A Weekend In Las Vegas

So this past weekend I hopped on a plane and headed out West for a quick little trip to LAS VEGAS!

This was my first time in Vegas so it was a exciting weekend for me. Sure, I was one of the few {seriously, very few!} pregnant people there, and I’d love to go back again NOT pregnant, but it was such a fun trip – I’m so glad I got to go!

Vegas is awesome and you know it’s a party the second you step off the plane and you are greeted with rows and rows of slot machines right in the airport! I was surprised and not surprised at the same time.

I’m not a gambler at all. I’d rather shop or go to the spa and spend my money that way, because you win every time. Duh. And because I’m preggers I wasn’t drinking either. casino

So, no drinking and no gambling in Vegas for this gal! What did I come to Vegas to do exactly?

See Britney Spears of course! {More on that later!}

My Britney Spears loving friend, Michelle and I planned this trip a few weeks ago. We had both been wanting to see Britney in Vegas and thought it would be fun to make a little girls weekend trip out of it before baby #2 arrives!


We both flew in on Thursday morning and arrived at our hotel before lunch, which was awesome, so we still had the whole day to enjoy in Vegas. It was a beautiful day and we wanted to relax a bit after our flights and plan the rest of our day – so we did that by the pool.


swimsuit / sunglasses

pool bump

We stayed at the Hilton Elara and it was the perfect hotel for us. Right next to Planet Hollywood, it was connected to the inside shopping/dining area and it was in such a great location on the Strip. We were able to walk to everything, take in all the sights – everything was very accessible.


After lounging by the pool and taking in the sights of Vegas by day, we headed over to the MGM Grand for dinner at Crush. The food was amazing and the drinks were awesome too. I had a fancy shmancy mock-tail and Michelle got an amazing drink with rose petals in it!


We shared the arugula salad, meatball pizza and the ricotta gnocchi with short ribs. Holy yum, it might have been the best meal ever! The lighting was really dark and I wasn’t able to get the best photos but seriously, if you are in the area, go there for dinner! You can thank me later!


After dinner we enjoyed the David Copperfield magic show – which was really great and exciting, except for a weird little segment about an alien, but other than that it was pretty impressive!

cooperfield night strip

Since the Billboard Music awards were at the MGM Grand yesterday we also got to hear some rehearsals going on! One of which we got to hear was MARIAH CAREY! AH! So amazing!


On Friday we got up and did some more walking around the strip. It was so funny to compare how it looks at night and during the day.

on the strip

I also got some pretty good use out of my selfie stick– that I won at a bridal shower! Best prize ever!

walkway paris

Michelle and I walked in and out of all the amazing hotels and casinos – it was really interesting to see how different they all were. And how MASSIVE they all were too!


We stopped for a little Island Time Float – Michelle got pineapple & I had watermelon. We got so many crazy looks and people asking us where we got these crazy things but they were so tasty & delicious – totally hit the spot as we were walking around checking everything out! Yum!


Did I mention they were huge?! I think one was meant for two people. Oops.

woah mountains

Friday night was our big Britney night – more on that tomorrow! But I’ll leave you with this photo of us because I love it!


The three hour time change isn’t much until you have to go home to a little one – we stayed out late, not too crazy but when you add in that time change it seems like so much! We woke up Saturday and did some more pool lounging before catching our flight. It was a beautiful day and the most perfect weather so it was hard to leave, but after 3 days away I was really missing my little man!


// swimsuit 


All in all it was an amazing trip. I think 3 days is the perfect amount of time to go to Vegas. We got to see some good shows, ate some good food, soaked up some sun – what else could you want? I’d love to come back another time with Charles and be able to enjoy Vegas not pregnant! I’d also love to come back to the area and check out some of the surrounding desert area too!

beautiful day


Have you been to Vegas? What was your favorite thing you did?!

Please share!



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  • Reply Sabrina @ Nutritiously Sweet May 18, 2015 at 11:59 am

    What a fun freakin’ time in Vegas you had there!!! 🙂 That slushy big giant thing, would have ben so delicious on yesterday’s over 80 degree day!

  • Reply Ash Diamond May 18, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    You are RADIANT! Your clothes are spot on and that swimsuit is SO cute on you!!

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