Hiking Robert H. Treman State Park + Swimming the Lower Enfield Falls – Ithaca, New York

Last week I was on vacation with my family at Seneca Lake up in the Finger Lakes region of New York. I was a little MIA on the blog because the service wasn’t great at our house on the lake, but if you follow me on Instagram, you know a little bit about our trip, but I’m excited to share with you all the highlights of our adventures on the blog this week!

This was my first visit to the Finger Lakes area and I have to say that I was beyond impressed with EVERYTHING. We had a fabulous time and I can’t wait to go back and continue to explore some of the other lake areas!

My brother and my sister in law had been to the area before and set up a little itinerary of optional hikes + excursions for us to do everyday – which was great for us with the kids because we knew our options ahead of time and could decide what was best for the littles! On our first day we decided to make our way over to Robert H. Treman State Park and do a little hiking in search of waterfalls.

Knowing that we would have the chance to do some hiking ahead of time was key for us because we were able to bring this amazing carrier {ours was a hand me down from a friend when Brooks was a baby, but this one is super similar}

We did 4 hikes in 3 days and the backpack carrier was a life saver.

Charles got the first round and it worked out really well. Graham was entertained by everything going on around him and was pretty happy in the backpack. He also enjoyed tons of snacks while “getting his hike on”

A little more about this park: Robert H. Treman State Park is an area of wild beauty, with the rugged gorge called Enfield Glen as its scenic highlight. Winding trails follow the gorge past 12 waterfalls, including the 115-foot Lucifer Falls, to where visitors can see a mile-and-a-half down the wooded gorge as it winds its way to the lower park.

I believe in this park you can do about 9+ miles of hiking around if you so desire. With the kids, we attempted a 4.5 mile loop and lucky for us – it worked out great. The hiking trails follow Enfield Creek, giving many views of the rock formations in the deep, narrow gorge known as Enfield Glen.

Group photo after hiking the “Steep Steps”

About the trail – I couldn’t tell you the last time I went hiking {probably FOREVER ago} but it was steep and parts were strenuous {especially when carrying a toddler on your back}. There were LOTS of steps but with all the winding trails there was lots of rustic beauty and we followed the water the whole way up.

How did Brooks do walking, you might ask? Well, he’s 3.5 years old and has TONS of energy. He was right up front with Charles and Graham about 90% of the time, leading the pack. I had to keep him under control a bit because he was so excited about the hike so to make sure he didn’t trip or fall anywhere that wouldn’t end well – so needless to say, there were lots of hand holding, to keep him safe.

The paths up the steeps stairs and along the water required some extra guidance and attention for the littles, but then there were flat paths like this where Graham got a chance to run around and explore.

The park has a dozen + waterfalls and we got to see a ton of them, it was the boys favorite parts of the hike {mine too!} but the biggest waterfall in the along the creek + along the 2.2 miles of Enfield Glen is Lucifer Falls!

Lucifer Falls, a 115-foot-tall, multi-tiered cascading waterfall – its pretty impossible to get in one photo, but hopefully these pictures give you an idea of how big and powerful Lucifer Falls is!

{in both of these photos there is a second half of the falls that’s hidden below – and I didn’t even get all the way to the top!}

Brooks made it all the way up to the top of Lucifer Falls and my little 3.5 year old was WIPED! He hiked his little heart out and I think he was running on empty. Luckily I brought my extra {and beloved} carrier {check out my review of this carrier here – trust me, it’s awesome} which can also be used as a backpack carrier with me. Brooks hasn’t hit the weight limit for it, and while he was heavy to carry – he was a total sport the first half of the hike, I had to give him a lift!

He took a little break, had a snack, we continued on, and after a little while, he was good to go again! Go Brooks!

Group Photo at Lucifer Falls

The hike was great, Lucifer Falls was incredible, both boys were troopers, but my FAVORITE part of the day was swimming in the stream-fed pool beneath a waterfall!

The massive swimming area under Lower Enfield Falls is incredible. Swimming is only allowed in the areas manned by lifeguards {which I loved} and they provide life jackets for any kids who need them {how great is that?!}

They also have a diving board which you can use to jump into the water right in front of the falls – how cool is that?! I didn’t bring my bathing suit { I thought I did, but brought everyone else’s except mine – #momfail } but I didn’t let that slow me down! I just jumped right in wearing my leggings + sport bra!

Leggings: Lisette High Waisted 7/8 Capri { comes in a ton of colors/patterns – love the high waist!}

You know I’ll do pretty much anything for a cool photo, right?

I obviously wanted a cool photo for #proof but I can honestly say this was such a amazing moment during the trip. I’m afraid of heights {and dark water – ha!} so I just decided I was going to do it and quickly jumped. No time to obsess or overthink – just jump!

I’m so glad I did because both the boys got to see mommy be brave! And I had a blast too!

The water was….cold {which is a nice way of putting it} but the rush from the jump made it quickly go away. I swam towards the waterfall to hang out with my brother and Charles and the power coming from the falls was insane. Also, the water was warmer by the rocks coming down the mountain, which was nice.

I had such a blast, I jumped again! The water was freezing but it was really clear {once you were in it} and it just felt so fresh. I’m glad I took a chance because it was lots of fun.

My motto for this hike – Don’t think, Just Jump!

We had an absolute blast at Robert H. Treman State Park – if you are in the area, be sure to put this stop on your list because it was all sorts of gorgeous and tons of fun.

Can’t wait to share our next stop with you! But until then, I’d love to know if you are a fan of hiking?!


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    This was such a fun day, love your recap! Kudos to Brooks for being such a great little hiker!!

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