Our Nightly Routine

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Gerber Childrenswear and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Brooks has been a *knock on wood* champion sleeper for some time now. I’m honestly afraid to even type that for fear that he would find out I said it and change everything up, but it’s the truth. It’s even weirder to think that his true 12 hour sleep schedule {from 7am – 7pm}  really started to take shape around the time we stopped nursing – at 14 months old. Coincidence? Who knows, but I’ll take it!

Every night – for the most part –  we do the same song and dance before bedtime. It borderline is a little crazy and I can be slightly neurotic about it – especially that last month of my pregnancy, because I needed all the sleep I could get! Charles gets home from work most nights around 6:15pm or so – the boys usually don’t have much time together during the week so I try to have our dinner all ready to go as soon as the hubs walks in the door so we can all eat together, or Brooks + I have dinner together before he gets home so the boys can have some time to play.


After eats it’s time to clean up + get bed ready. I would LOVE to do a bath every night but Brooks gets eczema if he’s in the water too much so we do that only a few times a week. I love bath nights because it’s so nice to put a warm + clean baby to bed! Plus I think it helps B calm down a lot before night night time!


Whether it’s a bath night or not, we do a little teeth brushing action, followed by getting into our pjs – our new favorites are hands down the Gerber Blanket Sleeper! It’s a micro fleece and SO comfy, cozy – I sort of wish it came in my size. My littles love to be warm in bed, and these keep Brooks nice and toasty! I am also a big fan of the footie pajamas and they are always so hard to find whenever the weather gets cool, which it’s doing now, so I’m glad I was able to stock up for the Fall & Winter months ahead!


Use the form below to enter for your chance to win a set of 2 Gerber Blanket Sleepers. 10 sets will be given away and prizes will be fulfilled by Gerber! Good luck!

Gerber Blanket Sleeper Giveaway



What’s your nightly routine with the littles?

Please share!


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  • Reply Patty O September 20, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    Who doesn’t love a warm and cozy sleeper?

  • Reply Patty O September 20, 2015 at 9:34 pm

    Went to the giveaway site, but nothing came up!

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