Eleven Months With Brooks

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This past month was a crazy one! It’ was Brooks’ first Christmas season & the holidays were in full force – we did pretty much everything we could to make the season a little extra special for our little family. As I’ve said before, the holiday is way more fun with a little one to share it with! party

Growth – Brooks had his second round of the flu shot right after I did his 10 Month post, but when we went in for the second shot, which he was a pro at, I might add – I asked them to weigh him again and he’s still hanging out at 20 lbs – which is what he weighed at his 9 month checkup. The doctor wasn’t concerned at all, I’m pretty sure this has everything to do with the fact that he is crawling & climbing and moving around like a crazy little person all day. I will say they he feels so much heavier than 20 pounds – and again that weigh in was a month ago so I’m sure he’s packed on a pound or two since then!

I also feel he’s gotten really tall! His pants are looking a little shorter – he’s totally growing! He seems more and more like a little boy and less like a baby everyday!

babe and mama

Nursing  – I am sad to say it, but I’m going to be honest here – I’m sort of over nursing. The nipple ointment I had been given a few months ago that worked like a charm initially has been wearing off & I am in serious pain every time on the left side. It’s awful. So I am making plans in the next week or two to start using up my freezer stash day by day and incorporate a little whole milk here and there – all of this has been run by my doctor, don’t worry. I’m going to do a separate post on nursing & weaning & life – stay tuned. eats

Feeding – In other nursing news, Brooks has been on a pretty solid feeding schedule the past few months. He wakes up, nurses – has breakfast around 7/7:30, nurses again around 10:30/11, eats lunch around noon, nurses around 3:30, snack around 4:30, diner around 5:30 and nurse before bed. So it’s been consistently 4 nursing times a day – which doesn’t sound like much but Brooks is quick and efficient, always has been.


Baby Led Weaning – The BLW area of life has been going pretty good. Every day is so different with Brooks and with food. Something he liked yesterday, he doesn’t like today. It’s frustrating but definitely keeps me on my toes and everyday I try to offer him new things. He’s usually pretty good about eating on his own with his hands, but other days he just wants to be spoon fed baby food – I think it may have to do a lot with when he’s teething – more on that below.

Brooks is really into carbs – specifically Naan bread, mini waffles, Mum-Mums, tater tots & fries. I try to offer up fruits and vegetables everyday but everything usually ends up on the floor for Jackson, unless it’s blended. Maybe once he has more teeth he will be more into all that?


Teething – This past month was a rough on with teething. During the holiday two weeks Brooks had his two front teeth cut through and it was a lot of constant wake-ups throughout the nights. So at the moment he has 4 teeth – his two front and his two bottom. Baby Orajel has been a lifesaver for us along with this Soft Silicone Teether – all necessary for teething little ones! I’m hoping the next ones that come through don’t bother him as much!


Sleeping – Aside from two weeks of traveling all over with the holidays & a teething baby who’s schedule is messed up and teeth are cutting through, I’d say we survived the month pretty nicely. For a while Brooks was still getting up, for the day, at 5:30 am -> he still goes down around 7:00pm but I’ve found that if he gets up at 5:30, if I bring him into bed with me to nurse & cuddle he usually goes back down for another hour or so. I did that last week & this week he’s been sleeping in until 6:30am! Woohoo! I’ve also found that starting his bedtime routine – bath & stories & nurse – at 6:30 & making sure he’s ready to go down before 7:00pm has been a better sleep time for him as well. Crossing my fingers it stays this way for a while!


