A Weekend at the Kalahari Resort, Poconos, PA – Day 1

So if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that two weeks ago – the boys and I packed up and headed to the Poconos for an impromptu weekend away at Kalahari Resort. 

I was invited as a part of a media weekend getaway but it happened to fall on a day where Charles was traveling for work as well. At first I didn’t think I could make it work and didn’t want to go to a indoor waterpark solo with two littles, but after an hour of master planning {and packing!}, I packed up the littles into the car and decided to make it work! 

America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark? I couldn’t pass up this opportunity and I knew the boys would have an absolute BLAST.

Spoiler Alert: They totally did. Brooks wanted to take up permanent residence there, and still asks me just about every day to go back. 

So I want to share our weekend with you, but obviously sharing 3 days of fun takes a lot of time and pictures, so I’ll be doing it in two posts – today and tomorrow! And its going to be a picture heavy post! Beware! Or Enjoy! 🙂

And if you aren’t in the Philadelphia area, don’t worry! Aside from the Poconos, PA location there is also a Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, OH – Wisconsin Dells, WI and Round Rock, TX {opening soon!}

So about our weekend away! I drove up with the boys on Friday afternoon and of course the second I told Brooks we were going to an indoor waterpark, the first second inside the hotel he just HAD to go!

Doesn’t this look like a kid that’s pretty pumped about his current life?

I don’t blame him for being excited – I was excited to check it out too – BUT I was a little nervous about doing water activities solo with two very mobile but non-swimmers. Luckily, the Tot section of the waterpark made it super easy for me to manage both littles, keep them safe, happy and give them a little taste of the waterpark fun before bedtime.

We all had to get a good nights sleep to rest up for the next big day of all the waterpark fun!

The rooms in Kalahari were amazing and I wish I took pictures to share with you. But the second we stepped foot in our room, with the boys it was like a bomb of crazy went off, so I didn’t get any good photos. We stayed in the African Queen Suite which was 852 sq. ft. consisting of a fireplace, table and chairs, master bedroom w/king size bed, guest room w/two queen size beds and a queen size sofa sleeper. Admission to the indoor waterpark and outdoor waterpark (seasonal, weather permitting) is included for each registered hotel guest! And they have more than just suites – 1, 2, 3 and 5 bedroom suites are available!

The rooms were amazing – perfect for families. We put the boys in a room together, brought Graham’s crib and put Brooks in the big boy bed. Then after they went to bed at 7pm, Charles I could hang out and have our own space.

The only issue was me being neurotic about Brooks sleeping in a large bed. I was so afraid he was going to fall off the bed – even with pillows underneath the sheets acting like rails and pillows on the floor. I kept on waiting to hear a THUMP of him on the floor, breaking an arm. So I pretty much didn’t sleep and watched him all night. #crazymom

But aside from me being a little nuts, the rooms were fantastic and smartly planned out for families traveling together!

The next morning it was waterpark day! And since the boys go to bed at 7pm, they get up around 7am – which is fine by me when we are home, but when we are in a hotel, its time to get up and out of the room! The waterpark doesn’t open until 9am so we had some time to kill – Enter the Arcade!

{after my morning frozen coffee treat, of course}

All the flashing lights, noises and games. We were given a pre-loaded card to enjoy pretty much all the games in the arcade, the boys were in heaven and loved playing all the games and rides that were age appropriate for them. It was a great way to burn off some steam in the beginning of the day – and pretty much else was still sleeping, so we had the place to ourselves!

Random – but check out this mini version of the waterpark. It includes EVERYTHING and gives you an idea of just how big Kalahari actually is! It’s seriously massive and we were there that weekend to check out the grand opening of their Phase II project – which doubled their guest rooms {up to 1,000!}, opened a true 220,000 sq. ft. waterpark, 100,000 sq. ft. convention center, 40,000 sq. ft. interactive arcade, 3 full-service signature dining experiences and 6,000 sq. ft. of retail space.

Did I mention this place is HUGE? It’s pretty much it’s own little amazing city.

As a part of the media weekend, we were invited to a special Breakfast on Sunday morning, celebrating Kenya’s Birthday {the Kalahari elephant mascot!}

Brooks was a little less than thrilled when he learned we wouldn’t be heading off to the waterpark as soon as it opened, but when I mentioned that they may have Birthday Cake, he was back on board.

We got to enjoy a special family style breakfast and a dance party for the littles first thing in the morning. It was a great way to check out one of the restaurants
{ Brandenberg} and enjoy one of the activities for the kids that Kalahari offers! 

Brooks is at the perfect age for all this – he is just getting into characters and this character breakfast with all of Kalahari’s cast was a great way to kick off our Saturday morning!

Graham on the other hand is interested in the characters, but doesn’t want them to get too close to him! Ha! He enjoyed the dance party in his own little world and took interest in the characters from afar!

Breakfast. A little bit of pretty much everything on the menu. Yum.

After fueling up, it was time to hit the waterpark!

It’s hard to really explain how big this place is unless you go and see it for yourself. It’s so very large. This is a photo of part of the entrance to the waterpark – and you can’t even see where it ends.

Also, waterslides GALORE!

Tons of waterslides, two fantastic toddler areas, lazy river, wave pool, indoor surfing and more. The waterpark was filled with something for everyone and super clean! I was definitely impressed.

The boys loved everything about it. They wanted to go on everything and loved every minute in the water.

I could pretty much watch Brooks go down the tot slides forever. He couldn’t get enough!

Graham loved it too and had a absolute blast – I think he loved people watching {or Brooks watching} just as much. It was such a new scene for him to take in, and he’s not as fearless as Brooks is with the water, but he loved splashing, playing and having fun in his 1.5 year old way!

We spent a good chunk of the morning doing all the things at the waterpark, but then it was time to head back to the room for a little nap and rest time for the boys {before doing it all over again!} It was awesome being able to just pop up to our room for a few hours and then pop back down for round 2 at the waterpark. Definitely made things super easy and no stress! Can’t say enough good things about it!

I’ll be back to share more of our weekend with you tomorrow! If you have any specific questions about Kalahari, let me know in the comments or message me and I’ll be sure to answer them!

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