Spiralized Zucchini Noodles

Tonight I made a fun little meal in honor of Foodbuzz and Newman’s Own! I posted about the new little toy they sent me which also came with some fun new Newman’s Own products as well. I was very excited to play with my flip!


I think I found my calling in life to be a movie star! 🙂


My goal tonight was to take a Newman’s Own product that was sent to me and make a quick and easy, simple healthy meal.


I let fiancé pick what he wanted me to use for dinner and he chose the Cabernet Marinara! Yum!


The star appliance of the show was my little spiralizer. I haven’t busted it out in a while so I figured using it in tonight’s video was the perfect way to bring it back into my blogging world.


Here is my little video blog (vlog) – Please enjoy!

The entire meal took under 10 minutes to create and it turned out very green! I managed to take some preparation photos before the vlog took place:


I heart my spiralizer and how pretty it makes the zucchini look.


And here is a little sneak peak of the final product.

DSC_3485 DSC_3487

I also paired the zucchini with some arugula (my favorite lettuce!) drizzled in a little bit of Newman’s Own Raspberry & Walnut Vinaigrette.

DSC_3455 DSC_3457

The stars of the show!


And in other news:


What is your favorite healthy meal you can make in under 10 minutes?

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