Babysitters Club + Butcher Bar Philly

Over the weekend, Charles and I got a surprise night out! We do a ‘babysitters club’ with our neighbors on our block. We all have young kids who go to sleep about the same time and {knock on wood} sleep through the night. So we decided a while back to each take turns sitting for the other so we could all get a night out every once in a while without having to pay a sitter!

Genius right?

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This is one main reason why I never want to leave the city. It’s so amazing! We’ve made a calendar of sorts and we all usually get a extra ‘date night’ once a month. The ladies pick a weekend that we all have free and then one couple gets Friday night, another gets Saturday and another gets Sunday night. 

And we are all on the same block so it is as easy as walking out the door and taking 5 steps to the neighbors house.

So last night, Charles and I got a little night on the town. We initially weren’t sure where we wanted to make reservations for, but decided to try out Butcher Bar at our neighbors suggestion. It just opened in September, so it was still pretty new – I was excited for all.the.meat!

The atmosphere in this place is really cool. I was digging the vibe the second I stepped in the door.

And as you can guess, by the name of the restaurant and the decor – meat was going to be on the menu tonight! I enjoy their tagline:

Artisanal Butchers of Quality Meats and Purveyors of Slow-Smoked BBQ

The second you walk in you can smell the smokiness from the BBQ and it’s kind of amazing.

If I’m being honest, I have to say that I definitely could have bellied up to the bar and enjoyed my evening. It’s right there when you first walk in the door and it’s super inviting. Not to mention that their Old Fashioned cocktails {my favorite} came highly recommended to me, so I was excited to give one a try!

But I’m glad we got actual seats because I got to see more of the restaurant, which is actually really sizable. They have two different seats area upstairs, and I was told they are going to be opening up a covered outside seating area as well, very soon. Lots of space in a restaurant in the city, I dig it.

We got to our table and immediately ordered cocktails – Old Fashioned for me, Manhattan for the hubs. It did not disappoint.

They had some really good looking drinks on their featured cocktail menu, which I would love to try another time, but I like to go with my go-to!

Next, we started our meal! First up is the Pretzel Monkey Bread – complete with spicy beer mustard, cheddar cheese sauce, sea salt.

This was delicious. Amazing way to start the meal and SO.GOOD.

Next we had the Roasted Cauliflower + Brussels sprouts {because I figured it would be a good idea to squeeze a vegetable or two in the mix} – this was a classic mix of parmesan, lemon, balsamic reduction. Yum!

And then we started on the meatballs. Any restaurant that has an entire meatball section on their menu is definitely a place I want to be eating at.

There were a few different meatball options to choose from but we picked two to try out. First we tried The American – buffalo chicken, creamy blue cheese hot sauce, buttermilk ranch, scallions.

This was insanely delicious! It was moist and full of flavor and had that little buffalo kick. Love.
 Next we tried The Italian – pork, veal, beef, fontina stuffed, slow roasted pork gravy, pecorino romano, basil. So good – I actually got really full at this point and couldn’t finish it, took the it home and it was awesome for lunch the next day. This meatball did not mess around!

And then finally we shared the Smoked Wild Boar Ribs – chipotle-peach BBQ sauce, cheesy cornbread. Again, at this point of the meal, I was stuffed – I had a bite and it was delicious, really spicy! Charles ate most of it but it got a thumbs up from me!

So all in all, it was a delicious meal, full of all.the.meats – at first I didn’t think we ordered enough, I really wanted to try a few other apps and their house made pasta, but that would have been way too much! We got a great variety of tastes, all of which were super yum!

Jumping Shot for a Sunday Date Night!

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  • Reply Patricia McDermott March 15, 2017 at 7:12 am

    I know someone who would love to try this place – it looked awesome! When you were a little older than Brooks age, we did the same thing for a date night out – as the kiddies get older you’ll just have to put the kiddies to bed, no big deal!

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