Back on my Feet 5 Miler in Philly – Running Two Months Postpartum

As you may have seen on Instagram over the weekend, I ran my first race post baby! A few weeks ago I blogged about the Back on my Feet 5 Miler race, I even gave away an entry to the race – well the lovely folks at BOMF {Back on my Feet} gave me a complimentary entry to the race as well!

pre race with babe

Having an 8 week old, I wasn’t able to actually commit to running the race, but last week I decided to go & pick up the bib and see if I could sneak away for a bit on Saturday.

neon green

Brooks & I had a good night on Friday and I was able to get all my gear together, leave the baby with Charles and head over to the Start line bright and early on Saturday morning. After just giving birth exactly two months ago and only being cleared for exercise two weeks ago, I had zero expectations for how the race was going to go for me. I had been doing lots {and lots!} of walking to keep moving but haven’t had any time to really do any running – so my plan was to just get out there {which was a win in itself!} and do whatever I could do and that would be good enough for me!

BOMF Start Line

It was so fun to be a part of a race day morning again for me – the last race I ran was a little less than a year ago,  the Broad Street 10 Miler – so it seemed like forever since I had laced up to cross that start line. I was pretty anxious to get going!

{I wore my Chicago Marathon hat for good luck!}

ready to run

I initially planned on doing a {slow} run/walk/jog throughout the race and I really focused on stretching a ton the day before as well as before the race began – I knew this was going to be a bit of a shock to my system, but I was so excited to be out there really moving again!


I was also excited to test out my new Puma Faas 300 v3 women’s running shoes – the lovely folks at Puma sent me a pair to test out & review {and a pair to giveaway too!} – stay tuned for that coming later this week!


So back to the race – before I knew it, they blew the whistle and we were off!

MLK Drive

It felt a little crazy at first to be really running again, but it was a good kind of crazy. I had to really focus and keep myself in check to not go out too fast and to take it easy.


The first mile came and went pretty quickly and I was able to run/jog the whole thing, which I was pretty proud of myself for. I forced myself to take walking breaks after that because even though I was feeling good, I didn’t want to injure myself. Mile 2 came with a fun little set of hills, so that made taking it easy a bit easier!

mile2fairmount parkhalfway there

I called Charles when I was halfway through the race to let him know where I was {and that I was still alive!} because he planned to meet me at the finish line with Brooks. I think he was a little surprised to hear from me as early as he did!

turnaround point

After I made it past the halfway mark, I knew that I was going to make it and I was feeling great! I was very familiar with the course along MLK Drive & the Schuylkill River so I think that helped me as well. When I hit the turnaround point & saw the city in the horizon, I was pumped to keep moving until I crossed that finish line. At this point it also started raining – the rain held off all morning and I really want to finish before it got worse, so that motivated me to pick up the pace a bit too.

last mile city view

Still smiling after 4 miles!

still smiling

And then before I knew it, I was crossing the finish line and I had completed my first race two months postpartum!


Here’s my time broken down by mile:

  • Mile 1 – 10:48
  • Mile 2 – 11:40
  • Mile 3 – 11:06
  • Mile 4 – 11:03
  • Mile 5 – 10:06

Unofficial result – 5 Miles – 54:46

11:02 min./miles average

Nowhere near my 5 mile race PR {where I got 5th place!} but I had a secret goal of finishing under an hour, which is more than I could have ever hoped for so I am very happy about that!

baby love

I think having my own little cheering section waiting for me a the finish line was all the extra motivation I could have ever needed to complete this race with a huge smile! It felt amazing to get out there and run  and I am proud of myself for running this race only 8 weeks after giving birth.

finisher babepost run latte

Thanks to BOMF for an awesome 5 miler race experience!

thanks bomb


What are your current fitness goals?

Pre-baby / Post-baby or in general? Please share!


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  • Reply Olivia March 31, 2014 at 11:15 am

    Go, mama! You’re awesome!!

  • Reply Krissie J @ Philly Nerd Girl March 31, 2014 at 11:21 am

    Congrats on your time, lady!! You rock!

    I absolutely loved that race and cannot wait to go back again next year. 🙂 I’m hoping I can come close to my avg pace on the 5 miler for the BSR, we’ll see!

  • Reply Haley March 31, 2014 at 11:44 am

    Congrats on such an awesome postpartum race! Motherhood seems to be suiting you well!! 🙂

  • Reply Noelle (@singerinkitchen) March 31, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    Congrats! Looks like you had an awesome time.

  • Reply Amber March 31, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    Way to rock out the 5-miler this weekend! Wow!

    I have been following your blog since early December as I was searching for pregnancy blogs to read and came accross yours. I am currently pregnant and due in July and have really, really enjoyed reading your pregnancy posts leading up to your delivery, your delivery, and the posts afterwards. I myself am a running enthusist, but my husband and my’s real passion is triathlon. So its been a lot of fun reading what you have done for workouts during and after pregnancy. Just thought I would share that I love reading your blog updates and I have tried some of your favorite things during pregnancy and found that they have worked for me too.

    Again way to go with the 5-miler, that is pretty incredible 8 weeks postpardum.

  • Reply Amy @ {Life to the Full} March 31, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    Great job in your first race back! Your little guy’s hat is SO cute 🙂 And that latte/cappuccino drink looks delicious right now…

    My husband and I are TTC baby #2 and my current fitness goal is to run a half marathon in May and to maintain overall fitness to prepare for a future pregnancy, Lord-willing! (and to wean baby #1… someday)

    With my first baby, I was really adamant about signing up for a race postpartum to keep me motivated. My first post-baby race was a full marathon 7-months postpartum and the most rewarding part was hugging my little man at the finish line!

  • Reply Annette@FitnessPerks March 31, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    Way to go! Such a great accomplishment! That pic with him and your race bib/belt is SO precious! you must frame that 🙂

    I got back to teaching fitness classes pretty soon after having little L (3.5 weeks), but I was doing it up until I had her, so it wasn’t too bad or hard. Running was def different though! hah!

  • Reply Patty O March 31, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    I am so proud of you for finishing this first race postpartum – you are a rock!
    You had the right attitude of doing your best and your best was awesome! You look amazing too! XOXO

  • Reply Patty O March 31, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    P.S. Love that little man at the finish line too!

  • Reply Ashley @ Running Bun March 31, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    CONGRATS! My daughter is 11 days today 🙂 I CANNOT wait to get back on the road! My first race is exactly 2 months after birth as well! It’s weird to be so nervous to get back to something I used to consider so natural!

  • Reply Kelley March 31, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    Congrats! It’s important for us mamas to keep ourselves healthy and happy. You have a great balance. =)

  • Reply Melody April 2, 2014 at 11:03 am

    I’ve been reading off and on since before we were both moms – and now it’s fun to see that we are both moms 🙂

    Congrats on the little guy, he’s so cute. I had a little guy too and he’s 5 months old.

    I’m running Rock n Roll San Fran (half) this weekend and it’s funny how different running is after having a baby. Definitely doesn’t feel the same but I’m thankful I’m able to run.

    Congrats on a great race!

  • Reply Heidi @ Idlehide April 3, 2014 at 7:32 am

    Amazing job! 8 miles, I am still only at 5km since giving Birth to Tate.
    Do you have any other races planned in the near future?
    P.S.I was going to tell you that I have a giveaway on my blog for natural baby skin care, I thought you may be interested for Brookes:)

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