Naps – We travelled all over from NJ to VA over the holidays and this totally messed with Brooks’ nap & sleeping schedule. But I have been doing my best to keep him on track as much as possible & it just shows how much a good schedule can help a little babe. Even if B is playing & hyper & ready to go – if I start rocking him around his nap time, he’s usually out within minutes. When he wakes up around 6:30 am he naps at 9:00 am – for about an hour and 1:30pm – for usually an hour and a half or so. I’m looking forward to his transition to one nap a day, but I’m not sure when that will be, because usually he hits his first nap of the day pretty easily & consistently.

little dude

Clothes – Not much to report here. He still fits in everything 12 month comfortably, but I’ve been sneaking in a few 12-18 month clothes here and there too to change up the wardrobe a bit. During the holiday sales I got a little crazy & bought a few sale items for next winter/fall – I’m sure now that I wrote that he’s going to have a crazy growth spurt & not be able to fit into any of it, but he’s been pretty consistent with his sizes this past year. Fingers crossed he gets to wear it all!

46 weeks

Jackson & Brooks – Not much else new to report here either. Jackson still only pays attention to Brooks when he is eating, and then he doesn’t leave his side. Other than that Jackson still sort of ignores Brooks -> but Brooks loves to crawl around and chase Jackson around the house. The dog usually heads for higher ground. It’s going to be interesting once Brooks starts walking!


Loves – I feel like I’m going to say this every month but Brooks is at such a fun age. Everything is awesome, everything is new and he’s just a little sponge that soaks everything up. He loves imitating noises and sounds – he’s trying to talk a little bit. He says a few things – mama, dada, baa {which I think it ball?} he’s said daa {maybe dog?} I try to say the alphabet & pronounce everything over and over again for him so he gets used to new sounds.


Loves {cont’d} – Brooks loves crawling & being able to go & do what he wants. He loves pulling up, standing & cruising the furniture. I’m happy to report he loves bath time again {thank goodness } and he still loves being in his stroller
and people watching, so it’s fun to take him out and about when it’s not too cold. He’s also still obsessed with this wubbanub – like it’s his most favorite thing, ever.


Highlights – The best parts of this past month would have to be anything & everything holiday! We took Brooks to New York City for the day {to see Santa}, enjoyed Zoo Noel, hit up Longwood Gardens holiday display, I shared our Holiday Home, Brooks’ {handmade} Christmas gift for the family and of course Baby’s First Christmas.

new year brooks

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the past month:

family jimmiesbmwflying babe family santakiss besties46 on the movelittle man carttoesone yearmusic monkeykiss123 melt rudolph tree love celebratebabyschoice treepeace out

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  • Reply Nicole B January 6, 2015 at 9:44 am

    He’s getting so big! Thanks for your honesty about nursing. I’m feeling the same way and we’re only 8 months. Sometimes, you just want to be over it and then other times you love it!

  • Reply Tara January 6, 2015 at 10:56 am

    It’s amazing how much your little one has grown! Thanks for sharing all your insight! It was by chance I stumbled across your blog a few months ago & I LOVE reading your posts! I’m located north of the Philly area and have a little one who is turning 11 months this week, so it’s nice to get local mom’s perspective on parenting and life in general! 🙂

  • Reply Jayme January 6, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    It’s really nice to hear that I’m not the only one who is (kind of) over this whole nursing thing! For awhile there, I was wanting to be one of those people who goes to 18 months or longer..but now that LO is 11 months, he’s too busy and it’s kind of hurting :-/ I can’t wait to see that blog post since I’m lost about how we’re going to do it. Also, love the last picture! Brooks is on the move!!

  • Reply Patty O January 6, 2015 at 7:51 pm

    Grammy has had such a fun month with Brooks – love that little man to the moon and back! Also, kudos to mom for hanging in there on nursing for a year!

  • Reply Lindsay January 6, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    Love this post – I can’t wait to be doing posts like this after I have my baby!

  • Reply Krista January 8, 2015 at 7:56 am

    I have an 11-month-old, too, and she’s pretty much on the same schedule as Brooks for breastfeeding and food! I’m also thinking about weaning. I think I’m going to go slowly, as I’ve heard doing it cold turkey can really mess with your hormones. Hopefully it goes well for you guys! I would say don’t worry about going to two naps too early- it’s a hard transition. It took my son about two or three months before he started taking one good long nap a day (20-21 months).

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