Thanks so much for checking back in for Day 2 of our weekend at the Kalahari Resort in the Poconos, PA. Check out our Day 1 recap here.

When we left off, the boys and I had just finished up our morning at the waterpark and it was time for them back to head back to the suite to take a nap. This was timed perfectly with the fact that I was scheduled to get a tour of the resort! So Charles headed back to the room with the littles and I met up with the rest of the media invited for the weekend to hear a little more about Kalahari!

Kalahari Resorts are owned by the Nelsons – Todd, his wife and their five children all work for the resort. And all of them were there this weekend to be a part of the grand opening – I was super impressed when I learned this and even more impressed when one of his daughters, Natasha, gave two of us a tour of the facility!

How cool is that?

Each of the 5 adult siblings has a different role at Kalahari which I think is really awesome. Everyone goes to work, everyone shows up, everyone has a job to do. You could really get a feel for the awesome sense of family the Nelson’s have.

Kalahari Resorts and Conventions isn’t your typical resort – its authentically African theme is designed to bring families together, and that isn’t just a marketing ploy. The spirit of Africa is reflected in every aspect of Kalahari – from the handpicked Rwandan coffee beans that are brewed on-property, handcrafted artwork on the convention center walls, furniture placed in guest rooms, recorded music from the streets of Cape Town echoing in the resorts and original crafts for guest souvenirs. It’s all part of Kalahari’s commitment to bring guests a beyond-expectations experience.

Aside from all that I learned that all the decor throughout the resort is authentic, straight from Africa. The Nelson’s wanted to build a place that was real, so they have brought back a majority of the decor back from their numerous trips to Africa.

They even brought back graffiti artists they’ve met there on their travels to create authentic works of art around the resort. I love this piece of the gorilla.

And better yet, all the pictures that are through the resort are ones they have taken personally on their trips too, which I thought was really cool. They have little blurbs on the side of the photo sharing a little bit about the piece.

Seriously, how gorgeous.

And I love that it gives an extra little personal touch, from the Nelsons to their resort guests.

Aside from the impressive decor and vibe throughout the entire resort, I was able to check out two new restaurants that opened that same weekend – Double Cut Grill and Sortino’s Italian Kitchen. Both were incredibly well decorated and had an awesome vibe. After our tour we were treated to a cocktail party by the entire Nelson family, which was amazing. We got to hear about their most recent trip and watch a video of them climbing Mount. Kilimanjaro – um, amazing, right?

The video was incredibly inspiring and it was a real treat to be able to chat with the family after. Seriously, how cool is that, that everyone was there to celebrate the opening? Yes, I was treated to a weekend away, but I can’t tell you how impressed I was with it all.

I’m definitely a Kalahari fan for sure!

Also, on all the Nelson’s travels they bring a video crew with them to help document it all – so they can bring their trip back to their resorts {which again, is super awesome} On their last trip they did a safari, and included a Virtual Reality component to the filming. I was able to “be a part of” their safari through VR and it. was.incredible.

I swear, it was so cool, and I confess, I definitely jumped out of my seat when a lion came out of nowhere next to me!

And did I mention how awesome it was being inside a warm, beautiful resort while it was snowing all weekend?

Nothing better, I tell ya!

After my work, it was time to catch back up with the boys and grab a bite to eat before  – you guessed it, more waterpark!

We got hooked up with early reservations at Double Cut, because steak.

The reservations were early for dinner but everyone was hungry because of all.the.waterpark so it made sense. Plus it was pretty empty, which was good for us {and everyone else} and then we had time to go back to the waterpark again for a quick dip before bedtime – because yes, it’s that easy to just pop down there from you room to the water fun!

And why not, that’s what you are there for!

The meal was delicious at Double Cut, I had a perfectly cooked steak that was perfection. Brooks’ favorite part of the meal was this amazing dessert, which he so nicely allowed me to have a bit of! Ha!

And on a random note, it’s worth mentioning that we brought our double stroller – the UppaBaby Vista – in with us all weekend, which was a great decision. It made taking the boys all over the resort {which is very large} super easy. It was also easy to throw everything we needed for the boys, for the waterpark so we didn’t have to carry it. If you visit Kalahari – bring the stroller!

Then it was off to the waterpark for some more slide action before bed!

After the littles went to bed, Charles stayed in the room with them while I took advantage of being able to try out the new Virtual Reality Arena, where you can kill some zombies! I didn’t think I would like it, but I totally did – definitely awesome! 

On the weekends the waterpark opens up at 9am and the arcade opens at 8am. With the boys going to bed at 7pm, they usually get up around 7am. So by the time we got ready and had something to eat, we still had some time to kill before going to the waterpark – so off to the arcade we went! Brooks enjoyed playing mini golf and bowling each day!

And then it was back to the waterpark for our last dip in the pool! Brooks was in denial that we would ever leave this magical place, he wanted to take up permanent residence! {and I didn’t blame him, Kalahari is awesome!}

Graham enjoyed toddling around the tot area, which is really sweet and perfect for littler Littles.

While Brooks got his slide on.

Check out this awesome table for sitting babies ! Graham was a tad old for it, but still loved sitting in it and safely splashing around.

And I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – this place is LARGE. Here is one of the slide areas that Brooks was splashing around in while Graham just sort of took it all in.

I even got to join in on some slides action with the littles.

Best weekend ever.

Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about Kalahari. This was my first indoor waterpark experience with the littles and it was an absolute blast. Everyone had a great time, everything was so easy, the food was delicious, the resort was beautiful- I highly recommend it! Seriously, we will be back for sure! Can’t wait!

Thank you so much to the lovely folks at Kalahari for having me and my family. While I did enjoy a complimentary stay, all opinions are my own!

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  • Reply Patty April 4, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    All I can say is what a lucky family you are to have experience this fabulous resort! Love how it has the African theme throughout, I’m partial to South Africa too! Your photos and commentary are awesome!

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