Get Fizzy with It! The BBLz™ Experience at Hersheypark

“This post is sponsored by Pepsi® and Hersheypark. All thoughts and opinions are my own”

// watermelon outfit details 

Last week, I packed my mom and my boys up on a surprise trip to Hersheypark. We had an absolute blast on all the rides, seeing the shows, eating all.the.chocolate, but one of my favorite parts of the day was our time checking out the new BBLz “fizzy creation” stations!

New to Hersheypark this summer is BBLz – a one of a kind beverage experience, located on Kissing Tower Hill, directly across from the new Hershey Triple Tower. Our group got the VIP treatment of seeing the fun soft drink mixology up close and personal.

Check out all these wild + crazy combinations! It was really hard to decide which one I wanted because they all sound so fun, I wanted to try them all!

Can you guess which one I got? I’ll give you a hint, it goes along with my outfit of the day 🍉🍉🍉 Also – which would be YOUR favorite to try?!

I wanted something light and refreshing, which happened to match my watermelon outfit, so the Melon Baller was the perfect choice for me! We got a second one to try that was a little more decadent {we are in Hershey, after all!} so we also wanted to try the Dizzy Dirt!

Now it was time to watch our Bubble Maker work her magic!  

Half the experience of the BBLz beverages is watching them being made! There are so many different flavors, foams and garnishes, like Hershey’s confections, that the drinks are like a work of art being created right before your eyes.

The boys LOVED watching the drinks come to life.

Melon Baller: Mountain Dew®, watermelon flavor, lime foam, blueberry boba, vanilla frosting, Green Apple Jolly Rancher®, Twizzler®s Pull ‘n’ Peel Watermelon

Dizzy Dirt: Pepsi®, vanilla flavor & chocolate syrup, chocolate foam, Whoppers®, Hershey’s® Mint Cookie Layer Crunch, chocolate frosting, gummy worms, sprinkles

See – I told you BBLz had a lot going on!

Part of the fun of BBLz is the experience of it all – deciding which one you want {which is a hard choice – I want to go back for the cotton candy Laffing Lime!} and then watching the drink being made. But I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my BBLz drink and try it out!

Oh my, it was DELICIOUS!  

Such a fun mid-day treat to enjoy out of the sun, cooling off with this fun + tasty concoction! The Dizzy Dirt was more decadent because of the chocolate and mint, which is exactly what my mom wanted. She loved it and I had a few sips of hers {obviously we had to share} and it was so yummy. If you are craving a little chocolate fix, this is it!

I couldn’t get enough of my Melon Baller – It was light, refreshing with a little kick to it. A perfect drink to enjoy before tackling all the rides Hersheypark has to offer – like the new Hershey Triple Tower™!

If you are hitting up Hersheypark this summer, be sure to check out the BBLz Experience while you are there! You will have a blast, enjoy a yummy beverage and be fueled up for more fun in Hershey!

Now I can’t wait to hear – which BBLz  treat would YOU love to try?

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  • Reply cindy August 3, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    I get that its ok to treat yourself now and then to dessert & sweets, but these ingredients sound absolutely terrible for kids. In my opinion, any drink that uses soda as an ingredient (ie mountain down and pepsi) should not be given to kids- mountain dew contains caffeine, both have corn syrup, and pepsi has caramel coloring. I’m bummed that you promote such a healthy lifestyle, but would ‘sell out’ to advertise these drinks. The problem is that these places promote these kinds of drinks and I’m curious if you would give one to your kids?

    • Reply Leslie August 5, 2017 at 7:10 am

      Hi Cindy, Thanks for your comment! Yes, I do believe in a healthy lifestyle but I also think this is a fun treat for special occasions for sure! I think everything in moderation and on a hot summer day in the park, these were really refreshing! Soda is not something I drink on a regular basis and not something we have at home – it is also not something I would give my 3 year old, but I do not believe this to be geared towards young kids. Thanks so much for your thoughts and for reading!

  • Reply Patty August 7, 2017 at 7:18 am

    I tried both of these drinks and they were great, the watermelon was very refreshing and light, the chocolate was just what mom was craving for a little pick me up. I agree that these drinks are geared towards older kids and adults. Thanks Hershey for a great experience and yummy treat!

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