Oia, Greece

During our first full day in Santorini, we woke up to enjoy the amazing from our room.

honeymoon 3405 

As well as breakfast – delivered to our balcony everyday!

honeymoon 3408

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to walk up to this every morning?

honeymoon 3409 

As well as my favorite morning beverage – a Cafe Fredo!

honeymoon 3414 

The perfect way to start the day.

honeymoon 3416 

It was incredible just to sit on our balcony and take everything in. The hills just went straight down to the water.

honeymoon 5610  honeymoon 5612 

Our plans for our first full day were to relax and enjoy the day and then go exploring  Oia – the little white village on one end of the island – you can see it here in the distance!

honeymoon 5615 honeymoon 3420 

Directly across from our hotel – which was called Xenones Filotera, and I highly recommend it – is Therasia which is a smaller island formed after volcanic activity. 

honeymoon 3422

Pretty view.

honeymoon 3423 

For much of our time in Santorini we spent the early part of the day poolside.

honeymoon 3425 

Our hotel had everything we would ever need to it was hard to justify leaving such an awesome place.

honeymoon 3427 honeymoon 3429

But eventually curiosity got the better of us and we wanted to go explore the island for ourselves.

honeymoon 3430 

We ventured below the small town of Oia and got to see the view from the bottom of the island, looking up!

honeymoon 3432

It was a long way up!

honeymoon 3433 honeymoon 3434

We explored the little fishing village at the base of Oia

honeymoon 3435 honeymoon 3436  honeymoon 3438 honeymoon 3439


honeymoon 3440 honeymoon 3441

It was simply gorgeous!

honeymoon 3443  honeymoon 3445honeymoon 3455 

The terrain was a little questionable at times.

honeymoon 3461honeymoon 3464 honeymoon 3465

But we eventually found a little secluded beach.

honeymoon 3466 

The water was crystal clear.

honeymoon 3468 honeymoon 3469

I loved seeing the white houses lining the hills in the distance.

honeymoon 3471 

Sadly, we didn’t bring our bathing suits, so we enjoyed the water from afar.

honeymoon 3486 honeymoon 3493 honeymoon 3494 honeymoon 3498 

I had to get a little dancer action down by the rocks!

honeymoon 3504 honeymoon 3511

Check out the red rock!

honeymoon 3512 honeymoon 3513 honeymoon 3514 

Before we headed into check out the village of Oia, I had my eye set on visiting a winery on the island.

honeymoon 3517 

honeymoon 3519honeymoon 3524 

We stopped at Domaine Sigalas winery because it was highly recommended by our hotel.

honeymoon 3528 honeymoon 3529  honeymoon 3531

Can you spot Charles in this picture??

honeymoon 3535  honeymoon 3506 

The tasting area was located right in the vineyards and we were surrounded by vines.

honeymoon 3537

We decided to try out all the wines they had – When in Rome Santorini, right?

honeymoon 3545honeymoon 3538  honeymoon 3558  honeymoon 3561 honeymoon 3566 honeymoon 3569 honeymoon 3570 

It was a beautiful afternoon for some wine tasting!

honeymoon 3579 honeymoon 3586 

Oh wait! I forgot to mention how we got around the island – we rented a ATV for the entire time we were in Santorini. It was the perfect way to travel!

honeymoon 3593 

After tasting and purchasing some new favorite wine – we have honeymoon wine now! – We headed into Oia (pronounced Ee-Ah) to check out the village.

honeymoon 3594  honeymoon 3598honeymoon 5627 

Oia was incredible.

honeymoon 3607 

The little town was so quaint, the white houses were beautiful and the view was unlike any other.

honeymoon 3609 honeymoon 3610 honeymoon 3618  honeymoon 3622  honeymoon 3636

I did a little shopping during our time there – Oia had so many cute little shops!

honeymoon 3640  honeymoon 3648 

And we just explored the town, taking in the amazing view from every angle.

honeymoon 3650  honeymoon 3652  honeymoon 3655 honeymoon 3669 honeymoon 3678 honeymoon 3679 honeymoon 3681

This place looked like it was right out of a movie…or a dream.

honeymoon 3683  honeymoon 3685 

Just a few pictures from our time in Oia – Enjoy!

honeymoon 3687 honeymoon 3688 honeymoon 3689   honeymoon 3693  honeymoon 3697  honeymoon 3702  honeymoon 3705 honeymoon 3707 honeymoon 3721  honeymoon 3729   honeymoon 3738  honeymoon 3744honeymoon 3751  honeymoon 3753

As the sun began to sink in the sky we made our way back to the hotel.

honeymoon 3757

We knew the sunsets in Oia are supposed to be the best in the world, but we decided to enjoy it that night from the comfort of our little balcony.

honeymoon 3763 honeymoon 3764

I think I fall more in love with the little island of Santorini just reliving this post with you!

honeymoon 3765

Stay tuned for some more of our fun in Santorini!

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  • Reply Kelley July 14, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Your blue and white outfit matches Santorini Perfectly!

  • Reply Michael J July 14, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Beautiful pictures. A place we would like to visit.
    Love the blue doors and the crystal clear water.

  • Reply Patty O July 14, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    Ditto from above – those red rocks were totallt amazing – Love the blue sky against all those white buildings – a must see for me!

  • Reply John Crapster July 14, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    I’m sure that you and Charles had a wonderful
    time on your honeymoon. You both are so
    great together!

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