Brooks’ Favorite Things: Six Months Old

We are 6 and 1/2 months in so I thought it was time to share with you another peek into what Brooks is currently loving at 6 months old.

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Brooks is more alert and more aware of his surroundings each day it seems. He loves to explore and his MOST favorite thing is being outside, listening to the sounds and taking in the sights. When he’s not lounging in his stroller on a walk, or being worn in his carrier – you can most likely find him rolling around playing with one of these things. Check it out:

6 month favorites

1- You know my elephant obsession…with this squeeze and teether the obsession continues. Brooks loves chewing on the ears and I love it because it’s another elephant to add to the collection!

2- The Jolly Jumper is one of my favorite things to put Brooks in and watch him play. This was passed down to us from a neighbor and he is obsessed with it – he jumps around like a crazy person! It’s perfect in our house because we don’t have any doorways to clip a swing in on our first two levels, plus this folds up flat and is easy to store!

3-The Starry Night – it’s a 3 in 1 mobile, night light and soother that we use ever night & every day for naps. I put on the lullaby tunes {there are 2 other tune options} and I can instantly see his eyes begin to get heavy – it’s awesome. We pretty much use it exclusively at this point as a soother, but it also lights up the ceiling with stars OR can be turned into a mobile. I did a review on this a few months before the baby & I’m so happy we have gotten such good used out of it! We even took this with us to the shore two weeks ago!

4- Brooks LOVES music. It calms him & I swear he could listen to it all day long. This Aquarium Soother was passed along to us from a neighbor & it’s a godsend. We put him to bed with the Starry Night {shown above} playing lullaby’s & then if he wakes up early he has figured out to hit the starfish on the aquarium, which is attached to the side of his crib, and it lights up and plays music for a few minutes {sometimes putting him back to sleep even} or it just entertains him. You can program it to light up or just play music. He loves turning it on and off by himself – love this thing, it definitely buys me some extra Zzz’s in the morning!

5- Since Brooks is newly mobile {WHAT?!} I thought it was time to get some foam play mats for the floor. My neighbor passed this one along to me & I love that we can easily wipe it down & roll it up so it’s not always in the way. It also has a fun street design on one side {which I know Brooks will love to play cars on eventually} and ABC’s on the other side – so we can change it up.

6- The other day I got this Twisty Teether Ball for Brooks at the store and he really enjoys it. The nubs have different textures {20 to be exact!} so they provide different sensations for him as he gnaws away at it. It also makes a cool sound when you twist it, which Brooks also seems to enjoy.

7- I recently picked up this silicone teether with bristles and Brooks seems to really like it too. It’s a great size for him and designed with baby’s front teeth in mind, which is what he’s currently dealing with {#teethingsucks}. Plus it comes with a nice little protective case which is great to throw in the diaper bag.

8- These mesh feeders are amazing – I used them the first few months of summer with ice in them as a cool treat on a hot day for Brooks. Now I’m adding smaller food items, he might otherwise choke on, but he can still {safely} get a taste – puts my mind a little more at ease so they are totally worth it!

9- Follow Me Fred was another item I got to review pre-baby and we are finally at the perfect age where Brooks can play with it. He simply taps it and the dog motors along {slowly}, barking and playing music. Brooks loves to chase after it, & I think Jackson enjoys watching it all {from the comfort of the top of the couch.


What’s your little one currently loving?


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  • Reply Patty O September 7, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    Love that doggie – he’s fun!

  • Reply Nikki December 21, 2014 at 9:16 am

    My boy is 6 months now. I love looking back on your posts.

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