Wish We Were Here: Sydney

This week’s Wish We Were Here Wednesday post shares with you some of my travels in Sydney, Australia.

When I think of Sydney, all I can see in my head is that gorgeous opera house!

It really is just as amazing in person as you see in pictures, the only thing is that when I did see it for the first time in person, it wasn’t as white as the pictures make it out to be!

The second biggest landmark in Sydney, Australia is the Harbor Bridge.

Going over this thing was pretty amazing. You see the city on one side and beaches on the other side. It’s insanely beautiful.

I love how the opera house peeks out from behind the bridge.

What do you think of my Sydney pictures?

My entire time studying abroad in Australia was like a dream. Every place I visited was my new favorite place to be. I feel blessed that I was able to stay in Sydney for my entire 9 months there. It was the central hub of Aussie life!

Another fun thing I did during my time there was go to my first Rugby match!

The Aussie’s sure do love their sport!

Did I mention the 6th Harry Potter book came out while I was abroad? The entire train stations in Sydney were decked out for the book release!

What is your favorite place you would like to travel to or that you have travelled to in the past?

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