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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox.


As a new mom to a two month old, I think it goes without saying that things have gotten a little messy. Between the dirty diapers, the constant spit up and the never-ending laundry – I’ve been on a bit of a cleaning spree!

For me, one of the most important things I’ve been worrying about since bringing Brooks home from the hospital is keeping the house as clean as possible so anyone that touches anything and then touches my baby wouldn’t put him at risk to get sick. The weeks leading up to my due date {and then the week after, while we waited} were spent cleaning the house from top to bottom – with the help of my mom, we wanted everything to be spick and span for Baby B!


Since coming home with Brooks, I’ve been doing my best {the best I can do with an two month old!} to really keep the surface areas in the house clean – and making sure that everyone who comes in contact with Brooks is constantly washing their hands! But I’ve learned there are lots of different ways to clean different things, all the while making sure everything is always safe for the babe.

Aside from keeping everyone clean, I’ve been doing my best to learn the best ways to care for & clean any and everything baby! I’ve found that Clorox has an great web page dedicated to showing how to keep your little one’s space spotless – it features the best ways to keep the changing table, feeding items and toys safe for baby.


Being a new mom to a little boy, I think our ickiest moments together have been when I can’t get to the Pee pee Teepee fast enough & Brooks takes the opportunity to pee all over himself {straight in the face!}, all over the wall behind him and our comforter as well. The boy has some serious force when it comes to peeing!  The best part about this is he finds it hilarious & laughs & smiles immediately after. Needless to say a bath, laundry & some scrubbing down the wall follow immediately after! I do love the icky moments that come along with having a happy & healthy baby, I just sometimes wish the messes would clean themselves!


For more Icky moments – don’t forget to check out the Clorox Ick Awards Twitter Event on April 9 from 6-10 p.m. ET, during which Clorox will be giving away $2,500 in prizes! The famed Chicago improv troupe The Second City Communications will be featuring real-time comedy inspired by your real-life moments! They will be turning tweets into #ickies video skits throughout the awards show. You can help pick the winners by voting for your favorites.

 For more information about the upcoming event,  follow @Clorox on Twitter and share your own “icky moment” using the hashtag #ickies to be entered to win.


What’s your ickiest moment as a new mom? Please share!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox.

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  • Reply Patty O April 6, 2014 at 9:53 pm

    I’ve always found that Clorox products are fantastic at cleaning up any icky moment that may come up, from Icky bathrooms to Icky Kitchens and keeping your house, car, etc. sparkling clean! I’m a believer!

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