3-Day BluePrint Cleanse Review

So last week, I randomly got talked into doing a juice cleanse.

What? How random is that?

Yes, I agree with you. It’s totally random that I got talked into doing a juice cleanse. BUT that’s my life these days, I’m a little sporadic at times, but it sort of works.

My neighbor told me she was going to go for it and I took about a second to think about it and then decided it would be a good idea for me too.

Everything’s more fun with a friend, right?

To give you a little more background on the subject, this neighbor, Kelly {Hi Kelly!} and I do most things together during the week. Her little is Noah, a few weeks younger than Graham {they are besties} and we are always hitting up classes, parks, doing dinners with the littles together most nights. So if she was gonna do it, I decided I might as well join her.

Again, everything is way more fun with a friend. Especially when you have someone you can commiserate with and just hold each other accountable. Was so true in this case, having a fellow buddy to enjoy {hmm..} the juice cleanse with.

BUT another reason I jumped into the whole idea so quickly was because I’ve done a 3 day juice cleanse before.

Seriously, check out my DIY Juice Cleanse post, it’s one of my most popular posts, ever!

So, even though that was 4 years {almost to the day!} 2 babies and what seems like a million years ago, I sort of knew what I was getting myself into.

That’s reason enough to do it, right?

The Rules of the Cleanse:

  • No Food
  • No Caffeine
  • No Alcohol
  • Just Juice!

I know I made all my own juices last time, which was awesome {and saved me $$!} but this time, with two kids, crazy nap and sleep schedules, I decided to spend the extra money and purchase the juices ahead of time. They were $47 a day – which came out to $141 for the 3 days – cost is about $7.83 per juice, which is pretty normal if you want to buy a juice in the city. When I did the DIY version 4 years ago, the cost was $89 total, under $5 for each drink – so a $51 difference in cost is a pretty big one! Again, the ease of being able to grab and go my juices made it worthwhile to spend the money. Happy with my decision and it was fun to try a new juice program!

Back to the Cleanse ->The BluePrint plans suggest drinking a juice every 2 hours or so, with the last one {juice #6} at least 2 hours before bedtime. I continued to hydrate with water {and lemon water!}, and decaffeinated teas.

When I did my last cleanse, I had tons of questions about when I drank my juices. With the kids, it was a little hard sometimes to get the time to sit down, drink and enjoy them, which is crazy, because it’s just juice! I would wake up every morning, have a tea or a water and usually end up having my first juice between 9-10am, #2 around 12pm, #3 around 2pm, #4 around 4pm, #5 around 6pm and #6 around 8pm – but somedays were more on time than others.

I figured it would be fun to do the same recap from the cleanse, as I did in my DIY Juice Cleanse Recap post, so if you want to compare the two, you totally can!

Juices Drank: 18 – drank ’em all! They were SO GOOD. I’m a juice lover already {obviously} and these totally exceeded my expectations – I wasn’t sure how they were going to be since they weren’t fresh, but they totally tasted like they were just made. So delicious!

Favorite Juice: P.A.M – Pineapple, Apple, Mint – this juice was my Favorite! It was so light and delicious, I was sort of bummed it was #2 because it was gone so early in the day – would have loved to look forward to it more. The mint in the drink is perfection.

Least Favorite Juice: Spicy Lemonade. I loved this juice when I made it, but this time, it was just rough to get down. It had the tartness and then cayenne kick to it, I just wasn’t a fan of it this time around. Could have also been that it was the juice I would have in the late afternoon when I was starting to get a little hangry and craving food!

Pounds Lost: 4 lbs. Not too shabby after 3 days – I realize a chunk of the weight lost is likely water weight, even though I’m sure its possible to gain weight, since I drank SO MUCH liquid every day. I seriously thought I was going to float away! But I feel really good and I’m even down 10 lbs. since before I started the Jenny Craig program last month and that feels amazing! Woohoo!

First Thing I Ate, Post Cleanse: Quinoa Hot Cereal! Yum! I only had a little bit of it because I wanted to slowly bring actual food back into my diet – I don’t want to overwhelm my digestive system. It took a day or two to ease back into eating and I definitely feel my hunger level has changed.

Was I Ever Hungry? Yes. I think since I didn’t take a week to prepare myself to do this, that was part of the problem. Also, last time when I was tired, I could rest – this time, I’ve got two very active little boys to chase around after. Which was good for a distraction, but I definitely was still active, even when I wanted to rest!

Did I Workout? No – there just isn’t enough hours in the day for me lately. An excuse I know, but I can’t do everything – something has to give. BUT I did end up walking 6+ miles each day of the cleanse, which I think is pretty awesome.

Any Food Cravings? Yes. Everything. With preparing food for the littles all day constantly, it was definitely a temptation, but the two hours between the juices came pretty quickly, so I usually had another drink to look forward to!

Sleep Patterns? Just like last time, I had the best sleep ever. I was SO TIRED – in bed by 9pm and sleeping until 7am – it was awesome and definitely what I needed. I was hungry at night, so I would drink my last juice and say “eff it, I’m going to sleep” Juice Cleanse Sleep is THE BEST. I’ll probably do it again just to get that good sleep – ha!

Comparing my DIY vs. the BluePrint Cleanse – In terms of juices, the green juice and spicy lemonade are almost identical as far as I can tell – as is the cashew milk {but BP recently added blueberries to it, which I wasn’t a huge fan of – I prefer my way, without it} the beet juices are different, I think I prefer the BP way and might have to alter my recipe to mirror it and make mine less beet-y {which I hate – tastes like dirt} I LOVE the BP pineapple, apple, mint juice {P.A.M} – totally going to have to recreate that, its DELICIOUS! And the new BP version does not include a carrot juice, which it previous did – I missed this juice because carrot juice is so good too. The order has changed a bit two as now the green juice is #1 and #3, the spicy lemonade is now in the afternoon/evening as opposed to the morning and the beet version is now drink around dinner when it was previously had around lunch. Not sure if the new order means much, but I’m assuming there is a method to their madness, and I’m no doctor {but I think if you are doing a juice cleanse, the order might not be the most important!}

So going without food and surviving solely on juices for 3 days can be a little rough. It was definitely a mental game at times, but I knew that I was having about 1100 calories a day {almost as much as I was having on the Jenny Craig program} so I knew I could handle it. Tea was my BFF at times when I needed a juice break, but most of the time I didn’t want anything to drink at all!

With the BluePrint Cleanse they say if you need something to chew on you can have a few bites of cucumber, celery or avocado {which I was surprised about!} so I did have a little bit of each of those in the afternoon if I got a little shaky or just needed a little something to take the edge off – ha!

And I did do a little pampering at night as a little ‘treat’ for surviving each day {a charcoal mask was my favorite!} So that helped keep my mood up too!

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. My body needed a little break + reboot and I felt fantastic afterwards. There were some hard moments, but I’m glad I stuck with it and would totally do it again. Everyone needs a little juice break every once in a while! I plan to bring more juicing back into my life now too, so that was another added bonus from my cleanse last week. Wins all around!

What are your thoughts on a juice cleanse?

Have you done it? Would you do it?


And if you want to check them out, here are the juices + ingredient list from my 3-Day BluePrint Juice Cleanse!

Which one sounds like it would be your favorite?


Thanks so much for reading and please let me know if you have any questions!

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  • Reply Kelly February 27, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Hey hey! Thank YOU for the motivation to finish strong, when I wanted to quit night #3

  • Reply Patricia McDermott February 28, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    Congrats to you and Kelly for a job well done and kudos to you for your recent weight loss with Jenny Craig and BluePrint – keep up the good work!

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