Tiger Hill & Suzhou, China

Next up on our travels in China was a little trip out of Shanghai to Suzhou. 

Suzhou is a little town outside of Shanghai – and by little town, I mean a major city of a few million people! 

DSC 0306

 We started our tour of Suzhou by visiting Tiger Hill. 

DSC 0310

Tiger Hill is home to Yunyan Pagoda, also known as the Leaning Pagoda, which stands on top of Tiger Hill. 

DSC 0318

This 1000 year old pagoda has become a symbol of Suzhou. 

DSC 0328

Fun Fact: it is taller than & predates the Leaning Tower of Pisa 

DSC 0345DSC 0341

During our time in Suzhou we took some time to explore the beautiful scenery surrounding Tiger Hill. 

DSC 0335

IMG 0140

We also made our way to one of the nearby water towns – these canals throughout the city have given Suzhou the nickname “The Venice of the East.”

DSC 0360

DSC 0373

 Taking a little boat ride along the canal was a must, we got a chance to see the town from a different view.  

DSC 0386

DSC 0388

 We really enjoyed our time outside Shanghai exploring Suzhou – it was great to experience a city of China with a population of less than 10 million! 

DSC 0390

Stay tuned for more China fun! 

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  • Reply Patty O October 26, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    What an amazing quaint little place! The canals and bridges reminded me of Brugge in Belgium. Loved the pagoda!

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