Stitch Fix #20 February 2015 Review

As I mentioned last week & you probably have seen by now via Instagram I’ll be spending the next week in South America. I was pretty pumped when I realized that my monthly Stitch Fix would be arriving just in time for my trip. I made it clear to my stylist that I was going to be traveling for wedding festivities to a summer climate. So I was pretty pumped when all these bright colors showed up on my doorstep!

Stitch Fix 20

So without further ado, here’s what I received in my latest Fix –  Check out my pieces and please let me know what you think!

And don’t forget -> If you want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, please use my referral link to sign up AND check out my Stitch Fix page to get caught up on all my previous Fixes!


Daniel Rainn Tessa Pleated Blouse in Black {$68}

Tessa Pleated Blouse

This shirt is really cool. It’s light and flowy and I sort of really like the elastic waist detail – but let’s be honest, this top is all about the back!

Daniel Rainn Tessa Pleated Blouse

I love the black color because it makes it easy to dress up or down and pair with any other clothing piece or accessory. It’s really fun and different from anything else I have in my closet. I really like it, but can’t decide if I love it enough to keep it  – what do you think about it?

front back


Brixon Ivy Kinsey Seamed V-Neck Dress in Dark Pink {$88}

Kinsey Seamed V-Neck Dress

Next up is this really pretty v-neck dress. The color is showing up more red in these photos, but it’s actually a really pretty pink. I love how the style card shows it dressed down with a jean jacket, scarf & flats or dressed up with a blazer and heels – two outfits I would totally wear with this dress.

Brixon Ivy Kinsey Seamed V-Neck Dress

But I’m not sure about the pleating. I don’t think it looks or lays right on me. It’s a nice length and fits ok but I don’t think I’m in love – what do you think?

KinseyKinsey Dress


Eight Sixty Bridgette Kimono in Light Purple {$64}

Bridgette Kimono

Sort of obsessed with this {and all} kimonos. The floral colors are so pretty and the material is so light and flowy. I can totally see myself wearing this in the spring/summer with some jeans & jewelry and ready to go. Instant outfit.

Eight Sixty Bridgette Kimono
kimono lovekimono

I think it looks pretty cute with the black top I was sent along with both dresses from this Fix as well. Because of all the great colors in the pattern of this kimono, it seems like a pretty versatile little top! Do you agree?

kimono dresses


41Hawthorn Una Sleeveless Elastic Waist Halter Dress in Jewel Tone Purple {$68}

Una Halter Dress

Next up – another dress! I love when I get all 5 pieces of clothes and no accessories in a Fix! This dress I was immediately drawn to the color of, but I was a little hesitant about the style and fit.

41Hawthown Una Sleeveless Elastic Waist Halter Dress

I like the color on me and I think it would be fun to dress up or down {like shown in the style card} but I don’t think the top half of the dress fits me right. What do you think?

Uma Dress


Papermoon Kasidy Skirt in Dark Green {$58}

Papermoon Kassidy Skirt

This piece I was a little confused about – everything I had received so far in this Fix was totally spring & summer coloring and patterns – then this skirt seems pretty fall to me. But hey, I decided to give it a go.

Kassidy Skirt

This skirt seems really random to me. It’s a longer length than anything I would usually wear, so I had to wear it up high, which again, is something I normally don’t do. I paired it with a fun black tank {similar} and I think it looks ok, but not great.

kassidy skirt1

Looks a little better paired with a jacket over top, I guess but I don’t think I’m in love at all. I do think its funny that this skirt is very VERY similar in pattern to a maxi skirt I loved {and kept!} from a previous Fix – would have loved to see something else in this Fix as my final piece. But hey, I tried something new!

jean kassidy skirt


what to keep

Now it’s your turn to help me decide -> What to Keep?

What Should I Keep? free polls


Stitch Fix


If you want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, please use my referral link to sign up!

Don’t forget to catch up on my past Fixes by checking out my Stitch Fix page!

And just incase you aren’t Stitch Fix obsessed {like I am, duh!} – here’s some information on how you can try Stitch Fix out for yourself – Feel free to let you know if you have any questions!

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  • Reply Patty O February 23, 2015 at 8:58 am

    Love the top and kimono on you! I think the pink dress is really cute if it fit a little better!

  • Reply Sam February 24, 2015 at 4:33 am

    Love the top and kimono! You’re right the fit of the dresses though very cute just aren’t quite right!

  • Reply Stacie May 13, 2015 at 8:07 am

    Love how you organized your fix posts! One suggestion – reverse the order so that the newest ones are on the top! It’s much easier for return visitors 🙂

    • Reply Leslie May 13, 2015 at 10:32 am

      Thanks for the input Stacie – totally going to work on that this weekend!

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