One Week with the Tone It Up Bikini Series 2017

So I’ve been following along with the Tone It Up Bikini Series program for the past week and a half {almost two!} and I figured it was worth putting together a little blog post to check in with how I’m feeling + how it’s going!

First things first – How do I feel?

Thanks for asking – I feel GREAT!

Working out, eating right – it’s got perks.. and the perks are feeling AMAZING! Seriously! Getting back into the swing of things, getting my workouts back in check, eating right – it feels FABULOUS.

I have been working out daily for the past 2 weeks, today is going to be my first real rest day because I’m traveling, so I decided not to make myself crazy and take a day off.

My body deserves it.

 I’ve been having a blast getting up and running in the morning – I’ve even taken a spin, kickboxing and yoga class to change things up. I love giving myself the option to go on a run or to try something new and challenge my muscles a little differently – I can definitely feel the change!

I’ve always had a love for running and while I want to continue that, I’m finding that my body responds better to other forms of sweat – I need the resistance in a spin class, the weights in a HIIT class and the upper body focus in a kickboxing class.

I’m learning that I need to change it up to keep my body guessing to get the best results for me – and I’m up for the challenge! It keeps me motivated too and it keeps things interesting.

In terms of nutrition, I’m doing something I’ve never done before – I’m really sticking to the plan and not cheating. I’ve gone almost 2 weeks without carbs, dairy {which means mainly no cheese for me}, no refined sugar – which includes no chocolate! Ah! I haven’t snacked on anything that isn’t ‘Lean, Clean + Green’ and honestly I haven’t wanted to!

I’ve been loving my morning smoothies, afternoon juices and ending the night with a vegetable tray and kombucha.

Who am I ? Seriously.

I have indulged in a glass or two of champagne – because we were celebrating this week! And that’s what I love about this plan. I can enjoy life and not feel bad about a little “Wine Not Wednesday” action, which is approved on the plan, thankyouverymuch – and even after some bubbly, I still didn’t cheat or reach for a handful of chocolate, something I DEFINITELY would have done in the past – especially with the buckets of easter candy in my freezer {which happen to be my favorite}

Kicking the sugar and the bad snacking habit can be a real struggle, but it’s been really easy for me with this plan. I haven’t been hungry once, I eat the 3 meals {most of the time, lunch is hard for me} and the two snacks each day – usually juices! And I feel full and satisfied.

I think the secret to all that is just timing – being in the right mindset to make some changes to see results. I was ready for it.

The numbers on the scale are moving too, and while the numbers aren’t the most important thing to me, I know people will ask. My pants feel so much better, everything is starting to fit right and the belly that I had prior to starting this plan is vanishing before my eyes.

I feel strong and I feel more toned each morning I wake up.

Did I mention it feels great? Because it does!

This weekend I have a blogger weekend away somewhere fun, I can’t wait to share it with you, but I’m sure it’s going to be difficult to stick 100% to the plan, but that’s ok. I’m prepared for it, but I’m also prepared to enjoy myself!

As long as I keep moving and keep getting my workouts in I will feel good about my effort and know that progress will continue!

A little over 6 weeks to go with the Tone It Up Bikini Series – it sounds like such a long time, the longest program I’ve ever been a part of, but I’m excited about it and can’t wait to challenge myself!

I’d love to hear about a fitness or nutrition plan that you’ve been a part of and enjoyed! Please share!

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  • Reply Patty May 7, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    So happy for you – you deserve to feel good every day!

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