Happy 11th Birthday Jackson!

Today Jackson is 11 years old!

I couldn’t let today go by without giving him a little shout out and love on the blog. After all, this little blog started 10+ years ago all because of this little dog!

He, along with my love for the Wizard of Oz, was my inspiration for it all!

It’s hard not to look back at when I first got Jackson, because its sort of also the beginning of EVERYTHING. I got Jackson right after I graduated college. It was a new chapter, fresh start, everything that going off into the world after school is meant to be.

And obviously I needed a little sidekick with me.

Jackson has been with me through it all – countless jobs, a number of apartments and our first home, training for and running three marathons, getting engaged, wedding planning, all the amazing trips we’ve been on {including our honeymoon}, both pregnancies, the birth of Brooks and then Graham – Jackson has been here the whole time.

It’s crazy to think about! While my blog has evolved with me over the years, Jackson has been sitting right by my side the whole time. And although he doesn’t get the amount of screen time on the blog he did before Brooks and Graham came along, he’s still the same calm, sweet, little dog too we all know and love.


And on his 11th birthday, I had to give him a shout out on this little blog too – 11 years strong! We love you Jackson!

Should Jackson make more of a regular appearance on the blog? Let me know if you want to see more of him and I can definitely make it happen!

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  • Reply Patty August 18, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    Happy 11th Jackson, Gaga loves you, and yes, you should make more appearances on the blog!
    You’re are certainly man’s best friend!

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