3 + 4 Months with Baby Graham

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I hate to admit it, but it’s obviously true that with two littles {both under two – at least for another week!} it’s so easy to get behind on EVERYTHING! With Brooks I was always so on top of the weekly bump dates and his monthly progress posts. With Graham you got monthly bump posts and every other month progress posts. I do the best I can, but it’s true – #secondchildproblems


Luckily, with my Instagram obsession, I do take tons of pictures, so when I do make/find the time to get these post together – they take so much time because of all the pictures! But I do love having them, sharing them and being able to look back at them. Especially with baby #2, it’s been fun to compare him {in the loving way, duh} to his big brother. Can’t wait to continue to see the amazing similarities + differences between these two as they both continue to grow. Hopefully it doesn’t happen too fast, even though I know it totally will, because seriously, where did the past 4 months go?


Growth – My littlest man is not so little! I feel like I blinked and he went from a newborn who couldn’t control his head to a big ‘ol infant with the squishiest cheeks in the land! At our 4 month checkup last week we found that Graham weighs in at 15 lbs. 13.5 oz. and is 25.75 inches long.  That is 1 whole pound and just about the same length as Brooks at 4 months! Also, just like Brooks, Graham put on 2 pounds in 2 months but he’s a little over the 50th percentile for height and weight, where Brooks was just about at 50%! Little bro is just a little bigger at this point. Ha.


Feeding – Nursing is going great – so much better the second time around. I don’t stress about it, I just do it without thinking and I think that has made a big difference for everyone. With Brooks I had apps and tried to keep everything within certain timeframes – now with Graham, if he’s crying I usually always change him and then feed him. Sometimes he’s hungry, sometimes he’s not and is just tired, but I pretty much always put it out there. When we are out and about during the day, if he’s entertained he’s less likely to want to eat as frequently as if we are just hanging out at home. But since he usually goes a while at night {more on that below} I tend to want to make sure he’s getting enough eats during the day!


Also at our doctor’s appointment we talked about starting tastes of food at this age. This is something different than what we did with Brooks – we did Baby Led Weaning at 6 months – we aren’t going to do the baby cereal, because that seems like an unnecessary filler to me. We are starting to give him tastes of whatever we are eating. He’s only tried eggs + bananas so far and it sort of just rolled around in his mouth before it came drooling down his cheeks, but it’s where we are starting! We are doing this to rule out allergies early, which I hope are unlikely since we don’t have any family history. Our doctor told us he will let us know when he is ready for more, so until then, we will just continue with the little tastes – but I have so say, I’m not looking forward to this part of development, the choke factor is so scary!


For those that are interested -> when G sleeps through the night and I pump, at this point I get about 6 oz. But again, I only pump when he doesn’t get up in the middle of the night for a feed. More on that below.


Sleeping – Ah! A topic I never thought I would be so excited to report in on – especially at 4 months! But things are going so great. Sure, overnight is different and with teething and more development, I’m aware things are always constantly changing, especially with sleep – but we are in a really great place. Most nights, Graham sleeps through the night {knock on ALL THE WOOD!} Last night I put him down at 7:30pm and he slept in his crib until 7:00am this morning when I got him, changed him, and then pumped, like I do every night he sleeps through because I’m about to explode – but it’s awesome to have a stash for a rainy day {or a fun trip!}


While we are talking about sleep, I though it might also be interesting to share that Graham loves to sleep on his tummy and side. He has fallen asleep during tummy time, on many occasion and at night he’s always on his side. He’s way more comfortable there and since he’s rolling more and more I’m a bit more comfortable with it, even though it still freaks me out a bit.


I feel like I want to do a post more on sleep to let you in on what we do. I don’t think I do anything really special, obviously every baby is different and has different needs but when you are in the thick of sleep training, I always like to hear different approaches! Hopefully, I’ll continue to report  happy progress in this department as the months go on!


Development – Graham is seriously the happiest baby! We went through a bit of a rough patch around 2-3 months, I think when he was making the transition from newborn to infant – whatever that really means – but we are in a great place and he’s such a sweet baby to love up on. He rolls over, back to front, front to pack, brings toys to his mouth and loves to sing {taradactyl noises – he’s doing it now as I type this!} He always has the biggest, brightest eyes, I love when they are wide open!


Graham loves to laugh and smile and play – his favorite thing of all time is to watch his brother. When Brooks is in the room, Graham can’t keep his eyes off him – and Brooks is so sweet to his little bro, loves to hold his hand and always joins in on tummy time. Always makes sure G has a toy to play with, B loves to share with him. I seriously can’t wait until the two of them can really play together. It’s going to be all sorts of awesome.


Clothes – Little chunky G is mainly in 6 months clothes, has been for about a month! I do have lots of clothes from Brooks, obviously, but it’s crazy because all the 6 month clothes I have from B are summer clothes! Since B was pretty on the mark with the sizes each month – so it’s been interesting, trying to get creative with the opposite seasons of clothes for the brothers, without trying to buy too much, since we don’t really need it. But I did pick up these fleece cuff pants for both boys – so warm and cozy, they’ve been on repeat since the weather has dropped. Love them. I want them in every color and also in my size.


Brothers – Seriously, I can’t say enough about how awesome the whole brother thing is. Brooks hasn’t had any issues at all with Graham – knock on wood – even when Graham cries, it doesn’t phase B at all. He sometimes says “Baby crying” but that’s about it. Brooks is just as interested in Graham as G is in B. I’ll say it again – I can’t wait for these two to be able to really interact + play, it’s going to be the best!

bro love

Loves – Graham, like his brother, pretty much loves everything and thinks everything is pretty much awesome. He loves being held {who doesn’t}, sucking his thumb, playing on his activity mat, watching his brother and pretty much any attention anyone gives him, he just eats up, smiles and flirts. Just like his brother, Graham also loves the aquarium and just being out and about. He loves being outside, in the fresh air, watching the world go by.


Here are some more of my favorite pictures + the best moments from the past 2 months with baby Graham:

reindeer macys santa beanbag nap againwearing trio cheek bro tree twins eyesbros bw elephant smize g GRAHAM9-1213-18

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  • Reply Kay @ goaloflosing.com January 22, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    Your babies couldn’t be any more cute <3

  • Reply Patty O January 24, 2016 at 8:34 am

    Seeing Graham every week has been such a blessing for me and I have loved every minute of being with my sweet grandsons! Can’t believe Graham is growing so fast, and love seeing Brooks and Graham’s interactions! Just precious together! Thanks for the photos too!

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