with my new standard green juice mix – kale, apples, celery, cucumber – all the good stuff you saw in my Juicing 101 video.


I enjoy drinking my green monsters, juices and smoothies out of big fun glasses – check out the size of the wine glass I used today – It’s almost as big as my Vita-Mix!


Mmm…frothy and glorious!

DSC_3258 DSC_3259DSC_3261

A few more size comparison pictures:

DSC_3265 DSC_3272

No better way to start the day than with a big ‘ol green drink! I am sure Kris Carr would agree!


I was inspired by my big green beverage so I decided to have a little photo shoot with it ( I really just wanted to prance around the apartment holding the big wine glass at 7 in the morning…I felt fancy.)


I think we should replace the ‘Got Milk?’ adds with ‘Got Green?’


Let’s face it, we all need some more green in our lives!


Wouldn’t you agree?


I am off to start my week with some kickboxing, yoga and work!

Happy Green Drinking!


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