Rick’s Cafe – Negril, Jamaica

I know I shared with you some scenes from our Jamaican vacation but I wanted to go into a little more detail on one of our favorite days during our trip.

The majority of the time in Jamaica we spent our days lounging on the beach. One day we decided to hop on a catamaran and take a little tour up towards the West End of the island.

Along the way we pasted a spot of land where we were told Gilligan’s Island was partially filmed here. Cool!

Jamaica2012 021 

The boat ride was simply beautiful – it turns out it was the perfect time to hop on a boat because we ended up missing a rain storm at our resort during the time we were gone.

Jamaica2012 027

The first part of the tour took us over to the famous 7 Mile beach, which was just around the corner from where we stayed in Bloody Bay.

Jamaica2012 026 

We hopped off the boat and took a little pit stop at The Boardwalk Village.

Jamaica2012 028

7 Mile Beach was a lot quieter than I expected it to be. Maybe we just visited it on an off day, but it was a very nice beach!

Jamaica2012 029  

After our little pit stop along 7 Mile Beach we headed off to our next destination.

Jamaica2012 032 Jamaica2012 033   Jamaica2012 036 

It was really cool to check out the West End of the island. Here there are no beaches, just cliffs that come to and end and there is the Ocean. It was really beautiful & different. I contemplated staying around here but Charles wanted a beach, maybe next time we will try it out!

Jamaica2012 040 

Our next stop along the tour was Pirates Cave for some snorkeling.

Jamaica2012 043  

I have never gone snorkeling in caves before so this was something new for me.

Jamaica2012 046

The water was warm & crystal clear. The snorkeling was nice but once you have been to the Great Barrier Reef, nothing else really measures up.

Jamaica2012 047 

After a little swim with the fish we took a drive by the Rose Hall lighthouse before reaching our final destination.

Jamaica2012 050 

Rick’s Cafe was a spot Charles and I knew we wanted to hit up when we first made our Jamaican plans.

Jamaica2012 051Jamaica2012 054 

Rick’s Cafe is home to beautiful cliffs, wonderful sunsets, a bar overlooking the ocean..

Jamaica2012 060Jamaica2012 065

and cliff diving!

Jamaica2012 055 Jamaica2012 056Jamaica2012 057

The professionals are there all day to jump off the cliffs and put on a show for the tourists stopping by. These young men are hardcore – they even climb back up the cliffs after jumping with their bare hands!

  Jamaica2012 059 

Charles and I spent the afternoon enjoying the views

Jamaica2012 062Jamaica2012 061 

and watching the crazy people jump off cliffs!

Jamaica2012 066

Word on the street is when you visit Rick’s Cafe you simply MUST have Sex with Rick – the drink!

Jamaica2012 067 

So I did! It was yummy.

Jamaica2012 071

There were a few different cliff jumping options – a baby jump from 8 feet,  a medium jump from 27 feet, and the popular 40 foot  jump which is the top of the cliff.

Jamaica2012 072 

If that isn’t enough, the pro’s also jump from the billboard, in the middle of the picture below as well as the makeshift platform in the top left corner.

Jamaica2012 073  

While we were there we got to see someone jump off the highest platform.

Jamaica2012 076

Pretty crazy – I may have watched him with one eye open.

Jamaica2012 077 Jamaica2012 081

But he jumped beautifully.

 Jamaica2012 082  

Charles was inspired by the divers and took a little dive himself. I was impressed with his awesome form.

Jamaica2012 088 

Pretty hardcore, right?

Jamaica2012 090 

I watched some kids do a little jumping of their own.

Jamaica2012 092

I REALLY wanted to jump myself, but I am pretty afraid of heights. I tried to work up the nerve to jump a few times but I just couldn’t do it.

Wah Wah.

Jamaica2012 093 

Charles was the brave one on the Jamaican cliffs. I was pretty impressed with his skills.

Jamaica2012 095 

We had a blast at Rick’s – I took a pretty sweet video of the cliff divers putting on a show, I’ll post that later in the week!

Jamaica2012 052

When our time at Rick’s had come to an end we boarded our ship and set sail back to the resort.

Jamaica2012 063

Another magical day in Jamaica!

Jamaica2012 097

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  • Reply Sana May 6, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    Woahh! How cool, I would be too terrified to dive as well!

  • Reply Patty O May 7, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    Rick’s looks fabulous and I sure am impressed by the “Diving Charles!” Did that hurt his belly – looked like a flop to me… What a fun place, I want to go!

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