12 Months with Brooks

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I’m so happy I took a photo of my little man on his chair with the blocks for the past 52 weeks, I love being able to look back at how much he’s changed!

48 - 52

Growth – Brooks tipped the scale during his one year appointment weighing in at 21 lb. 11.6 oz / He is 30.25 inches long and his head is 18.25 inches – he’s in the 50th percentile for everything just as hehas been the whole year! Just shy of 22 pounds doesn’t sound like much but man he is heavy!


Nursing  – I gave everyone a update on our weaning at one plan a few weeks ago, so check out that post if you need to catch up, but so far everything is still hanging out at 2 nursing sessions a day – one first thing in the morning and one at night. I will be traveling for a week at the end of the month and my parents will be watching Brooks so I’m trying to focus on that transition, which I believe will end our nursing experience. I’m torn about dropping the sessions while it’s still the dead of winter & it’s cold/flu season. But I want him to be prepared when I’m away. I’m also debating a hand pump to take with me on my trip. Decisions, decisions.climb

Feeding – Since we’ve cut down on nursing sessions, I’ve been trying to focus on giving Brooks different real food options each day. His appetite seems to change so much on a daily {even hourly!} basis!

Baby Led Weaning – The BLW area is slowly but surely improving these last few days. Not sure if it’s the less nursing which is making him hungrier for real food, or if he’s just hungrier because he’s more active! The first few weeks of this past month were rough with him only eating baby food & purees but these last few weeks he’s been eating just about everything I put in front of him – and this last week I can’t get that food in front of him fast enough!

black and whiteTeething – Brooks still only has 4 real teeth – his bottom two teeth are all the way through but his top two teeth still seem to be making their way down a bit. I don’t see any others coming through but he seems to be drooling a lot and for a while there he only really wanted mushy things to eat. It’s funny to see him smile now and have his teeth showing!

Sleeping – This has been a real rough month with sleeping. Brooks never really got back into his schedule from the holiday craziness before we left for Naples and down there with a new environment he didn’t sleep well at all. It’s been tough. Not sure if he’s been going through a growth spurt or what – we still put him down everything at 7pm and by that time he’s begging for sleep & exhausted from the day. But he gets up so damn early – there were lots of 4 am wake up calls where he gets up FOR THE DAY. Not good. It’s gotten a little better since we’ve been home a few weeks but we’ve still had lots of 5am wake up days, which are tough for me. I’m crossing my fingers it’s just a phase and he’s not this much of an early bird!


Naps – Naps have been slightly more consistent this past month, even with travel – except for this past week when he  wouldn’t go down for his morning nap. I thought he was transitioning to one but then he would only nap for ONE HOUR around lunch and then be up. Not good. A few days I was able to get him back down, but he would only sleep some more if he was laying on someone. Not sure if he was just not feeling great or wanting some snuggle time – I love the cuddles but I don’t want him to rely on having someone with him to sleep.


Jackson & Brooks – Jackson is slightly more interested in Brooks now that he gets snacks on-the-go, meaning he gets a cup of goldfish or cheerios when we are playing and many of them end up on the floor for Jackson to enjoy. Jackson loves when Brooks eats – which recently has been all the time. Other than mealtime, Jackson still sort of keeps his distance – I can’t wait to see how that all changes once Brooks starts walking!


Loves – Little man loves to PLAY! I’m not sure if its a boy thing or what but he has so much energy and he’s so inquisitive about everything. He loves to explore and be around people – it makes our days more interesting because I try to fill them with different activities, and usually at least one outing a day, but that can get a little challenging for me, especially during these cold winter months!

free hugs

Loves {cont’d} – We’ve signed Brooks up for a Munchkin Class at Nest Philly {which he LOVES}, he’s also still taking the All Around This World Music Class once a week which is a ton of fun too {he loves music!} – we try to do something different each day & at least get out of the house for a bit.


Highlights – It was a busy month for sure, but I think the highlights would be our visit to Naples, FL {take me back!} and celebrating Brooks’ First Birthday!



I’m debating on whether or not to continue with the monthly updates.

What do you think?

If not, I might do every other month or so – something a little less frequent. Let me know your thoughts!


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  • Reply Katie D February 5, 2015 at 9:57 am

    As mom to a 7 month old, I’d love to see updates! It is fun and helpful to know what is coming up 🙂

  • Reply AKADATZ February 5, 2015 at 10:49 am

    I love the monthly updates. I would miss them if they stopped.

  • Reply Jessica@TWB February 5, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    We had a perpetual early riser for so long. 7p-5a without fail. Then we we went to one nap around 12mo, we got a more solid nap (!) and a slightly later bedtime/wake up time (!!) Hoping something similar shakes out for you.

  • Reply Patty O February 6, 2015 at 6:50 am

    Please don’t stop the monthly updates – I love seeing/hearing about transitions.
    You have had a wonderful year full and love and joy with Brooks – he is truly a special little man!

  • Reply Nikki February 8, 2015 at 8:51 am

    Yes, please continue. My son is 4 months younger and I love to see what I have to look forward to.

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