A Day at Dutch Wonderland – Lancaster, PA

Last week the boys and I took a day trip to one of my favorite places – Dutch Wonderland!

But before I share with you all the fun we had that day, I wanted to put it right up on the top of my post, if you are planning to go this Summer, Fall or Holiday season – use code AndherlittledogtooSBlog17 for discounted tickets.

Seriously, this place isn’t too far from Philly and it is AMAZING for the littles. We went last year when Brooks was 2.5 and he had a blast – this year at 3.5 he was tearing it up, loving ALL the rides and having the best time!

Graham at almost 2 years old had a ton of fun going on rides with Brooks – the rides are very much geared towards young kids, at the entrance to the park, you measure up to see which gemstone category you are tall enough for to go on the rides. This year Brooks is Emerald and Graham is Amethyst.

I’m going to get to all the fun with the rides in a minute, but first I wanted to share with you MY FAVORITE part of Dutch Wonderland – the High Dive shows!


This is our second season coming to Dutch Wonderland and much like our visit last year, I was BLOWN AWAY by the amazing high dive show. There are two to choose from – Adventures of the Frog Prince and A Dragon’s Tale. This year and last year we sat for both shows and LOVED THEM.

The boys were in absolute AWE for the shows. And for a 3.5 year old and almost 2 year old to sit completely engaged in the show {twice!} you KNOW its good.

The high dive shows here are something that I think completely set Dutch Wonderland apart from any other amusement park because the shows are so much fun and unlike anything I’ve seen. I had so much fun watching the divers and you can totally tell the divers are having a blast too.


How much fun would it be to have this as your summer job?



The highlight of both shows is when the a diver goes up to the tallest spot to jump, which is 70 feet up in the air! I asked and the pool is only 9 feet deep, so its crazy they jump so far – but it was so amazing to watch.


Seriously – I could watch these shows over and over all day – they do an incredible job! If you go to Dutch Wonderland, MAKE SURE you see the high diving shows!

Aside from my love for the high diving shows, I also really enjoy the waterpark at Dutch Wonderland. It’s not huge, but it’s a ton of fun for young kids to run around, get wet, stay cool and burn off that summer energy!

I dressed my boys in their matching highlighter yellow swimsuits and it was the best thing ever because I could easily spot them in the crowds! The brighter the better folks!

There are different areas for little and bigger kids. There are even some water slides you go down in tubes, which we didn’t go on, maybe next year – but the boys had a epic time in the afternoon in this part of Dutch Wonderland.

We actually hit up the waterpark after Graham took a nap in the stroller so everyone was able to get lots of energy out before the car ride home and it worked out really well, as you can see, they really enjoyed themselves.

And aside from the amazing shows and Duke’s Lagoon water play area – there are over 35 rides for the kids to enjoy! Brooks loved them all { I think we got to go on almost all of them – ha!}

Again, I dressed the boys in matching pink polos so they would be easy to spot, and look cute for photos – duh.

My favorite ride to watch the boys go on was the Wonder Whip – this thing is hilarious! Check out this video – ha!


And if your child isn’t into going on the rides solo, there are TONS of ones that the parents can come along for the ride as well.

And if your little is older or more independent, there are tons of great options for him/her to go solo as well. Brooks enjoyed the mix of having me or Graham come along with him but he also loved having fun on a ride that was just his size!

He especially had love for the hopping frogs!

And he got to meet Duke the Dragon – the mascot of Dutch Wonderland. Wasn’t really sure how that was going to go, but he was totally into it!

As you can see from my WAY TOO MANY photos, we had a absolute blast. We loved it last year, loved it this year and I can’t wait to bring the boys back again soon!

If you are looking for something fun to add to your end of summer to-do list, or are starting to plan out something special for the Fall or Winter seasons, be sure to add Dutch Wonderland to your list! You will have a blast and your kids will love it too!

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  • Reply Patty August 16, 2017 at 7:38 am

    Having been to Dutch Wonderland, I highly recommend it for a day full of fun! Great recap and photos – thanks for sharing!

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