DogFish Head Brewery Tour

So last week when we were staying at my parents house in Delaware we decided to take a little day trip. I thought it would be fun to do something that the hubs would really enjoy and the first thing that came to mind- DogFish!

DogFish Head is a brewery that is local in Delaware and has many beers that Charles loves. We hadn’t been to the restaurant in Rehoboth in years BUT I knew the brewery tour was on his list of things he’d like to do as well. So we decided to check that out. My parents have had a house in Delaware for 11 + years and they had never been to the brewery either, so they were pumped to check it out too.

The brewery itself is gorgeous and massive. I’ve been to a bunch of breweries in my day, it’s something we love to check out when we are traveling to new spots – it’s always enjoyable to check out the local brews! DogFish was the biggest and nicest one we’ve been to yet!


So you get there and you need a ticket for the tour – It’s free – but the ticket is your key to free beer


The tours run about an hour 1.15 or so – and they start about every 45 minutes. We had just missed one but it worked out because we were able to try out some beers and have something to eat while we waited. On the back of your ticket you write out what 4 beers you want to try and they bring them to you – free tastings! Love it!




They don’t have a restaurant on site but they do have an amazing food truck which served some amazing pulled pork. I’m salivating writing about this it was so good. I want another one right now please.

pulled pork

And grilled cheese for the littles!


Another beer to wash it down! And then it was time for the tour to start!


You have to wear closed toe shoes and safety goggles on the tour. I wore Graham because strollers aren’t allowed either.


Graham was a fan of pulling my glasses off – the entire tour


Also, since the tour is rather long, they suggest going to the bathroom before it starts as well. Especially after all the beer tasting. I enjoyed the bathroom signs. Ha!

pee poo

Cutest little in safety goggles ever.


Our first stop in the tour was the brand new part of the brewery – it was hot in there but we got to see the process of the brewery going on as we were right there


We got to see the Engine Room, heard about the history, the family that started it all and see the process from start to bottling and packaging everything up. It was really cool and the guides did an amazing job.


Brooks surprisingly found the whole thing super interesting – he was into it the whole time. Graham on the other hand enjoyed hearing his echo and like randomly screaming from time to time during the tour. Ha.


That’s a lot of beer.


Like I said, it was really hot when we went and eventually Graham wanted out of the carrier to breathe a bit. And it was about the same timing which Brooks wanted a little break from all that walking. So we did a little switch.


Brooks was easy to wear and fun because I hadn’t done it forever. He loved the new viewpoint as well.

// my carrier   {it’s the best, buy it!} bottlesale

After the tour it was time to sit down for a minute to relax and have another beer!

top // Marcel necklace // shorts 

There was also this cool selfie station where you could take group photos and email them to yourself. Such a nice little treat – we had some fun with that!

fam group
If you are ever in the Delaware Beaches area – be sure to add a trip to DogFish Head to your list! You will be glad you did!

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What’s your favorite brewery or winery you’ve ever been to?

Please share!

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  • Reply Patty O August 23, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    Dogfish Head Brewery was such a fun day – so glad we made the effort to go.

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