Sausage, Brussels Sprouts & Cheese

sausage, brussels sprouts and cheese

Today I made an old favorite new again.

Sausage, Brussels Sprouts & Cheese is back on the blog again – the last time this little number made an appearance was a little over a year ago {in the same bowl!}. I was inspired when Tina made it the other day & had been craving it ever since!

brussels sprouts3 ingredients

I love this recipe for many reasons:

1) It only calls for 3 simple ingredients

2) The meal is made in 3 easy steps

3) It’s super delicious!

3 easy steps

How To: Sausage, Brussels Sprouts & Cheese:

1) Heat up a little oil on a pan – I then started off by using 1 and 1/2 links of Trader Joe’s spicy jalapeño chicken sausage – heat that up for a few minutes until they are a little dark around the edges

2) Toss in about 10 oz. of Brussels Sprouts – I used a bag from TJ’s which was already pre-shaved {I usually shave them myself in my food processor, but they were all out, so I had to get the pre-cut ones!} Leave the brussels sprouts to cook for about 5-7 minutes. I added in a bit of garlic salt & pepper for a little extra kick as well.

3) Once the sprouts & sausage are heated up – transfer the mixture to a bowl. Then I added in 4 little wedges of laughing cow garlic & herb cheese – the heat from the sprouts & sausage melted the cheese down into the perfect cheesy mixture.

Serve & Enjoy!


I am pretty sure I could eat this everyday. It’s pure perfection in a bowl.

For the cheese lovers – 4 wedges makes the dish pretty cheesy {i liked it} but if you want it a little less cheesy, 3 wedges would be great too! The cheese really brings everything together in this bowl.

brussels sprouts and sausage

What’s the best thing you’ve ever created with brussels sprouts?

bowl of brussels sprouts

Oh, and let’s not forget to give a little shout out to my sous chef, Jackson.

sous chef

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  • Reply Patty O March 19, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Looks delish and super easy – thanks for sharing! Kudos to your sous chef, Jackson – miss that little boy!

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