Riding the Cape May – Lewes Ferry with Kids this Summer

Every summer the boys and I split our time between New Jersey + Delaware beaches.

I have to admit, its a pretty amazing way to spend May – August and a great excuse to leave the city behind for a bit and really enjoy the change of scenery during the hot summer months.

And let’s be honest – life is just better at the beach.

So I pack the boys up and we usually spend 2-3 weeks in New Jersey and then another week or two in Delaware before coming back to Philadelphia to unpack for a week or so, just to pack up and do it all again.

We’ve been gone almost 6 weeks already since before Memorial Day! It’s hard work but its also a lot of fun and these are the years where the kids are little enough that they don’t have a summer packed with camps or other activities so we can really just pick up and go.

It’s all sorts of awesome.

And because the Delaware Bay separates our vacation spots in NJ + DE, at least once a summer, you can find us on the Cape May – Lewes Ferry!

This summer I am excited to be a part of the Ferry’s Ambassador program! Like I said, we take the ferry every year and love it – only makes sense to share out experience on the blog!

I was very excited about our ferry ride this year because both boys were old enough to really enjoy the ride! What’s not to be SUPER EXCITED about getting on a boat when you are 3?

Captain Brooks was clearly pumped and wanted to take over steering the ferry!

We arrived for our 10am ride about 50 minutes early to get our car in line and get settled – as it can take a while with two littles. I was excited about the playground on the Cape May side of the ferry line – the boys were able to get some energy out and play before getting on the boat! So smart to have this there for the kids!

There are also tons of events, especially at the Cape May location, going on each week – live music, things for the kids, if you are in the area, its definitely a cool spot to check out because its right on the water!

Aside from the awesome playground {and a mini golf spot!} the boys loved watching and waiting for the ferry to come into view.

After the ferry arrived we got into our car and loaded up into the boat. It’s pretty amazing {and impressive} how many cars and trucks they can pack into one ferry ride. It seems effortless by the workers, but I’m sure its very calculated – but they loaded up our ferry to the max with cars and then we were on our way.

Time for a selfie!

Graham took his job of holding our ticket very seriously!

Once we were loaded up it was time to explore the boat! This is the best part about the ferry ride because the kids can be up, walking around and enjoying the trip – rather than stuck in the carseat for hours! For me, traveling from the NJ to DE beaches, the ferry cuts hours off my car travel time, and it’s a built in activity for the kids.

But even if I wasn’t actually traveling to the other side of the Delaware Bay, I would definitely recommend packing up the kids for a day trip on the ferry! I know fro experience there are TONS of great things for young kids to explore in Cape May, NJ and Lewes, DE – taking the ferry to change up your vacation scene is a great way to spend a day.

Seriously, what kid doesn’t love a boat ride?

Mine sure do!

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry has 2 levels aside from the bottom {which is where the cars are} – we spent the entire trip, which was just over an hour or so, going up and down and around the boat. Seeing everything there was so see, with the waves crashing along next to us.

Last year we saw dolphins, we were keeping our eyes out for them this year too!

Another fun fact – there’s a bar on the top of the ferry! How nice does that sound to just sit on the top of the boat, watch the waves go by with a mimosa in hand? Or a beer. Or a whatever.  I believe the bar addition is newer, maybe 2 years, but its a nice little spot to enjoy the trip with a view and a cocktail!

On the second level inside there is also tons of seating, tables, a little food court area and a gift shop. All with air conditioning, which is awesome on a hot summer day!

I think the boys favorite spot on the ferry ride was definitely the back of the ship. The could see through the rails, enjoyed watching the seagulls dip down into the wake of the ship and loved the waves crashing against the boat.


We hung out here the majority of our ride, which was fine by me!

Group shot, because #momlife

The 17-mile, 85-minute cruise between New Jersey and Delaware can cut miles off a trip along the Atlantic Coast and connects travelers to beautiful beach towns. The ferry runs continuously from Cape May, NJ and Lewes, DE – I’d suggest making a reservation online to secure your spot! You can also travel on the ferry by foot or with a bike, which is a great option for a day trip as well!

We had a wonderful trip and enjoyed the ride! Before we knew it, we were in Lewes, DE and ready to continue our journey to Bethany Beach – not to mention the boys were happy to get back into their carseats after running around the ferry for over an hour!

Can’t wait to be back next year to ride it again when the boys can enjoy the journey even more!

Have you ever been on a ferry ride with your kids? I’d love to hear about it if you have!

Thanks so much to the Cape May – Lewes Ferry for having us!

While this is a sponsored post with the Cape May – Lewes Ferry, all opinions are my own!

Thanks for reading!


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  • Reply Patty July 15, 2017 at 7:09 am

    We always enjoy taking the Cape May ferry when we want to cross over the Delaware Bay – it’s quick, comfortable and no hassle. Love your photos too!

  • Reply Alissa July 15, 2017 at 9:03 am

    This reminds me of when I was a kid, I always loved taking the Cape May ferry!

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