Eight Months with Brooks


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8 months

Growth – I have no idea how much Brooks has grown but it feels like he has been packing on the pounds! He has definitely been filling out and feels much heavier. Everyone who holds him comments that he is a big boy and while we haven’t weighed him since his 6 month appointment {which was 2 months ago!} – his next appointment is at 9 months so we will have to wait another 4 weeks to find out! He’s been busy growing for sure these past few weeks!


Feeding – We are still nursing over here & going pretty strong. I had my first weekend away from the little man and I left my parents with buckets of milk and while I was gone I pumped more buckets of milk but everything is still going along fine. I have had some pain still from last month when I had to exclusively pump for a few days but I’ve been powering through. I feel “lighter” and like I’m not getting as full but we are still at 5 feedings a day with food in between so it feels like we are in a good place as we move towards the transition to more real eating.

all the corn

Baby Led Weaning – Over the past 2 weeks this has picked up considerably and Brooks is eating like a champ. He pretty much eats anything and everything, it’s been nuts -> he’s eating 3 meals a day! It feels like a lot to me, and maybe it is, but he apparently is a hungry little guy! I have been trying my best to feed him what we are eating , because that makes everything so much easier, but sometimes he gets his own little meal. He is obsessed with applesauce and anything laced with applesauce he can’t get enough of. He also loves gnawing on summer corn!

on the cob

Since he has been eating more the BLW route has been a little hard because if we spoon feed him whatever we are eating, he gets more of it than he would if he were to grab it, especially if it’s more liquid/saucy – so we have been helping him a bit, but still giving him chunks of food he can grab as well. He gets pissed and growls when he sees food and you aren’t giving it to him fast enough, it’s hilarious! He is a good eater and I’m happy about that, but incorporating food for the little one is another big job that keeps me busy!


Sleeping – This hasn’t been a great month for sleeping. Not sure what the deal is but he was having a rough time napping in the beginning of the month and now the last 2 weeks he’s been getting up at 3/4am FOR THE DAY! Not hungry, not in pain, just up & ready to party. A few days I’ve been able to get him back to sleep for a bit & other days {like last night!} he wants to go back to bed, but only if I hold him. It’s been a little rough {for me!} and inconsistent. I know this little blimp will be over soon and he will be back to his regular schedule, but it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are in the middle of it.


Naps – We are still enjoying 2 naps a day over here {randomly 3 naps when he gets up at 3am!} I love when B naps because its my time to get things done {or try to nap myself, which rarely happens – I wish I could nap!} but he still naps for random & inconsistent times. Sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 2 hours. it’s hard to plan to do anything during the day or during the nap. He usually goes down between 9/10 for his morning nap and around 1/2 for his pm nap – I try to keep the am nap more consistent to make sure he gets something in.


Clothes – Just went through Brooks’ closet last week & packed up all the 3-6 month stuff. There are a few 6 month items that still work and I’m trying to make sure he wears it while he can – but he’s mainly in 6-12/12 month clothes now. When I was home in VA last week my mom & I went shopping & stocked up Brooks’ closet for the Fall/Winter months, because he had no PJs that fit him! Shopping for my little man is the most fun!


Jackson & Brooks – Jackson is all about Brooks but only during mealtime. Whenever Brooks eats, Jackson is right underneath his high chair, waiting patiently. Other than that, Jackson steers clear of Brooks for the most part still, but Brooks finds Jackson hilarious and clearly loves him. Now that Brooks is scooting around in a walker that we borrowed from a neighbor, he is following Jackson around all day – J doesn’t know what to do! It’s funny to watch and hopefully he will come around to Brooks sooner than later.


Loves – This month Brooks learned to pull up! He has also perfected crawling and can easily push to sit up, but he doesn’t stay still for very long – he’s always on the go! He also has been working on climbing the stairs {trouble!} -> he can already make it up two!


Loves {cont’d} – We also started a baby music class at Nest Philly the month – little man loves it! He loves music and playing with other babies {basically crawling around or watching other little kids} He’s a social little guy and it’s fun to watch him make friends.


Loves {cont’d} – Brooks is still obsessed with his toes too {as am I!} I wonder how long he will be able to do this?


Highlights – This month Brooks attended the Kennet Square Mushroom Festival, had his 7/8 month photo shoot, went to his second cousin’s first birthday party {which happened to be his first birthday party!} and he had his first overnight with his grandparents. We also have 2 bottom teeth that have {just about} fully come through. He’s been drooling a lot lately but I don’t see any others coming in a the moment, but I’m sure they will be making their presence known soon.



pumpkin facetime cartover it

It’s been another awesome month! I can’t wait to see what the rest of his first year has in store for us!

reunited mirror blurry smile bubbles cheeks tunnel reading smile play miller time love
grandma swing silly

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  • Reply Patty O October 2, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Loved your recap of my Sweet Angel Brooks! I can’t believe Brooks is already 8 months old, but have loved every second I’ve spent with him! He’s such a special little one…

  • Reply Krista October 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    What a cutie! He’s much more advanced than my 8-month-old… My little girl has also been getting up early, in the 5-o’clock hour. It’s so frustrating, as I have a 2-year-old to chase also! I read somewhere that this can happen if they’re cold (especially feet), and/or if their first nap is too early in the day (9 or later is ideal). My problem is getting her to 9 after she wakes at 5… Good luck! Like you said, it won’t last forever!

  • Reply Jayme October 3, 2014 at 11:40 pm

    Oh my gosh, my little one is around the same as yours & have so many similar experiences, especially with the dog! Owen loves our dog Chloe but she only likes him during mealtimes!

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