Spring + Summer Stitch Fix

Another season, another Fix.

Stitch Fix that is!

It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to get my hands on a Fix to spruce up my wardrobe for the spring and soon to be summer season, so I thought it would be fun to schedule one before an upcoming trip!

We are headed to Florida for a week of fun in the sun and obviously you know I needed a new thing or two to bring along with me.

I mean, that’s just common sense!

For this Fix I told my stylist that I would be headed out for a family vacation and that I love floral. Here’s what she sent me, check it out and let me know what you think!

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Market & Spruce Kesey Knit Romper $64

This is sort of amazing. It’s super soft, comfortable and POCKETS. It’s that amazing sort of material that you could roll up into a ball to throw into a suitcase and when you go to pull it out – no wrinkles.

That sort of material I love and need all day, everyday.

So yes, I am a fan of it all.

So much of a fan in fact that I have a  in almost the exact same colors and print from last season – just not as awesome of a material, which is a bummer. BUT it does go to show you that my Stitch Fix stylist gets me, since I own almost this exact same thing already! Ha!

{the one I own: #7 from this post}

But seriously, if you have a fix coming your way – totally request this because it is an awesome piece for summer!


Kaileigh Monique Floral Back Knit Top $44

This. Top.

Pretty much everything I love in a tee rolled up into one perfect little top. Grey {my favorite color} on the front + a gorgeous vintage floral {in a beautiful blue} on the back. Ah!

The colors don’t do this thing justice in these photos – it’s soooooo pretty. I love how it looks like a plain grey top from the front and then


Floral in your FACE!

This is cute you guys, I’m a fan. What do you think?


Market & Spruce Callahan Henley Top $44

This top is one of those pieces that you see when you sneak a peek of your Fix when you see it’s on the way and aren’t really impressed, but then it shows up at your door and you realize it’s totally your style in real life.

I love it when that happens.

It’s why I Stitch Fix!

So yes, another floral win in my book. Just not sure it’s something I need at the moment, but that has never stopped me before!

What do you think about this one?


Renee C Tif Criss Cross Back Top $44

This one is a little out of my style range. I enjoy the red and the pattern, but not sure if its something I love. Could be cute for a Memorial Day, Labor Day or 4th of July BBQ though!

And I do enjoy the cross back detail – its a nice little surprise in the back, just not sure it’s as much of a favorite for me as the other pieces.



Just USA Gracelyn Distressed Denim Short $44

These shorts are pretty cute.

BUT these shorts are pretty short.

I enjoy the fun multiple button detail and the distressed detailing at the hem. They even have a cute little rip up the side of the shorts – but lets be real. I’m a 30 something mom of two little boys. I have no business in these shorts – Ha.

They are cute and they look alright, but for me, I need a liiiiiitle more coverage. K, thanks – bye.


Now it’s the hard part!

I need your opinions to help me decide {if anything!} -> What to Keep! I’m on the fece about the two floral tops and I would love to know your thoughts. What are YOUR favorite pieces from what I received in this Fix?! Please tell me what you think!

What Should I Keep?

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If you want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, please use my referral link to sign up!

Don’t forget to catch up on my past Fixes by checking out my Stitch Fix page, which I just updated in reverse order so you can easily find the more current Fixes!

And just incase you aren’t Stitch Fix obsessed {like I am, duh!} – here’s some information on how you can try Stitch Fix out for yourself – Feel free to let you know if you have any questions!

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